Playing in the Sandbox

In a new series on Rogue Money, we bring you our latest articles narrated by “V” the Guerrilla Economist himself.

After careful analysis and conversations with Saudi and U.A.E intelligence agency sources it is clear that major changes in the Trump administration have taken place in regards to policy and policymakers, aka a coupe by those in the “Deep State” has transpired.

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Dina Powell, H.R. McMaster and the Neocon/Saudi Lobby Co-opting Team Trump

TeamRM’s BanksterSlayer has shined a spotlight on newly appointed Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategy Dina Habib Powell’s history with the Bush 43 Administration and Goldman Sachs. Now Mike Cernovich, the independent journalist, author and film maker who broke the story of then Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s unmasking the identities of Trump advisers whose communications were ‘incidentally’ caught up in NSA wiretaps, has a new scoop.

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Lipstick on Genocide

Catherine Austin Fitts sat down with Dark Journalist to enlighten us on the role that Goldman Sachs stooge Dina Habib Powell now plays in the President’s war room. She also explains how the evidence of a functioning off-planet civilization is hidden in plain sight within the balance sheets.

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Lügenkriegsakademie, Part 2: Tom Nichols, Syria Gas Attacks and the Derp of Expertise

When does expertise no longer count? When the holder of said expertise goes against the U.S. government and its allies’ Narrative in Syria, that Bashir al Assad and only Assad (and not Assad’s adversaries funded/directly armed by U.S. Sunni Muslim allies with major intervention-baiting incentives to do so) use chemical weapons against civilians.

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China’s Jinping and the ‘Trump’ card

China’s Premier Xi Jinping came to Florida for his first visit with America’s new President at a time when the world’s economic and geo-political environments are reaching a boiling point. And contrary to Donald Trump’s belief and rhetoric that he can outmaneuver China into giving up major concessions regarding the trade imbalance that has benefited the Far Eastern economy for more than two decades, the fact of the matter is that it is China, not the U.S., who holds all the cards including a new Trump card that could invariably leave the U.S. on the outside looking in.

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MSM Trick Zerohedge, Drudge with Joint Russia-Iran ‘Red Line’ Statement

Peter Lavelle, Alexander Mercouris and the team at The Duran have denounced as fake a report circulated by Reuters, the UK Sunday Express and The Independent, as well as Israel’s Haaretz newspaper stating that Russia and Iran had issued a joint communique after Friday’s Tomahawk missile strike threatening retaliation for further U.S. aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic.

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Donald Trump did the one thing to lose support from the Populist Movement… he stopped telling the truth

There are many times in history, including in U.S. history, where an outsider succeeds to the highest office despite all the odds against him. And probably the most remembered instance prior to the 2016 election was the 1828 Presidential campaign of Andrew Jackson, who is attributed as being the nation’s first real populist Commander-in-Chief.

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Did the EU just kill the British-German merger of exchanges because of Brexit and Article 50?

On March 28 UK Prime Minister Theresa May officially signed Article 50, setting in motion the process for Britain to officially leave the European Union. And on Wednesday that paperwork was handed over to EU officials, thus beginning what is expected to be a two year process to both dissolve and re-entreaty different agreements that may or may not extend beyond their former privileges in the continental coalition.

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Waging Peace in Hamburg

Part One of Two: Robert David Steele speaks from Norway, March 2017. His thoughts include the attempted derailment of of Trump’s administration, the move to be made by Wall Street to crash the U.S. economy in Summer 2017, the opportunity for Trump and Putin to declare peace, also in the Summer 2017, and last but not least, the wave of truth bombs about to explode within #Pedogate.

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With 15 more nations ready to sign onto the AIIB, China’s IMF alternative close to capturing half the world

Last week saw the first new set of signatories join the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB) since the original 57 nations joined on the institution’s inception back in 2015. And with these 13 new countries buying into China’s alternative to the West’s International Monetary Fund (IMF) bank, a total of 70 countries have recognized the shift that is taking place from West to East in the global financial system.

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Battlefield Europe

During a recent trip abroad I had the privilege to witness the demise of the European Union first hand. While visiting Malmo, Sweden and Rome, Italy I witnessed first hand the conditions in these vastly different cities. The only common denominator between them is their reputation for being the cultural epicenters of their countries and the hopeless attitudes of their citizens.

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Cold Winds Blow Down Mt. Hermon

Last Friday, March 17th, Israel launched multiple airstrikes against a Syrian air base near Palmyra, a remote base named “T4”. The strikes were carried out by the Israeli military in retaliation for the the convoys of Hezbollah troops that have been driving southward from their Syrian base to take position at a camp on Mt. Hermon’s slopes.

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Countercoup, Part 4: Spicer Repeats Napolitano Allegation, Trump Jokes Obama Tapped Him and Merkel

President Trump and his press spokesman Sean Spicer aren’t backing down on the charge, first made by Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Trump Administration friendly Fox News Channel, that Great Britain’s NSA counterpart GCHQ was used to spy on Trump. In a testy press conference Thursday night, Spicer explained the President meant the broadest definition of electronic surveillance including Trump’s use of the word ‘wiretapping’ in his tweets.

The response from the United Kingdom’s 5Eyes alliance member surveillance agency has been a rare public denial. The Chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA) and the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence have denied seeing any evidence that Trump Tower was targeted for surveillance by any U.S. government agency both before and after the 2016 presidential election. However, left unsaid in these denials is surveillance of Trump associates at other locations. 

Speaking to Fox News interviewer Tucker Carlson earlier this week, Trump refused to back down on his allegations first made on Twitter Saturday March 4, that the Obama Administration targeted him with electronic forms of surveillance, including wiretapping. Instead, he hinted at “some very interesting items coming to the forefront in the next two weeks”…

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Kiev Declares Blockade of LDPR After Breakaway Republics Nationalize Oligarch-Owned Industries

After weeks of provocations including intense shelling of Donetsk outskirts between the Donbass forces held industrial zone and the Ukrainian Army occupied town of Avdeevka, the Ukraine conflict has again escalated. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, perhaps deeply dissatisfied with the results of his first phone call with President Donald Trump, and facing challenges from ultra-nationalist radicals who engaged in a blockade of the coal trade between the breakaway pro-Russian Lugansk and Donetsk republics and Ukraine, has sided with the blockaders his police briefly arrested and dispersed this week. After dispersing the ultras who were blocking the flow of coal trains from the Donbass to Ukraine near the contact line, threatening the country’s coal-fired electricity and coking coal for steel supplies, Poroshenko has decided if he can’t beat his ultra-nationalist opposition he can join them.

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Countercoup, Part 3: Comey’s Two-Facedness, FISA Laws and the Lawless, Leaking Like a Sieve Obama DoJ

On Saturday, March 4 President Donald Trump accused his predecessor Barack Hussein Obama of ordering the wiretapping of Trump Tower during and likely after the 2016 presidential campaign. The response to that bombshell charge was widespread pearl clutching and ‘how dare he!’ and ‘he has no evidence!’ reactions from the same so-called liberals and legacy media who have without proof accused the President of being a Russian agent.

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Antarctica: The Rockefeller Connection

Part Six of our Antarctica saga begins here. Following the failure of Operation Highjump in 1947, men in high places made sure that the truth about all post-WWII Nazi evolution was tightly controlled. From the very beginning of both North and South pole explorations, the Banksters, like John D. Rockefeller shown here, and their agencies made sure that the narrative would proceed under their lead.

