Laughing Putin Stars in Donald Trump's First Attack Ad on Hillary Clinton

Perhaps this is why the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) now lists Donald J. Trump getting elected President of the United States in November as a 'global risk'. Pray tell what exact 'risk mitigation best practices' would The Economist's (aka 'the world's sleaziest magazine') super special subscriber service suggest to prepare its readers for this terrifying prospect?


The none too subtle trans-nationalization of politics, which was one of the Russia Analyst's "The World in 2016" forecasts, continues...the elites still seem bent on making ordinary Americans share in their obsession with "standing up to Putin". But for The Donald, Vlad is a convenient foil...

As we also observed in a phone conversation this week with 'W the Intelligence Insider', one may love The Donald or hate him, but even Vice has to admit the man seems to inspire epic levels of Internet meme trolling on the part of his followers...see this, or this:

Hat tip: @BanksterSlayer