Shanghai's Triumph

Publicity photo from I Dream of Jeannie. Pictured are the Blue Djinn (Michael Ansara) and Jeannie (Barbara Eden). By NBC Television Uploaded by We hope at en.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons  

Publicity photo from I Dream of Jeannie. Pictured are the Blue Djinn (Michael Ansara) and Jeannie (Barbara Eden). By NBC Television Uploaded by We hope at en.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Upon reading some of the visitor's comments to the prequel of this blog, Palmyra and the New Digital Masons, concerning the digital replication of Palmyra's ancient Triumphal Arch, the words of our RogueMoney friend and twitter buddy, Thorny.B have been booming in my head all day: "What IS it about Palmyra???"

Rifling through my notes, I stumbled across this tidbit of ancient lore which prompted us to post the iconic image of everybody's favorite female genie, the legendary blonde bombshell, Barbara Eden, from the classic 1960's television show. Woven through the history of Palmyra is a legend that this bustling center of ancient commerce which sat at the crossroads of the Old World's empires was also the home to quite a few genies.

The Palmyra article at Wikipedia states:

The Palmyrene pantheon included ginnaye, a group of lesser deities popular in the countryside, who were similar to the Arab jinn and the Roman genius. Ginnaye were believed to have the appearance and behavior of humans, similar to Arab jinn. Unlike jinn, however, the ginnaye could not possess or injure humans. Their role was similar to the Roman genius: tutelary deities who guarded individuals and their caravans, cattle and villages.

The legend of the ginnaye, or genies and jinns, was quite prevalent throughout Arabia and has not been forgotten in our own Western folklore thanks to the stories and movie adaptations of Aladdin from The Arabian Nights.

Please note the comment made at the end of that Wikipedia quotation. The genies of Palmyra were "deities who guarded individuals and their caravans, cattle and villages." Now could there be any possible reason why particular commercial entities today might want to draw symbolic attention to powerful or even alchemical forces to protect their own modern "caravans" ... especially when we note that the unveiling of the replica Triumphal Arch in London and the launch of the Shanghai gold fix are both due to coincide next week on April 19, 2016?

Yes, I think we just answered our own question.


Jim Willie made no bones about the effect that the launch of Shanghai's physical gold exchange will have on those Western banksters who have not yet bent the knee to the new kings of the East when he wrote:

The Chinese attack within the Gold market could hit Satanist bankers where they live, in the fire of mid-April.... The arrival of the Gold futures contract in Shanghai poses an additional risk for the Western banker cabal, a grand crime syndicate which extends to the energy firms, the military industrial complex, the big pharmaceutical firms, and the press networks. 
A real valid bonafide Gold contract which delivers physical gold would enable vast arbitrage to buy cheap in London and sell dear in China. Any acceleration in the arbitrage activity, combined with any sincere attempt to set the Gold Fix in a reasonable manner that puts equilibrium as priority, and the Western bankers will face the USDollar kicked to the curb and possible global boycott.

Bill Holter is another respected voice in the gold industry who, along with our own V. the Guerrilla Economist, has been calling attention to the coming tectonic shift due next week in the gold market. At the 9:45 minute marker in this video, Bill says:

The ABX, which is a physical exchange in Shanghai, is going to be opening on the 19th. The CIPS [Chinese alternative to SWIFT] has been ramping up. It seems to me that, these things coming together at the same time, are not a coincidence. So I would keep an eye on April 19th. That is when ABX, the physical exchange, in China is supposed to go full-blown. There is a firm date of April 19th now.

Take heed, all you Western Satanist Banksters who will be feeding on god-knows-what during your Bel-tane festival and/or Holocaust Remembrance Day. Shanghai and China's President Xi have a jinn of their own watching their backs. May we all witness the "passing of the torch" from the London exchange to Shanghai without anybody getting nasty about it, OK?

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