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Countercoup, Part 2: Trump ‘Goes Nuclear’, Accuses Obama of Ordering Pre and Post-Election NSA Tapping of Trump Tower Phones

On what would have otherwise been a slow news Saturday, President Donald J. Trump followed up on his pre-State of the Union address allegation made on Fox News that his predecessor Barack Hussein Obama was behind a campaign of leaks to undermine the new Administration, with the most explosive charge yet: that President Obama personally ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower and the Trump campaign during the campaign and after DJT became president-elect.

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W the Intelligence Insider, RM Radio 03/03/2017

W the Intelligence Insider, a veteran extraordinaire of the covert operations to hasten the demise of the Soviet Union during the (mostly) peaceful conclusion to CW1 in the 1980s, joins the Guerrilla for over an hour of hardcore analysis. W brings up during the first ten minutes not only the infamous hot mic episode where then President Barack Hussein Obama promised Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ‘more flexibility’ after Obama’s reelection in 2012, but also a seldom discussed incident when U.S. Senator Obama was delayed in transit to the AfPak theater during a mid-2000s refueling stopover in Russia. Obama’s history as a CIA operative in Operation Cyclone-era Pakistan, and the ‘Purple’ colored revolution shenanigans of George Soros and Obama running a ‘shadow White House’ blocks from the real thing, as well as the coming comeuppance for certain McCainiac GOPe saboteurs of Trump’s agenda are also discussed.

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Obama White House Hosted Sergey Kislyak 22 Times, Most Recently in September 2016

The hypocrisy and hysteria of the legacy media and Obama’s ‘shadow White House’ operation coordinating with CNN/(P)MSNBC/WarStreetJournal/LangleyBezosBlogPost/CarlosSlimNYTBlog reached new lows this week, after it was revealed during the ongoing attempt to drive Attorney General Jeff Sessions from office over conversations with the Russian Ambassador as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee…that the Obama White House hosted Sergey Kiselyak 22 times from 2009 to 2016. Most recently, Obama adviser John Holdren hosted Kislyak and at least two Russian Embassy deputies of his at the Eisenhower Executive Office building, several weeks after Sessions spoke with Kiselyak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

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Deja vu as Germany seeks ‘reparations’ on UK in Brexit treaty negotiations

In 1919 the Allied Powers of Britain, France, Italy, and the United States imposed huge war reparations on the country of Germany in putting the blame on them for starting the continental battle that would be known as World War I. And now almost 100 years later, Germany is seeking to reverse the tables and demand their own reparations against the UK for seeking the leave the European Union and the Maastricht Treaty.

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Beware of Trojan Boats

We are always on the lookout for stories that betray the use of unconventional weapons. The Mayor of Ankara, Turkey served up a treat last week with no less than 10 consecutive tweets about his suspicion that seismic earthquake weapons have sent a soft warning shot across the bow to the Turkish economy.

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Solutions Sunday: Dark Triad Man, Cryptocurrency Guru Chris Dunn and Solutions Matter Youths

What sets Team RogueMoney apart from other new media outlets is not only the breadth of its geoeconomic analyses, but also the focus on practical solutions and entrepreneurial spirit for ordinary people. In case you missed them, here are some recent interviews addressing these topics from Dark Triad Man author Ivan Throne, Jack Caroselli and Robert Jones of Solutions Matter, and bitcoin Skill Incubator Chris Dunn. — JWS

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Payback for Assassinated Givi and Motorola? Ukrainian ‘ATO’ General Dies of ‘Heart Attack’ in Kiev Office

The war in Ukraine remains far from over, but if someone or some group is advising the regime in Kiev that it can pick off the leadership of the Donbass ‘separatists’ one by one with total impunity, they may wish to reevaluate that advice. Unless of course, they’re ready to find more generals and volunteer battalion commanders after Kiev’s current crop start dying in significant numbers.

On Saturday February 11, just days after the commander of the Somali battalion was assassinated in his Donetsk office by a ‘Shmel’ rocket firing flamethrower, the Ukrainian Colonel General responsible for Kiev’s so-called ‘Anti-Terror Operation’ died in his office, supposedly of a heart attack. Ivan Chernyakhovsky Gennady Vorobyov was famous in Ukraine for refusing an order from then President Viktor Yanukovych in January 2014 to clear the Maidan of the militants who were using peaceful protesters as human shields to hide behind while hurling Molotov cocktails at Berkut riot policemen. Vorobyov (loosely translated as ‘Sparrow’) rose to the rank of Colonel General and directed many of the so-called ‘ATO’ operations to suppress the Russian-backed Donbass uprising against the U.S./EU-installed post coup regime.

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‘Givi’ Assassinated in Donetsk, Ukrainian Army Building Up for Another Failed Offensive

Mikhail Sergeyevich Tolstykh, aka Givi, one of the most prominent commanders of the Donbass resistance to the Kiev government, was assassinated in his office this week. Givi had been one of the most effective tacticians for the Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) / Donetsk People’s Republic during the heavy close quarters fighting for the ruins of the Donetsk Airport between October 2014 and January 2015, culminating in a fight after which he punched and abused some Ukrainian Right Sector POWs and stripped off their epualets on camera. Other than this footage showing him punching a Right Sector commander shortly after battle, there is no evidence to support Ukrainian claims that Givi tortured or killed UAF prisoners.

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Antarctica: Sent Packing in 1947

In August of 1946, a world still smouldering in the ashes of WWII was remembering the first anniversary of the deployment of the first atomic bombs as weapons “to end war.” In spite of the supposed vanquishing of all her enemies, the U.S. Navy suddenly felt compelled to launch an expensive, hastily timed, and poorly planned invasion of Antarctica. What situation was so critical on the southern continent that made Operation Highjump terribly urgent? 

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The Trend is Your Friend

This was followed with some greater detail, but the gist of the remainder of the conversation is, “the trend is your friend, if you are following the proper trend setters!”   Those busy cleaning up the trash are not trend setters of the new paradigm (WG’s take).  The best the west can do in the near term is clean up the trash and then get on with the rebuild.  Thankfully it appears Mr. Trump does get that aspect of the US’s problems.   Meanwhile, as I communicated to London Paul (I am most of the time looking for affirmation), “most would be properly advised to follow the leads of those who are taking best advantage of their manufacturing resources, their natural resources, and busy extricating themselves from dishonest monetary frameworks.  RM regulars know where this is headed.

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London Paul on RM Radio, 02/06/17: Geoeconomics On the Trump Train

London Paul discusses President Donald J. Trump taking on the Establishment and opposition in the U.S. courts, efforts to sabotage DJT by the federal bureaucracy and education institutions that could be subject to funding cutoffs. London Paul also looks at who will be funding #MAGA re-industrialization, the financial ties that bind Washington to Japan, China, and Saudi Arabia, with the latter now subject to humiliating Yemeni ballistic missile strikes reaching all the way to the suburbs of Riyadh.

