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V. the Guerilla
Founder, Contributor

"V" the "Guerrilla Economist" has a proven multi year long track record. He has worked for some of the top commodity kingpins in the industry. He is intimate with the far Eastern Markets and global strategic and precious metals industry. 


The Wolf

"The Wolf" has spent many decades in the field of finance and wealth management. He holds degrees and licenses in the field, and has warned many through out the years of the coming impending collapse. The Wolf now runs with the pack at Rogue Money.


The Russian Analyst

US native Russia watcher for over ten years, former (temporary) Moscow resident, husband, Orthodox Christian layman. "Live not by lies!" - Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn.


Ken Schortgen Jr.

Ken Schortgen Jr. is a finance writer with a deep background in economics, history, and geo politics. His work has been featured by various national sources and is key individual at the