Those Silly Russians, So Paranoid About Missiles and Armies Massing on Their Borders...

Headlines of the Sunday June 22, 1941 New York Times

Headlines of the Sunday June 22, 1941 New York Times

If the motto of Jewish Israelis is 'never again' 70 years after an estimated six million Jews were murdered by the Third Reich, what is the Russians view of a potential surprise attack after losing over 23 million Soviet citizens due to the Nazi invasion?

Film Bulletin Event Date: 1939-1941 The German Invasion of Russia Autumn of 1941. American narration describes the German invasion of the USSR. Fires and other devastation in USSR; Soviet POWs. Germans attack Poland in 1939. Clips of battle footage (from German newsreels) while the narrator enumerates the countries invaded by the Nazis.

How far will Russia go -- up to and including the use of tactical or strategic nuclear weapons -- to ensure never again will any aggressor occupy Russian soil? Even if we assume a President Hillary Rodham Clinton would not dare attack Russia itself or the highly militarized Crimean peninsula which the Russians consider theirs, how violent and overwhelming would be the response if U.S. planes started bombing mixed Syrian/Russian units in the Middle East, or American/NATO 'advisers' joined in a Ukrainian Army assault on Donetsk and Lugansk? Are Americans, Poles and other NATO member publics prepared to see their soldiers on Russian TV as POWs after a lightning Russian counter-offensive?


Today our neoconservative ideologues like Undersecretary of State Victoria 'f--- the EU' Nuland and fanatical Russophobes in Washington behave as if nuclear weapons have been de-invented, and the modern Russian military is just a bigger version of the weak Yugoslav army the U.S. bombed with relative impunity in 1999. This sociopathic if not psychotic hubris across the neoconservative and neoliberal interventionist political class and military think tank community is what disturbs the Russia Analyst and Prof. Cohen. It also must be disturbing to those in the Pentagon or in CENTCOM/EURCOM who may not have the luxury of speaking out due to their positions inside the American military or the civilian defense bureaucracy.

The US Is Sleepwalking Towards A Nuclear Confrontation Dmitry Orlov on Peak Prosperity June 18, 2016

Mature statesmen like 'W the Intelligence Insider's commander in chief the late President Ronald Reagan and his Ambassador to Moscow Jack Matlock who is still with us and who recently testified against escalating Cold War 2.0 in Congress understood this basic fact of Soviet/Russian history and psychology. Reagan quoted the Soviet ballad, 'go ask the Russian mother, does she want a war?' and spoke eloquently in his first Cold War-ending speech at Moscow State University about the need to avoid the horrors of war, and how NATO would NEVER attack Russia first.

When was the last time any NATO official -- besides the pro forma announcements that the Alliance's exercises are defensive and 'transparent' after two attacks on sovereign states (one of them a historic Russian ally in Serbia) in the past seventeen years -- ever formally declared that the U.S.-led military alliance will never attack Transnistria, Crimea or Kaliningrad (the encirclement of which, according to retired Army Reserve Col. Austin Bay, was simulated by the recent NATO Anaconda2016 wargames in northeastern Poland and the Baltics)?


To ask the question about specifics is for NATO to tacitly admit that it is NOT a defensive alliance as it claims -- which the German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier admitted last week. Nor has NATO truly been a defensive alliance since March 24, 1999 with another act of unprovoked aggression on March 19, 2011 against Libya confirming this fact.

This is a documentary film that focuses on people's lives during the bombing of Serbia in 1999. It started as a school project but later on I decided that I want to spread awareness about this and educate people. I was very limited with interview material since I live in Canada but the story is well told.
Today, President Putin of Russia has some deeply emotional views about the recent history of Yugoslavia. He says that what he did in Crimea is no different than what the West did in Yugoslavia.
Fifteen years after NATO's 78-day bombardment of Yugoslavia, memories of the bombing still haunt present-day Serbia. NATO killed over 2,000 people, hundreds were civilians, 88 were children. Serbs ask 'why?' above all. Why did NATO smash their cities, kill their children, bomb hospitals and schools?