London Paul also says that Iran with Western technology is capable of producing crude at prices comparable to or cheaper than Saudi output, with tremendous implications for Trump’s plans to create American jobs via drill, baby drill stateside and or the House of Saud’s imploding finances. London Paul believes Washington’s bipartisan desire not to see a massive Saudi dollar dump may be behind the belligerent rhetoric towards Tehran we’ve been seeing from National Security Adviser Gen. Michael T. Flynn and others, but the Saudi Royals are teetering toward the abyss anyway. He also discusses how the Trump Administration is trying to balance Turkey’s fears of the Syrian Kurds with the need to crush ISIS in cooperation with Russia, a policy Vice President Pence refused to back away from during interviews with the legacy press. With SecState Rex Tillerson quietly backing off his confirmation hearing rhetoric toward China, and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s behind the scenes meeting after denouncing Moscow with Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin in New York, there are signs that a Trump thaw in great power relations may be on the way (despite fierce bipartisan neocon opposition in Congress and the legacy media). — JWS

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‘Davos Man is Dead’: Trump’s Proposed EU Ambassador Prof. Ted Malloch Keeps Triggering (EUSSR) Globalists

After being threatened with his ambassadorship to the EU not being accredited by members of the largely toothless European Parliament, Prof. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch continues to speak softly and wield the big stick of acting as Donald Trump’s likely envoy to the failing bloc. While team Trump has had its missteps out of the gate amidst a botched (and Obama Defense Department planned to fail?) special forces raid in Yemen, or the flurry of leaks generating both real stories and #fakenews about Trump threatening to invade Mexico, the signaling that a new sheriff is in town to the pampered bureaucrats in Brussels has been unmistakable. 

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Black Pots and Kettles

John Bercow, the Speaker for the UK House of Commons, made it clear today that President Donald J. Trump, the UK’s American ally, is persona non grata at this podium. Supposedly, a man of such racist and misogynist character is an unwanted presence among the pristine Parliamentarians. Or perhaps the new president isn’t perverted enough for this den of loathsome, hypocritical child rapists?

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V and London Paul of the Sirius Report Announcement

V the Guerrilla Economist and London Paul of The Sirius Report announce they will be doing a weekly program on the RogueMoney YouTube channel around 10 a.m. EST/3 p.m. GMT. Full access to and five podcasts per week of ten to fifteen minutes each in length is available for a monthly subscription of $4.75 a month (click on the Premium Content page to subscribe). Joining the public Facebook list and subscribing to the email update alerts is free.


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China and Japan both blink from President Trump’s unorthodox foreign policy

As Mexico, Australia, the European Commission, Iran, China, and even Germany are quickly finding out, Donald Trump is not the type of cool, calm, and collected diplomat that they have been able to run roughshod over in the White House for the past 8 to 24 years.  In fact, as one former Australian National Security Adviser acknowledged yesterday, Trump has made everything assumed of America in the past null and void.

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Tinkerbell Is Pissed

As a native born Californian, nobody can accuse me of malicious intent when I declare in a commanding voice: “Just go already, California! And don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.” Here’s the petition that might just put California and her #CalExit out of our misery. Her complaints only hold water if Hillary had won. This has nothing to do with Trump’s policies, only with Trump himself.

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After Trump Administration’s Likely Envoy to EU(SSR) Compares Bloc to Late USSR, EUrocrats Declare Cold War Against ‘Trump’s USA’

Last week President Trump’s American envoy to the European Union, a Professor at the UK’s Henley Business School in Reading, England, dropped a series of bombshells on the BBC’s Weeknight program. While most of the legacy media fixated on Trump’s executive orders and the protests reacting to them, Theodore Roosevelt “Ted” Malloch told the BBC program that the EU’s common currency the euro ‘could collapse’ within eighteen months. Malloch also compared the EU to the late, tottering Soviet Union of the perestroika Mikhail Gorbachev (not Stalin’s) era, while cheerfully stating he had something to do with nudging the Soviet Empire to its demise. Malloch’s remarks triggered tweeted outrage from the (George Soros) funded (G)NGO Human Rights Watch’s director, Andrew Stroehlein, who said that the comparison between the EU and (late) USSR was an insult to ‘500 million Europeans’ and all the victims of Soviet crimes.

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Donbass War: Ukrainian Army Resumes ‘Creeping’ Offensive as Kiev and Its Beltway Backers Seek to Sabotage Trump’s Detente with Russia

Last weekend as President Petro Poroshenko met with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany, Ukrainian forces resumed their ‘creeping’ offensive in the war-torn Donbass region. Advancing according to Ukrainian politicians and commanders ‘meter by meter’ (in violation of the Minsk 2 ceasefire agreement), the UAF claimed to have repulsed an assault by the pro-Russian Donetsk People’s Republic troops on the small city of Avdiivka, very close to and northwest of the DPR capitol of Donetsk. Aside from three critically wounded POWs captured by the Ukrainian Army’s 72nd mechanized brigade early Sunday, there is little evidence ‘the separatists’ began the attack rather than the UAF, which outnumber the Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF)/LDNR across the hundreds of kilometers-length frontlines and have far more manpower to expend.

In reply to the question of ‘qui bono?’ from heavy Donbass fighting resuming now during a period when the Kremlin is seeking detente with the new Trump Administration, the answer is certainly not Russia…

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Sorry liberals, but most Arab Americans and Muslim majority states don’t care about Trump’s new immigration ban

Perhaps the biggest irony regarding last weekend’s Executive Order signed by President Trump in which he ordered a temporary ban on incoming visitors and refugees from certain Middle Eastern states, was that the majority of protesting and outrage came from people who actually have no skin in the game when it comes to the vetting of foreign individuals.

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Time for the big why to the ESF, the big why to the ESF purposes, the big why to it’s business mandate.   Indeed why the need for it’s dark money?   Answer: “business…!”  Which begs the question, “what business?”  The successful continuation of the bankster king of business concepts, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”   A successful ESF allows the seamless ‘continuation/control’ of the prior statement in it’s entirety, nothing more nothing less.  Risk containment complete! 

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With the government finally addressing fiscal policy for first time in 8 years, the ball is now back in the Fed’s court

One of the primary reasons why the Federal Reserve has become so powerful in the last two decades is because the Legislative and the Executive Branches of government have passed the buck of fiscal responsibility over to the hands of the central banks.  In fact, following the taxpayer funded bailout known TARP, the long-time Senator from New York publicly told the central bank it was their time to ‘get to work’.

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Readout of the First Trump-Putin White House Phone Call

In the call, the two world leaders vowed to work together against ISIS and wished each other’s people prosperity. Putin again congratulated Trump on his electoral victory and the two sides declared their intent to improve relations.

Trump was flanked for the call in the Oval Office by Vice President Mike Pence, National Security Adviser and retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus and senior counselor to the President and former Breitbart News chairman Steve Bannon. According to Reuters and other reports the call did not include discussion of the sanctions placed by the U.S., EU and other countries such as Canada on Russia.

Trump also spoke with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, confirming a meeting in Washington on February 10 where trade will be at the top of the agenda, and with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Trump also spoke with French President Francois Holland and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. — JWS

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First Trump-Putin Phone Call from White House Set for Saturday Night; Signs of Detente in the Air on Russian/American TV

The first phone call between U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is set for Saturday evening Moscow time (around midday in Washington D.C.), January 28, according to Reuters. The call which White House National Security Adviser retired Army Gen./Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief Michael T. Flynn helped to arrange, according to presidential spokesman Sean Spicer, is the first since Putin congratulated Trump on his victory shortly after November 9. It also comes as the unofficial/official NATO think tank the Atlantic Council freaks out about a reported draft executive order circulating in the Trump White House to lift some of the sanctions President Barack Hussein Obama ordered on the Russians after the return of Crimea to Russia in March 2014…

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Southfront Global Changes Chillout Mix and London Paul’s 2016 Year in Review

Listen to a concise 20 minute length audio summary of geoeconomic shifts in 2016 from UK citizen and RogueMoney guest London Paul, who sums up the rise of the New Silk Road/One Belt One Road (OBOR) as the biggest shift of the year.

