#Brexit, Bond and SPECTRE

Is there a connection between the symbology of the two most recent Bond flicks and the #Brexit vote coming up two days after the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere?

The Russia Analyst came across an interesting video and decided to re-post it here, along with some videos from my favorite film buff and 007 expert, Jay Dyer of JaysAnalysis.com.

This video includes ridiculous clips from London Has Fallen, which sparked a Twitter meme when the British capitol elected its first Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan several weeks ago, as well as 2013's equally absurd action flick Olympus Has Fallen. Nonetheless, did the most recent Bond film contain hints of massive market manipulation via the global surveillance Panopticon SPECTRE wished to establish? Did SPECTRE's Day of the Dead sequence in Mexico City allude to the planned 'deaths' of numerous TBTF megabanks or the EU itself, in its current form? Are symbols of HRH and the Queen's man Bond in the two most recent movies in the 007 franchise starring British actor Daniel Craig pointing to a Brexit?

Russian army choir performs "Skyfall" on TV

That is a question we pose to Team Rogue Money member @BanksterSlayer and our mentor and fellow Bond movie buff, W the Intelligence Insider


The EU referendum debate has resolved into a battle between the establishment on the one hand as represented by Britain and Europe's political elite including the bulk of both mainstream UK political parties (Conservative and Labour), the bankster's, including a scare mongering Bank of England, billionaires, tax dodging corporate giants and of course foreign european governments who are eager for the European Union to further dig its claws into Britain so that they may the european superstate socialist project (EUSSR).
http://jaysanalysis.com/2014/12/18/from-skyfall-to-spectre-007-secrets/ http://jaysanalysis.com/2011/07/20/quantum-of-solace-007s-alchemy/
From Mark Devlin's podcast: "US writer and researcher Jay Dyer of www.jaysanalysis.com is our guest this time round, as we look at symbolism, mind control and culture creation through film. Many of the calling cards of the Hidden Hand are present in the movie scene, just as they are in its music industry cousin.
Cover of the new Radiohead's song from JB New movie club Soda, Montréal, 08.01.2016