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Dina Powell, H.R. McMaster and the Neocon/Saudi Lobby Co-opting Team Trump

TeamRM’s BanksterSlayer has shined a spotlight on newly appointed Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategy Dina Habib Powell’s history with the Bush 43 Administration and Goldman Sachs. Now Mike Cernovich, the independent journalist, author and film maker who broke the story of then Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s unmasking the identities of Trump advisers whose communications were ‘incidentally’ caught up in NSA wiretaps, has a new scoop.

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Lügenkriegsakademie, Part 2: Tom Nichols, Syria Gas Attacks and the Derp of Expertise

When does expertise no longer count? When the holder of said expertise goes against the U.S. government and its allies’ Narrative in Syria, that Bashir al Assad and only Assad (and not Assad’s adversaries funded/directly armed by U.S. Sunni Muslim allies with major intervention-baiting incentives to do so) use chemical weapons against civilians.

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MSM Trick Zerohedge, Drudge with Joint Russia-Iran ‘Red Line’ Statement

Peter Lavelle, Alexander Mercouris and the team at The Duran have denounced as fake a report circulated by Reuters, the UK Sunday Express and The Independent, as well as Israel’s Haaretz newspaper stating that Russia and Iran had issued a joint communique after Friday’s Tomahawk missile strike threatening retaliation for further U.S. aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic.

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Countercoup, Part 4: Spicer Repeats Napolitano Allegation, Trump Jokes Obama Tapped Him and Merkel

President Trump and his press spokesman Sean Spicer aren’t backing down on the charge, first made by Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Trump Administration friendly Fox News Channel, that Great Britain’s NSA counterpart GCHQ was used to spy on Trump. In a testy press conference Thursday night, Spicer explained the President meant the broadest definition of electronic surveillance including Trump’s use of the word ‘wiretapping’ in his tweets.

The response from the United Kingdom’s 5Eyes alliance member surveillance agency has been a rare public denial. The Chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA) and the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence have denied seeing any evidence that Trump Tower was targeted for surveillance by any U.S. government agency both before and after the 2016 presidential election. However, left unsaid in these denials is surveillance of Trump associates at other locations. 

Speaking to Fox News interviewer Tucker Carlson earlier this week, Trump refused to back down on his allegations first made on Twitter Saturday March 4, that the Obama Administration targeted him with electronic forms of surveillance, including wiretapping. Instead, he hinted at “some very interesting items coming to the forefront in the next two weeks”…

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Kiev Declares Blockade of LDPR After Breakaway Republics Nationalize Oligarch-Owned Industries

After weeks of provocations including intense shelling of Donetsk outskirts between the Donbass forces held industrial zone and the Ukrainian Army occupied town of Avdeevka, the Ukraine conflict has again escalated. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, perhaps deeply dissatisfied with the results of his first phone call with President Donald Trump, and facing challenges from ultra-nationalist radicals who engaged in a blockade of the coal trade between the breakaway pro-Russian Lugansk and Donetsk republics and Ukraine, has sided with the blockaders his police briefly arrested and dispersed this week. After dispersing the ultras who were blocking the flow of coal trains from the Donbass to Ukraine near the contact line, threatening the country’s coal-fired electricity and coking coal for steel supplies, Poroshenko has decided if he can’t beat his ultra-nationalist opposition he can join them.

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Countercoup, Part 3: Comey’s Two-Facedness, FISA Laws and the Lawless, Leaking Like a Sieve Obama DoJ

On Saturday, March 4 President Donald Trump accused his predecessor Barack Hussein Obama of ordering the wiretapping of Trump Tower during and likely after the 2016 presidential campaign. The response to that bombshell charge was widespread pearl clutching and ‘how dare he!’ and ‘he has no evidence!’ reactions from the same so-called liberals and legacy media who have without proof accused the President of being a Russian agent.

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Countercoup, Part 2: Trump ‘Goes Nuclear’, Accuses Obama of Ordering Pre and Post-Election NSA Tapping of Trump Tower Phones

On what would have otherwise been a slow news Saturday, President Donald J. Trump followed up on his pre-State of the Union address allegation made on Fox News that his predecessor Barack Hussein Obama was behind a campaign of leaks to undermine the new Administration, with the most explosive charge yet: that President Obama personally ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower and the Trump campaign during the campaign and after DJT became president-elect.

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Payback for Assassinated Givi and Motorola? Ukrainian ‘ATO’ General Dies of ‘Heart Attack’ in Kiev Office

The war in Ukraine remains far from over, but if someone or some group is advising the regime in Kiev that it can pick off the leadership of the Donbass ‘separatists’ one by one with total impunity, they may wish to reevaluate that advice. Unless of course, they’re ready to find more generals and volunteer battalion commanders after Kiev’s current crop start dying in significant numbers.

On Saturday February 11, just days after the commander of the Somali battalion was assassinated in his Donetsk office by a ‘Shmel’ rocket firing flamethrower, the Ukrainian Colonel General responsible for Kiev’s so-called ‘Anti-Terror Operation’ died in his office, supposedly of a heart attack. Ivan Chernyakhovsky Gennady Vorobyov was famous in Ukraine for refusing an order from then President Viktor Yanukovych in January 2014 to clear the Maidan of the militants who were using peaceful protesters as human shields to hide behind while hurling Molotov cocktails at Berkut riot policemen. Vorobyov (loosely translated as ‘Sparrow’) rose to the rank of Colonel General and directed many of the so-called ‘ATO’ operations to suppress the Russian-backed Donbass uprising against the U.S./EU-installed post coup regime.

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‘Givi’ Assassinated in Donetsk, Ukrainian Army Building Up for Another Failed Offensive

Mikhail Sergeyevich Tolstykh, aka Givi, one of the most prominent commanders of the Donbass resistance to the Kiev government, was assassinated in his office this week. Givi had been one of the most effective tacticians for the Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) / Donetsk People’s Republic during the heavy close quarters fighting for the ruins of the Donetsk Airport between October 2014 and January 2015, culminating in a fight after which he punched and abused some Ukrainian Right Sector POWs and stripped off their epualets on camera. Other than this footage showing him punching a Right Sector commander shortly after battle, there is no evidence to support Ukrainian claims that Givi tortured or killed UAF prisoners.

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‘Davos Man is Dead’: Trump’s Proposed EU Ambassador Prof. Ted Malloch Keeps Triggering (EUSSR) Globalists

After being threatened with his ambassadorship to the EU not being accredited by members of the largely toothless European Parliament, Prof. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch continues to speak softly and wield the big stick of acting as Donald Trump’s likely envoy to the failing bloc. While team Trump has had its missteps out of the gate amidst a botched (and Obama Defense Department planned to fail?) special forces raid in Yemen, or the flurry of leaks generating both real stories and #fakenews about Trump threatening to invade Mexico, the signaling that a new sheriff is in town to the pampered bureaucrats in Brussels has been unmistakable. 

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