London Paul also discussses the Panama Papers, the failed mid-July CIA-backed coup in Turkey, Hillary Clinton and the globalist cabal’s defeated regime change campaign in Syria, the internal crisis of Saudi Arabia and its rebuffed aggression in Yemen, and the stunning Brexit/Trump victories. London Paul also discusses the acceleration of dollar dumping and Russian/Chinese gold accumulation and Beijing’s global leadership role.

London Paul concludes with the Russia, Turkey and Iran talks in Astana, Kazakhstan — without the participation of the USA/EU — to end the war in Syria, and with hints that tactical and strategic nuclear missiles as we’ve known them for the last sixty years possibly being neutralized via Russia’s game changing direct energy weapons. This month’s revelations of last summer’s shockingly errant and embarrassing Trident SLBM test of the United Kingdom’s aging missile force in the Atlantic Ocean off Florida being a widely discussed speculative example of this purported phenomenon…


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Mr. Kalensky Goes to Washington: Will Team Trump Ask Brussels Why EU Taxpayers Are Funding Trump/Breitbart Bashing Neocon Fanatics?

The European Union is waging a cold war not only against Russia’s alleged ‘firehose of falsehood’ propaganda machine, but also against President Donald Trump and the populist conservative media platform his counselor Steve Bannon formerly led, Breitbart. Sure there are disclaimers on the Twitter feed of the EU Stratcom East Task Force, established in November 2015, disavowing that @EUvsDisinfo represents any official position of the European Union, the European Parliament or the various EUro-bureaucracies. You can find a similar disavowal of any official position on the Twitter feed of Jakub Kalensky, the young and fanatically anti-Trump Czech ex-journalist who leads up the now expanding EU Stratcom East team.

The question is, as EU taxpayer funds are used to smear an American media outlet that has nothing to do with the Kremlin or Russian government funding, and in fact has been highly critical of Vladimir Putin, what is Breitbart’s just and proper recourse? When Kalensky tweet-trolls the leader of the free world all day as basically a Russian agent, promoting ludicrous Moscow hookers dossier conspiracy theories even the ex-MI6 author of the ‘dossier’ won’t defend, while claiming to sit in judgement on all counter-Establishment claims allegedly spread by Kremlin trolls, how will the Trump White House respond? Will the newly sworn in political appointees at the U.S. State Department under Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tell the EU Ambassador to the United States David O’Sullivan to have EU Stratcom East knock off the French/German taxpayer funded anti-Trump agitprop, and stop meddling in U.S. domestic affairs?

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Could Alibaba, rather than Amazon, be the online portal to help Make American Great Again?

There is no denying that online retail has crossed the Rubicon and is now a primary choice for consumers to use in purchasing nearly any good or service they desire.  And just like the automobile helped in the elimination of the horse and buggy industry back at the turn of the 20th century, online retail is doing its part in destroying the paradigm of brick and mortar businesses.

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RM Sources Confirmed by Politico: Pushback Against Trump-Hating NeoLibCon Bias at Taxpayer-Funded VOA Begins…

On January 21, 2017 the Russia Analyst published a story citing a Washington D.C. source who told us team Trump was looking at the issue of anti-Trump bias at the U.S. taxpayer funded Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Europe/Liberty (RFERL). Now as Politico reports these outlets are toning down their rabidly anti-Trump coverage from prior to the election, some neocon Republicans and Democrats are grousing that VOA is on the verge of becoming ‘Trump propaganda’. All because the channel’s director Amanda Bennett has started — gasp! — following journalistic standards by permitting Trump spokesmen or surrogates to respond to stories about the new Administration.

If you’re scouring Google’s wayback machine trying to recall any similar concerns in 2001 or 2009 about the incoming George W. Bush or Obama Administrations trying to slant coverage on more favorable terms to themselves, don’t bother. As the Russia Analyst said the main risk of Trump’s team pushing back and ensuring basic journalistic ethics and standards of fairness are followed by a taxpayer funded entity that proclaims itself the (non-partisan) Voice of America to the world, is that they likely won’t go far enough in terms of challenging the neolibcon biases at the station. Nor will they likely ask the most provocative question: If the truth is on the U.S. government’s side — the U.S. intelligence community itself strongly suggested in its ‘Russian meddling in the election’ ‘assesment’ that VOA/RFERL are losing the information war to Russia’s RT and Sputnik…despite having three to four times the budget size. Well, there is one explanation on offer that’s politically acceptable in Washington D.C., and that comes from the Heritage Foundation’s Public Diplomacy expert Helle Dale, that the Agency has a wonderful story to tell but is simply weighed down with incompetents.

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Putin Spokesman Peskov: Trump is Not Our Man, He’s America’s Man; More Reasons for the Failing Soft Coup Against the President

Our Inauguration Day trolling of the Social Justice Cold Warriors (SJCWs) aside, it’s good to hear the realism reflected in the statements of Russian officials, led by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Medvedev told reporters over the weekend that Russia should not count on any swift lifting of U.S. and EU economic sanctions, saying that no election will immediately shift that equation. Not only is that a reference to the fact that media, McCainiacs in Congress’ and Atlanticist bureaucratic pressure won’t permit President Donald J. Trump to make the kind of rapid changes some in Russia had hoped for, but also to the reality that it will be difficult for the anti-sanctions, Crimea-is-Russian recognizing candidate Marine Le Pen to win in France. Though we suspect many European Union sanctions against Russia will continue to be quietly dropped or ignored by multiple countries, from southeastern Europe’s Greece on up to Germany and even ‘frontline state’ Finland.

As Dmitry Peskov said, Trump is his own — and America’s — man. Not Putin’s or anybody else’s, which why the soft coup attempt smears of him as the Kremlin’s Siberian candidate will keep failing.

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Will the Trump White House Take on the Viciously Anti-Trump Neolibcon Propagandists Entrenched at VOA, RFE/RL?

The times they are a’changin at the reforming Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the U.S. government-funded umbrella organization for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the Voice of America (VOA) and other American taxpayer funded media, who freely concede their inferiority to Russia’s supposedly awesome propaganda machine which some spooks claim helped to elect Donald Trump. But are the neolibcons deeply entrenched at these taxpayer-funded institutions who use the tax monies collected from nearly 63 million deplorable Americans to troll and smear President Trump (including calling DJT a Russian agent) ready for the coming shake up?

That’s a question we’re posing to current RFE/RL employees and former BBG board of governors ‘information warfare’ expert Matthew Armstrong, when the kind of editorializing they support starts hitting a newly elected President AND supporters of his America First and detente with Russia agenda as ‘collateral damage’. Are they prepared for the ‘cold civil war’ between Trump and the Cold War 2 waging Deep State also extending into a struggle between Trump’s political appointees and the talking heads and bureaucrats of America’s state-funded media arms? Particularly when certain RFE/RL employees are not only incompetent in their areas of supposed expertise, but also propagandize on behalf of vicious, human rights abusing jihadists imposing sharia law in Syria (so long as the jihadis claim not to be Al-Qaeda or ISIS)?

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Yes Social Justice Cold Warriors, It’s All True — поздравление агент Дональд Трампа! за Родина!

