You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XXVIII ("I Am Your Voice") - победитель Дональда Трампа!

"Whether you hit an owl with a stump, or a stump with an owl, it's the owl who will suffer". -- Russian proverb.

Which I guess is the closest thing to a Russian saying, "You can't stump the Trump" -- although the mainstream media and the Democrats including Madeleine 'disgusting Serbs' Albright are doing their best to pretend Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is on the ballot this November. But as another Russian expression goes, "Fear has large eyes".

The corrupt Clinton-backing Establishment is afraid their own trail of sleaze, (9/11 facilitating, Saudi/Qatari order-taking ISIS sponsors and armorers) foreign influence peddling, 'what difference does it make' Benghazi deaths indifference and warmongering is going to get hammered in this autumn's presidential debates, and is desperately spewing a preemptive 'cry Russians!' smokescreen. - JWS

The final takeover of the GOP is nearing completion. The #NeverTrump forces have been depleted and many of their commanders have already bent the knee. However, an old foe attempts to Stump the Trump one last time before being eternally cast into the Shadow Realm.
FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump - Republican National Convention - THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE USA?