SecDef Mattis Rules Out Direct Mil to Mil Cooperation With Russia (For Now), But USCJCS Dunford Meeting With RU Counterpart Valery Gerasimov in Baku After Lavrov-Tillerson Talks in Germany

#FAKENEWS: CNN repeats claim over and over of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government without providing any proof, just the usual nameless, faceless spook sources who are too chickenshit to resign and go public or even testify to the US House and Senate Intelligence Committees with their proof, but supposedly are leaking to ex-NSA officer and fired by US Naval War College deviant John R. Schindler.

Trump Goes Off On the Legacy Media's Bullshit and Smears of An Honorable Soldier in Flynn

During his press conference in which Trump denied ranting and raving, but said the press had covered him with 'hatred', the President reminded the assembled reporters that 'a nuclear holocaust' with Russia would be 'like no other' war. The context was a question from a reporter asking the President if he thought the Russians were 'testing him'. The questioning came after the forced resignation of Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn amidst unproven allegations that he somehow promised the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak the reduction of sanctions upon the incoming Trump Administration taking office, in return for the Russians abjuring a response to President Obama's expulsion of 35 Russian diplomatic personnel (some of them undoubtedly intelligence officers).

To date none of the 'election hacking' sanctions against the Russians have actually been dropped, neither has a transcript of the Flynn call with Kislyak has been released so the public can decide if Flynn did anything wrong. The Chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes has asked whether NSA minimization procedures involving wiretapping U.S. persons were followed or if members of three letter agencies violated secrecy laws with their disclosures to the media. The FBI has cleared Gen. Flynn of any Logan Act or other legal violations in connection with the call (though the Langley/Bezos Blog Washington ComPost is doggedly insisting Flynn will be indicted for lying to the FBI any day now).

OMG! Flynn Was Calling to the Russian Ambassador on Trump's Behalf! Yes, And...?

#NeverTrump 'ex CIA neocon scumbag and Muslim Brotherhood hugger Evan "Egg McMuffin" McMullin on the Clinton News Network denouncing Trump as an 'internal enemy' of the U.S. Constitution and claiming to have super secret sources inside the Intelligence Community worried about Trump's ties to Russia.

During the presser, the President defended Flynn's integrity, despite his reportedly misleading the Vice President, saying Flynn did 'nothing wrong' and was 'doing his job' calling many ambassadors and countries besides Russia. Trump added, repeating his tweet from Thursday morning, that the entire Russia hysteria whipped up by the press was a 'a ruse' designed to deflect from the Establishment's humiliation over Hillary Clinton's defeat.

Trump also sarcastically asked his critics whether they would like him to attack the widely publicized Russian spy vessel anchored less than forty miles at the edge of American territorial waters near the US Navy sub base at Groton, Connecticut, before quickly adding, "That would be a very bad thing" and saying "I'm not going to tell you" how the U.S. will respond to Russian jets buzzing another U.S. Navy ship in the Black Sea closer to the fortified Crimean peninsula on February 10. The Russia Analyst suspects the response will be a friendly (not too close or dangerous) Air Force/Navy jet buzzing of the Russian spy ship off the East Coast, more of a filmed hello than a threat. The media will gloat that the Putin-Trump honeymoon is over, but Vlad will understand it's all for show.

Trump went on in response to a question about the Russians to point to Hillary Clinton's failed 'Reset' in relations with Moscow (which in our book mostly failed because of her and the neocons treachery and thirst to take vengeance for Putin blocking their regime change in Syria via a coup in Ukraine). Trump pointed out that the media would criticize him no matter what he does with the Russians, if he got even tougher to show how tough he could be and thereby provoked confrontation that no one would actually 'win'. Trump also said he's now being criticized for seeking a deal with Putin, just like the previous Administrations, and that he still hopes but can't guarantee he'll succeed, with close fly bys of U.S. ships and new Russian ballistic missile tests not helping him. Trump added in a line that echoed something Putin has said, that the U.S. and Russia have a special duty to the world as the world's two leading nuclear powers, that he'd like to improve relations not only to benefit the American people, but for the good of the globe.

Russia Hysteria and Idiocy Are Contagious:
And D.C.'s Dirty Deep State Is Cruising for a Hard Slapdown/Mass Firings Bruising

The response on Twitter, which is rapidly becoming an echo chamber for the legacy media and Social Justice Warriors (plus the #NeverTrump cuckservatives) was to accuse Trump of being unhinged. But lost in the 6th grade level of some statements was the substance, which is that the legacy media has been recklessly agitating for confrontation with Russia for some time as if nuclear weapons no longer existed, and imagining that somehow any direct clash with the Russian Federation for the invincible U.S. military would end like American campaigns against Saddam's Iraq or Milosevic's Serbia. The ludicrousness of the Deep State gloating about Flynn's resignation as its first 'scalp' from the new Administration, and the threat an unelected cabal of bureaucrats and spooks exercising a veto over a newly elected President's key foreign policy campaign promise poses to representative government have been swept aside.

After she accuses Vladimir Putin's forces of invading South Korea, Russian pranksters punk Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters with fake news that Russia occupied the western Ukraine and a fictional country called Limpopo.

Fortunately, while Washington itself succumbs to hysteria and a fanatical drive to continue Cold War 2.0 and topple Trump's loyalists at any cost, the Trump military-foreign policy team is quietly carrying out diplomacy with Russia. Negotiations which, if direct military cooperation is abjured, will nonetheless prove absolutely necessary to use Turkey or other parties as intermediaries in ridding Syria of the terrorist super army known as Daesh or ISIS (not that most of official or media Washington, truth be told, really cares about ISIS anymore).

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's statements may have been pro forma, assuring allies that the U.S. is still committed to upholding the Minsk 2 agreements in Ukraine and Russia's commitments to it. But the real action occurred behind closed doors, which Tillerson more so than Lavrov seemed eager to start on with the Russian and international press corps absent. But to the question of whether the political turmoil in Washington concerned the Russian Foreign Ministry, Lavrov responded deadpan, "We do not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries".

In light of the attempts to destroy anyone advocating any sort of rational negotiations with Moscow, Tillerson's media aversion was probably justified. On the other side of that coin, the U.S./UK press have finally noticed that Russian media stopped praising Trump so much in order to stop giving ammunition to his Russophobic haters in the post-West.