A special message from James the Russian Analyst to snowflake Social Justice Cold Warriors, junk pic selfie attention whoring ex-spooks and ‘former’ Mossad consulting wannabe spooks Glenn Becking in their Illinois attics — yes it’s all true. Donald J. Trump really is the Siberian candidate, and Kanye is his Soviet spawned sidekick who was secretly birthed somewhere in Brighton Beach. Or did ya’ll think Kanye likes large derrièred Armenian women because he wasn’t actually conceived in the USSR? — JWS

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Team RogueMoney Inauguration Day Special with X22 Report’s Dave, SGT Report’s Sean, Perpetual Assets, Ken Schortgen Jr., BanksterSlayer, The Prince, and W the Intelligence Insider

In case you missed it live on 20 January 2017 at 2 p.m. Eastern time: listen to V the Guerrilla Economist and Producer CJ host Dave of the X22 Report, Sean of the SGT Report, Team Rogue Money’s The Prince, Ken Schortgen Jr., Deb “BanksterSlayer” Caruthers and W the Intelligence Insider for hard hitting analysis of American/global history in the making. — JWS

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Tesla and Trump

In a few more hours, a man whose family holds a personal connection with one of mankind’s top visionaries, Nikola Tesla, will take the oath of office in Washington, D.C. Tesla foresaw a world where human beings would finally pull themselves up to the level of all other living things on Planet Earth by plugging themselves into a plentiful, natural energy grid. Such a radical leap could wipe out the Babylonian tyranny of Debt that has ruled mankind for thousands of years. On January 20th, will Tesla finally get the last laugh on J.P. Morgan?

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Putin invites Trump to be in on the spoils of Obama’s failed Syrian war

In the final month of the Obama administration, both Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan left out the President from being a part of the peace talks in Syria as the final stages of the campaign against ISIS comes to an end.  And in a bold move here just one day before Donald Trump swears in to become the next Commander-in-Chief of the United States, the Russian leader gets in one final jab at what will one day be known in the history books as ‘Obama’s Failed War in Syria’ by inviting his political adversary to now be a part of the spoils of victory.

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Putin: Authors of ‘ex’ MI6 ‘Swindler’s Dossier ‘Worse Than Prostitutes’, Southfront Video on the Geoeconomics of Russophobia

Earlier this week Russian President Vladimir V. Putin said during a news conference with Moldovan President Igor Dodon that the authors of the so-called ‘dossier’ on the germa-phobe Donald Trump cavorting with hookers on a urine-stained mattress in Moscow are ‘worse than prostitutes’. Putin also implied in reply to a long question from a reporter for that some of the same people (Soros cough cough) who backed the February 2014 Maidan coup d’etat in Kiev are now seeking to de-legitimize Trump by similar means as what they used against former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

Whether Putin’s statements can be interpreted as a heads up warning from Putin to his soon to be negotiating partner in the White House that Maidan-style orchestrated street violence and attacks on police will accompany Trump’s inauguration is up to interpretation. What we do know is that the Russians are not only denying that they meddled in the November elections to help Trump, but pointing the finger at other foreign powers (Ukraine cough cough but also Germany) whose leaders either used their taxpayer resources to support Hillary or actively campaigned for her (on top of President Obama’s meddling in the choice of the British people prior to the Brexit vote, which went against Obama’s wishes).

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Perception vs. Reality: “What Will Happen?” vs. “What To Do?”

There can not be foreign control and positive “vig” to be made on any US paper if it doesn’t pile up in foreign hands.  De-industrialization wasn’t the most important “globalist-show” on display.  Instead it was a centuries old Rothschild axiom: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”  All the banksters needed was a receptive US audience foolish enough to believe that it is a birthright to “shop until they drop in order to keep up with the Jones’s.”  Ironically, it became fashionable.  Problem…….

The problem is, as stated many times before, even though there is an extremely positive side of being the world’s reserve currency it still has a time limit.  A limit we are at the end of.  And once time runs out, all of the positives go with it.  And that introduces the following downside for the resident citizen slaves of the world’s reserve currency, the introduction to a problem with a negative multiplier tied to the currency’s inflation/devaluation in some form or fashion.  But there is a head above the crowd winner…..

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To Err Is … Robotic?

Earlier this month, a vote was passed, 17-2, by a committee within the European Parliament to give legal personhood to robots. Ostensibly, this is being done for your own good. Technocratic vision predicts that the day will come when you’ll want to hold a robot accountable for murder. (Hopefully not your own.) Wouldn’t you love to play the defense lawyer in THAT trial?

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Rumors of War with Russia, Part 12: Tanks Alot Obama for the Parthian Shot in Poland

In ancient Persia the Parthian shot was associated with fierce horse mounted archers who could feign retreat, then pivot on their galloping steeds to let loose a fusillade of deadly arrows. As lame duck Barack Hussein Obama prepares to leave the White House, quite probably convinced by his own agitprop campaign that those hacking Russians cost his fellow Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton the White House, Poland is the scene of a Parthian shot involving a highly visible surge of American armor and artillery.

The alternative or new media is certainly joining the legacy media in hyping the deployment alongside Fox News Channel headlines such as ‘Knocking on Russia’s Door’ — for a brigade stationed at Zagan, far closer to Germany than to Russia’s Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad which borders northeastern Poland to the east — though other battalions will be deployed to the Baltics much closer to Russia. While ‘debunkers of Russian propaganda’ nitpick that ‘Kremlin TV’ like Rossiya report 3,000 total U.S. vehicles being shipped in the NATO deployment rather than the 2,500 mentioned in Stars and Stripes (with around 4,000 American soldiers), the fact is Obama is deliberately leaving Trump with yet another obstacle — this one a heavily armored one that’s politically difficult to withdraw — to the U.S.-Russia detente The Donald has advocated.

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What it will be like to live in a post-sanction world

On Jan. 14 President-Elect Donald Trump spoke with the Wall Street Journal and reiterated his desire towards seeking to improve relations with both Russia and China, and at the same time masterfully playing his obfuscation card with the media on what policies he truly intends to implement.  In fact, his ability to promote both sides of an issue to different audiences has become one of The Donald’s most powerful traits… which is the ability to go back and forth on a given topic without getting labeled with the politically divisive term ‘flip-flopper’.

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Happy Old New Year! Reagan-Gorby Style Reykjavik Summit Denied by Trump Spokesman Sean Spicer

Late Saturday night, Zerohedge cited Bloomberg reporting that Donald J. Trump’s first trip abroad as President would be to the Icelandic capitol of Reykjavik, where President Ronald Reagan and Soviet General Secretary (later President) Mikhail Gorbachev famously held a summit putting ALL nuclear arms issues on the table between the USA and USSR in October 1986. However, according to President elect Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer the reports which also included the Washington based newspaper The Hill were false — although the Icelanders told Russia’s TASS news agency they were ready to host such talks. Trump’s first trip abroad as president has yet to be announced and may not be until after Friday’s inauguration. 

The timing of the reports comes days after The Washington (Langley mouthpiece) Post David Ignatius accused Trump’s National Security Adviser, who did not require Senate confirmation, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn of improper communications with Russian Ambassador Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak. According to the WaPost’s intelligence ‘sources’ Flynn spoke with Kislyak several times by phone on the day President Obama announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S., allegedly in retaliation for Russian hacking related to the elections and mistreatment of American envoys in Russia. But Trump spokesman Spicer denies the conversations were at all improper or usurping the lame duck Obama Administration, and instead concerned Flynn extending holiday greetings and condolences to the Russian people on the loss of the Alexandrov Ensemble in a plane crash a few days before. Spicer also said Flynn was trying to arrange a phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump after Trump is to take office.

