Battle of Syraq Year End Addendum: Bellingcat's Eliot Higgins Approves of Whiney Essay Blaming Syrian Girl, Alex Jones, and the #AltRight for Regime Change Fail in Syria

Those clever chaps at Assad's security services if not the SVR/GRU just KNEW years before August 2013 they'd need a young attractive chemist of Syrian origin based in Australia to make their case on a future Alex Jones show that Assad didn't do any future chemical weapons attacks...right PulseNews? Can I get a Sarah Kendzior or Casey Michel witness/retweet?

Who needs years of education in physics, photo forensics (including analyzing satellite photography which has to be compressed to be shared via social media/jpeg format), rocketry and advanced Soviet/Russian weapons systems like the BUK-M1 or visits to dangerous war zones in Syria and Donbass when you can just look at YouTube videos and tweets the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) have so helpfully posted online while the wreckage of MH17 is still smoldering on July 17, 2014?

A concise summary from an actual photo analytics expert of Eliot Higgins 'findings' regarding Russia 'faking' satellite imagery of Ukrainian BUK missile launchers Kiev insisted were never within range of MH17 or anywhere near the Donbass on July 17, 2014...

The 2013-14 East Ghouta sarin gas controversy pitted MIT arms control expert Dr. Ted Postol versus former UK office plankton chap turned Atlantic Council/MSM approved 'weapons expert' via YouTube Eliot Higgins and #Bellingcrap, whose handlers scrounged up a supposed British chemical warfare expert Dan Kaszeta to help clearly in-over-his-head Eliot out.

It was clear from early on that the conspiracy fringe would shape perceptions of Syria by stoking fears and mudding the waters so heavily with an alternative version of reality. I could never have imagined that ‘Syrian Girl Partisan” would be able to affect mainstream perceptions of the war or that Alex Jones would become the go to news source for a Republican presidential campaign. On December 19th 2013 the legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh released an article titled “Whose Sarin?” in the London Review of Books. The article relied heavily on the work of an MIT physicist Theodore Postol who asserted that the chemical composition of samples found by UN weapons inspectors at the site of the attack were inconsistent with the kind of sarin known to be used by the Syrian military. While Hersh has never directly asserted that he believes the rebels carried out the attacks his article has been used as evidence to support the false flag thesis pushed by Jones and many others. Hersh’s article drew on anonymous sources and Theodore Postol’s research. Missing was the important role played by a young chemist in Australia.

In response to Hersh’s article the English blogger and weapons expert [‘weapons expert’ise gained from YouTube and prior to that, Rambo movies, LMAO - JWS] Eliot Higgins relied on open source material as well as chemical expertise provided by the chemical warfare expert Dan Kaszeta to form a counter-thesis. The article entitled “Sy Hersh’s Chemical Misfire” was publised in Foreign Policy magazine and debunked many of Hersh’s conclusions. In the wake of a very public disagreement on what had transpired, the discourse between Postal and Kaszeta got ugly. Soon the two experts, Postol an MIT professor, and Kaszeta an expert in chemical protection, were arguing about chemistry via email. As the feud continued, condescending quips were interwoven into emails about the chemical composition of Sarin. Kaszeta noticed that Postol had added an email address to the massive chain, the email was “syriansister,” it looked familiar to him. He did some snooping and found out that it was none other than Syrian Girl Partisan. The young commentator that had appeared on Alex Jones show saying she would “let experts decide” had apparently been communicating with Postol. Soon it was revealed that the Assad’s most passionate ambassador to the American right, supposedly named Mimi Al Laham, was actually a chemistry student at the University of Western Australia in Perth. The young woman’s name was not Mimi Al-Laham, it was Maram Susli. Kaszeta tweeted about this over the next few days and the bizarre dispute went public. Soon Postol was angry and wanted to reply to Kaszeta.

Later that year Postol appeared on the podcast of Ry Dawson, an unrepentant holocaust denier who has since become an important figure in the American alt right. Postol admitted that the Maram Susli had been on his research team and had access to his materials. Susli herself had previously appeared on the David Duke podcast to discuss “Zionism.” It was a small scandal when it was discovered that the Pro-Assad commentator with links to Syrian intelligence and the American far right had been allowed to participate in the research an MIT professor presented to Seymour Hersh. Needless to say the presence of Susli on Postol’s research team was troubling...