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Team Rogue Money Radio, Friday the 13th January 2017

V the Guerrilla Economist hosts Ken Schortgen Jr., Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers, and W the Intelligence Insider to discuss the major economic shocks coming in the rest of 2017, including the global bond market crisis of negative interest rates, the rollout of blockchain technology through EuroClear and SWIFT. Ken reveals that known CIA front USAID was involved in India’s chaos-inducing war on cash experiment, and also asks how gold and bitcoin prices would move if just one percent of the currency invested in bonds sifted into precious metals and the borderless, non-central bank controlled cryptocurrency. V also mentions the global 6.2 billion who are either unbanked or underbanked, from Africa to the New Silk Road slated nations of former Soviet Central Asia, and the decentralization of the Internet and crypto-currency transactions. – JWS

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Seven Days Before the Inauguration: Orthodox Christian Saints Day of St. Melania the Nun of Rome (+439 AD)

Many observers in the new media have noticed an intriguing numerological ‘stat’ regarding the inauguration of president elect Donald J. Trump: after he is sworn in on January 21, 2017 he will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old. But there’s another ‘coincidence’ we just discovered about Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania Knauss (Knavs), who was born in the predominantly Roman Catholic country of Slovenia, in the former Yugoslavia on April 26, 1970 (and will be 46 when her husband takes office).

Today Friday, January 13, exactly seven days before Inauguration Day, happens to be the feast day under the old Russian Orthodox calendar of Melania’s patron saint, Melania of Rome, who was canonized by the Roman Church in 1908 as a godly patroness of the Faith who used her great wealth to spread the Holy Gospel

A timely reminder, that not all the numbers are playthings of the esoteric elites and those enslaved to the evil one. – JWS 

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Marine Le Pen Visits Trump Tower, Supposedly No Meetings With Team Trump

On Thursday January 12 French National Front politician Marine Le Pen visited Trump Tower. Her host was not president elect Donald J. Trump, but (Guido) George Lombardi, an Italian businessman friend and neighbor of Trump’s in the building.

According to Mr. Lombardi, speaking to the neolibcon rag The Daily Beast on Thursday night, counselor to the president and former Breitbart News publisher Steve Bannon was informed about the meeting by Lombardi and gave a verbal thumbs up. The subject of discussion, according to Lombardi, was fundraising for Le Pen’s run for president of France, which has been blackballed by French banks, due to her ‘far right’ views, but in reality as punishment for Le Pen defying the NATO/EU consensus on Russia.

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Southfront Trump-Trolls MSM With ‘Red Alert 3’ Theme trolls the MSM and Trump haters with a funny video starring Donald J. Trump, just days after the Russian Embassy in ‘London is the capitol of Great Britaintweeted out a triggering Pepe the frog meme asking whether Her Majesty’s Government trusts its closest trans-Atlantic ally when it comes to Trump’s planned detente with Russia.

There’s going to be so much winning in 2017 ya’ll are gonna get tired of winning. — JWS

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Seven Days in January: Trump Claims to Canary Trap Leaking ODNI/CIA Briefers, Calls CNN ‘Fake News’ Buzzfeed ‘A Pile of Garbage’

As the Russia Analyst predicted, team Trump is fighting back and the soft coup to de-legitimize the president elect of the United States is unraveling. Another prediction, from Team Rogue Money’s Intelligence Insider mentor ‘W’, made in an interview with V before the end of the year, that we would see a hard year for many who went against Trump is also coming true. The identity of the ‘ex’ MI6 officer who reportedly put together the dirty ‘pee-gate’ dossier on behalf of Trump’s political adversaries, has been revealed as 52-year-old Christopher Steele of Orbis Business Intelligence (a name he distressingly for Google searches, shares with an unrelated gay porn star).

Despite legacy media disputing Trump’s implication that intel services were involved in the latest smear of him, the UK’s Defence and Security Media Advisory issued a ‘D notice’ requesting British media not circulate Mr. Steele’s name Wednesday — even though it has been reported by the WSJ and numerous other American outlets. Mr. Steele has scurried away from his Surrey, UK home and is nowhere to be found by reporters, while the UK television tax-funded BBC is doing damage control to bolster the dossier and their beleaguered CNN colleagues across the Pond. We strongly suspect after January 20 Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the United States as well as British Prime Minister Theresa May are going to be hearing from Trump aides regarding the so-called ‘impartiality’ of taxpayer-funded (and historically, MI6 mouthpiece) BBC and whether Mr. Steele is in fact an ‘ex’ MI6 officer when the British government tried to treat him briefly as if he were still on Her Majesty’s Secret Service (aka the Russian expression that there’s no such thing as an ‘ex’ chekist).

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Antarctica: All This Fuss Over a Map

“Pope Innocent VIII could no longer protect and procrastinate over a centuries-old secret, a secret that was well-known to the Knights Templar and their allies.” In 1929, this map that was published early in the 16th century by Turkish Admiral Piri Reis. It is a map that exhibited incredibly accurate detail of Antarctica, but drawn as she would have looked thousands of years ago without all the ice! Who knew about this and when did they know it? Part II of our Antarctica series continues here.

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Seven Days in January: This Time CIA Soft Coup Plotters and #NeverTrump ers Have Gone Too Far

“Desperate people do desperate, stupid things”. – V the Guerrilla Economist

The Russia Analyst had been putting together his assessment of the shoddy, quite revealing (in an unintended and unflattering way for its authors) #RussianHacking assessment put together by the U.S. intelligence community, when the ‘news’ broke via CNN and the CIA’s other favorite stenographers at NBC News Tuesday evening, that President elect Donald Trump had been briefed on a Russian kompromat (dirt) file on him last Friday. Ok, we thought, big deal, rumors about the Russians blackmailing Trump dating back to The Donald and Ivana Trump’s first visits to perestroika era Moscow in the late 1980s had been circulated by The Donald’s adversaries since he got into the race.

Then we read that Buzzfeed, a clickbait site for hipsters with a neolibcon foreign policy slant, had published a dossier built by a former MI6 operative who had been hired to do opposition research by #NeverTrump Republicans and then Democrats. Said oppo file containing all manner of libelous BS — what #NeverTrump political operative and pervert @TheRickWilson referred to routinely in tweets as far back as March as ‘the thing’ that journalists should find ways to avoid ‘legal’ consequences for publishing. The ‘dodgy dossier’ as The Atlantic tried to cover their rear ends in ‘reporting’ contained not only clumsy errors about various locations in Moscow and tales of Trump aides jetting off to Prague for secret meetings with the Russians that never happened. The main allegations are that the FSB has video of Trump cavorting with hookers on a bed Barack Obama slept in at the Moscow Ritz Carlton — with scatological details thrown in for good measure to make #GoldenShowers trend on Twitter. Ugh…

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A Sea Change at the United Nations

Somebody dusted off a copy of the U.N. Charter and right there in Chapter 6, apparently, this international body has long ago given itself the right to take any and all measures to prevent war and enforce peace and security using any method it deems necessary. We are curious to see how the new Secretary-General Antonio Guterres plans to pull off 2017 as the Year For Peace.

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Merkel and the Atlanticists (Globalists) Declare War on Breitbart, But Stasi Tactics Can’t Stop the Trumpening of Europe in 2017

It’s a trick as old as Sun Tzu but one constantly being updated since the 1910s, when Satanist secret agent Aleister Crowley was cranking out ridiculous pro-Kaiser propaganda in New York to discredit Imperial Germany in American eyes prior to the outbreak of WWI — while working for British intelligence. Namely, plant fake stories in the enemy’s camp, trick his people into repeating falsehoods, and cherry pick a small lie or error in service to your own big lie.

Since the so-called ‘report’ of three rather than seventeen intelligence agencies released on Friday regarding alleged Russian hacking and influence operations towards the 2016 U.S. election, we’ve heard a great deal about active measures and so-called reflexive control, the Soviet doctrines of dividing enemies’ and making them subconsciously dance to your own tune. But the notion that nominally democratic, Atlanticist institutions could resort to similar dark arts in order to defend an unpopular open borders Chancellor of Germany from electoral revolt is too far fetched for most to comprehend. Just as we see an attempted CIA-led soft coup against President-elect Trump to block his policy of detente with Russia, in Germany the Atlanticist Deep State is looking to reelect Chancellor Angela Merkel by hook or crook, notwithstanding its own crises of competence and honesty in a country that since WWII has usually expected both in its leadership.

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2017 View From The Wolf’s Den

In addition, I suspect that 2017 will usher in a precious metals pricing failure.  It will gradually become a front and center news piece by mid summer, as the real, on the ground leaders cause the sheeple to question what they were being told via the media outlets.  In the descriptions surrounding the chart for the second link in the above “News” segment, I mentioned the pricing of metals will break down.  It is WG’s opinion that by mid 2017, the paper pricing metrics will be virtually irrelevant as premiums and/or the full cost to obtain true physical possession of GSBC’s will be many many multiples of the listed spot price.  The “western” spot price may become an afterthought.  Thus, the true pricing may now hit the small quantity buyers over the head with a sledge hammer.  The average Joe & Jane Sixpack.  Egos to be chewed up and spit out as they will be late to the “outside the box lower GSBC’s pricing party.”   The ego beat-down issue will be everywhere as control is lost.  EVERYWHERE!

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Assange Tells FNC’s Hannity: It Was NOT the Russians; Lionel: MSM Are #FakeNews Pushing Conspiracy Theories for Me But Not For Thee Losers!

On New Year’s Eve the president elect of the United States Donald J. Trump, with a mischievous gleam in his eye, told the press assembled for the party at his Mar a Lago resort in Florida that Trump had knowledge others did not about the ‘hacks’ of the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta‘s emails, which would become apparent by Tuesday or Wednesday. Trump, who is a master of ‘playing’ his adversaries in the press to their own hair pulling consternation, notably did not say that he would be the source of the new revelations that would threaten the ‘Russians hacked the election’ Narrative lame duck Obama, his CIA and the legacy media have done so much to push in these last few weeks.

With even some reporters in the neocon press face-palming due to The Washington Post‘s quasi-retraction of its #fakenews story run over New Year’s weekend that ‘Russians’ hacked the Vermont power grid, the timing is right for some major league pushback against an increasingly shoddy if not completely bogus, Democrat Party/Social Justice Cold Warrior (SJCW) approved conspiracy theory that OMG PUTIN HACKED THE ELECTION! Remember the Russia Analyst’s rule concerning ‘ex’ spooks like John R. Schindler, who insist Julian Assange is a GRU asset but who never bother to present any evidence of such, despite Assange being the most surveilled non head of state human on the planet in the GCHQ bugged fishbowl that is the Ecuadorian Embassy in London: it’s conspiracy theory for me, but not for thee alt-media peasant, and it’s NEVER a conspiracy theory so long as you insist the Rooskies are involved!

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The number one news story of 2017 will be the public call for ending the dollar as the global reserve currency

For the past eight years, the idea that the world is going through a paradigm shift… a frequency change if you will, has been simmering in the background of economic, political, and geo-political events.  And if there was a beginning point for it all, it would have to be the global financial crisis that shocked the world in 2008.

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Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s New Year Address 2017

“Dear friends,

“We are excitedly awaiting the sound of the chimes of the Moscow Kremlin, and we feel the march of time and the approaching future more clearly than ever before. We experience this only during these moments, during this wonderful and beloved holiday.”

“Meanwhile, New Year has its own secrets. For instance, each of us may become something of a magician on the night of the New Year.” [JWS emphasis on the word ‘magician’ added]

“To do this, we simply need to treat our parents with love and gratitude, take care of our children and families, respect our colleagues at work, nurture our friendships, defend truth and justice, be merciful and help those who are in need of support. This is the whole secret…”

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Langley/Bezos Post Beclowns Itself One More Time in 2016, with ‘Russians’ Hacking a Vermont Electrical Utility #FakeNews

While President elect Donald J. Trump continued to troll the legacy media and his detractors on Friday, the Jeff Bezos billionaire owned-Washington Post aka Pravda on the Potomac aka the CIA’s favorite stenographers of all time published another piece of #FakeNews.

This time, the major ‘scoop’ was embraced by the Governor of Vermont Peter Shumlin and the Green Mountain State’s ranking Sen. Patrick Leahy, both Democrats, as further proof of the dastardly Rooskies that have President literally Hitler Drumpf in their hip pocket. The only problem? Just about every aspect of the story turned out to be false, from the notion that the malicious code found on a laptop belonging to Burlington Electric belonged to Russian state sponsored hackers as opposed to off the shelf ‘script kiddie‘ malware, to the laptop itself having ever been connected to the electrical grid.

S novom godom Jeff Bezos and The Washington (Com)Post. Here’s to many more Cold War 2.0 pushing fake news fails in 2017! – JWS

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С новым годом from Vlad — Russian President Refuses to Retaliate for Expulsion of 35 Diplomats, Prepares for Improved Relations with PEOTUS Trump, Wishes Americans a Happy New Year

Something amazing just happened to close a ‘frequency shifting’ 2016 on a hopeful note. Perhaps mindful that since Machiavelli’s time if not the birth of Christ human beings have been impressed more by magnanimity and mercy than vengeance, more cheered by hope than fear, and in the spirit of the most beloved Russian holiday which represents families gathering together and new beginnings on January 1st, Vladimir Putin announced his government will not retaliate for the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S.

Instead, Putin released a note looking ahead to cooperation with a President Donald J. Trump, as well as inviting the children of accredited diplomats including Americans to the Kremlin as his guests for a New Year’s concert. Putin’s announcement tossed in the trash the ‘fake news’ C(IA/Clinton)N(ews)N(etwork) reported that the Russian government was going to close the Anglo-American School of Moscow, which serves the diplomatic community’s children representing over 60 countries in the Russian capital. As president elect Trump tweeted, well played Vlad, well played.

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Obama White House Announces Expulsion of 35 Russian Diplomats, Closure of ‘Spy Center’ House That’s Been Russians Dacha Outside Washington D.C. Since 1972

The Russia Analyst doesn’t have much to add to this farcical story about the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomatic personnel (whether official cover spies or not) from the U.S., or the expected persona non grata‘ing of 35 Americans from the Russian Federation this weekend. Other than sending our U.S. passport to the Embassy via FedEx, we’ve had no interactions with anyone at 2650 Wisconsin Avenue, NW in the over a decade we’ve been visiting Russia.

Nonetheless, we do want to say the following: we think President Donald J. Trump’s low key response, agreeing to see any actual classified evidence in a briefing next week while calling on the U.S. to move on from (re-litigating and trying to cast doubt on the legitimacy of) the election, is the right one. With barely three weeks left to engage in what others agree with us is a preemptive soft coup against Trump’s promised foreign policy before he takes office, we expect Russian retaliation to be limited to tit for tat expulsions and complaining. Going beyond that, into actively sanctioning Langley employees and naming CIA agents involved in either the overthrow of the legitimate Ukrainian government in February 2014, or more nefarious operations involving those American-made TOW missiles that ‘accidentally’ wound up in ISIS hands may only deepen the chill of Cold War 2.0. Which is precisely what Obama’s handlers apparently wanted from these eleventh hour executive orders…

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Battle of Syraq Year End Addendum: Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins Approves of Whiney Essay Blaming Syrian Girl, Alex Jones, and the #AltRight for Regime Change Fail in Syria

If you want a summation of globalist ‘Arab Spring’ promoting, takfiri-supporting Trotskyite #BlamePutin and the AltRight for President Donald J. Trump butthurt Narrative in one long rant, read this whole article from PulseMedia. However, we must say as a disclaimer, it’s ten to fifteen minutes of your life you’ll never get back after the laughter kicks in.

Note to globalists: don’t blame Mimi al-Laham/Miriam Susli or Alex Jones, but yourselves — nobody made you rely on incompetents like Eliot Higgins aka Brown Moses/Mr. Bellingcat or some British guy named Dan Kaszeta nobody had ever heard of before to prove your case for U.S. military action in Syria (or why the sarin gas used at East Ghouta in August 2013 couldn’t possibly have come from poor old Gaddafi’s stash or secret chemical warfare labs in Saudi Arabia). Oh and Eliot, we’re still waiting for the world to see those U.S. satellite photos of the ‘Russian BUK that shot down MH17’ Secretary of State John Kerry and the Dutch Joint Investigate Team (JIT) supposedly saw, before hell freezes over… – JWS

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Battle of Syraq, 2016 Year End SITREP (11): After Turkish Army Bloodied by ISIS at al-Bab, Erdogan Accuses Washington of Supporting Islamic State

The year opened with Russia and Turkey as enemies, exchanging economic blows and locked in proxy warfare across Syria in the aftermath of Turkey’s treacherous shoot down of a Russian SU-24 bomber in November 2015. 2016 closes with Turkish president turned despotic strongman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accusing Washington and its allies of supporting not only the Kurdish militants of the PKK but also the Islamic State terrorists, plus rumors of Russian air strikes in support of Turkey’s troops struggling to make gains against Daesh at al-Bab.

As the Russia Analyst predicted as far back as August 7, 2015, the Obama Administration would eventually try to make Erdogan the fall guy for the spectacular rise of ISIS, only to have the Sultan blame Washington in reply. We also predicted along with the rest of team RogueMoney and some friends of RM such as Dr. Jim Willie and Joseph P. Farrell, that Turkey would pivot East — as the alternative would be winding up ‘on the menu’ with its own territorial integrity in question due to the Kurdish issue. We just did not envision it occurring in this way, with the Russian-Turkish-Iranian troika talking about a nationwide ceasefire across Syria in 2017, and the U.S. State Department and EUnuchs pointedly NOT invited to the peace table…

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World Famous Alexandrov Ensemble, Humanitarians, Russian Journalists and Commanders Killed in Tu-154 Black Sea Crash

Early on Christmas Day as the nocturnal Russia Analyst prepared for bed, we read the God-awful news: a Russian military Tupolev 154 airliner had crashed off the Black Sea coast of Sochi, in southern Russia. The #Tu154 had 92 souls on board, 84 passengers and eight crew.

As of Monday, December 26, Russian government sources are seeking to damper speculation that a bomb on board may have brought down the jet. But questions linger as to how a single or even catastrophic engine failure or explosion could’ve brought the aircraft down so quickly, without an apparent distress call. Or how a highly experienced crew which included a pilot who had safely landed after a potentially disastrous Tu-154 somersault on approach a few years ago could’ve committed a fatal error. Coming as it does just days after a Russian ambassador was assassinated in front of an APTN cameraman in Ankara, Turkey, the question of whether this was a dirty deep state enemy action looms in the minds of individuals like my friend, The Saker.

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The Mission of the Magi

The tale of Three Wise Men has been told and re-told during the Christmas season for hundreds of years. Perhaps it gives people a warm and fuzzy feeling to think that some influential group of men felt moved to pay homage to that one special baby who would grow up to change the world. Would it surprise you to know that, contrary to the traditional dramatization, the Three Magi were just intel agents of our old nemesis, that Babylonian Bankster Priesthood, off on a mission to squash any Messianic dissent from the established narrative?

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Putin Mocks Democrats, Exchanges Holiday Greetings and Hopes for Successful Negotiations in 2017 with President-elect Trump

It’s that time of year, in which Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin holds a marathon hours-long press conference taking questions from both prominent global media outlets and obscure newspapers in the Urals. During the press conference, Putin took a parting shot at Hillary Clinton and the Democrats who accused him of personally ordering the hacking of the U.S. election through the release of emails from the DNC and John Podesta’s easily phished by some guy in Kiev Gmail account.

In a sign that perhaps Putin’s speechwriters listen to RogueMoney guest and LaRouchePAC board member Harley Schlanger, the Russian President said “losers always look for someone to blame, but they should first of all look at themselves.” Putin sarcastically asked whether Russian hackers could be blamed for the Dems losing seats in the U.S. Senate, and stated that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt would be embarrassed by today’s Democratic Party (which incidentally, after Hillary’s humiliating defeat is at its weakest in terms of legislatures and governorships since before FDR took office in 1932). Putin also described the Dems use of ‘administrative resources’ (read: politicizing the CIA to push ‘the Rooskies aided Trump’ talking points from anonymous Clintonistas at Langley) as ‘absolutely shameless’.

Before sitting down for over three hours to answer questions from across Russia’s nine time zones as well as international journalists (one of whom wore a traditional Kurdish head dress), Putin composed an old school holiday telegram to his partner in great power negotiations, President elect Donald J. Trump…

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Bradley C. Birkenfeld is the most significant financial whistleblower in history and the author of Lucifer’s Banker: The Untold Story of How I Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy, (November 2016). As an international private banker he exposed how UBS, the world’s largest bank, helped ultra-wealthy Americans commit billions in tax fraud. His bombshell revelations cracked the impenetrable fortress of Swiss banks, proving that offshore financial institutions systematically aided clients’ tax evasion, corruption and terrorist activities. His case triggered monumental changes in banking laws, the federal tax code and international tax treaties.

In 2005, despite a thriving career spanning Credit Suisse, Barclays Bank and UBS, Birkenfeld could no longer keep silent about bank-enabled tax fraud. When UBS rejected his concerns, he turned to the U.S. authorities. Though jailed for 30 months, he was soon vindicated with a record-breaking IRS reward: his work had enabled the U.S. Treasury to recover $15 billion in back taxes, fines and penalties. The case set off a domino effect of international investigations into offshore banking’s secret crimes, including the Panama Papers and much more. Now retired, Birkenfeld is a philanthropist and supports whistleblowing efforts worldwide…(author bio/book page)

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Peace on Earth: Thank Baby Jesus and Mother Russia the Washington/GCC Backed Jihadists Lost Their War on Christmas in Aleppo

Thanks to Russian and Iranian (including Lebanese Shi’a Hezbollah, who have established a Christian auxiliary in recent years!) support for the Syrian Arab Army, for the first time in four years, Aleppo residents both Christian and Muslim can celebrate the birth of Christ without fear of being shelled by jihadist ‘rebel hell cannons’.

It’s my hope and prayer that with the transition coming on January 20, 2017, the previously hijacked and now ridiculous U.S. State Department will finally stand with the persecuted Christians of Syria — not with their so-called ‘moderate’ takfiri tormentors and killers.

What an incredible time to be alive. Thank you RogueMoney readers around the world for all your readership, comments, support and prayers for us. – JWS

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Bellingcat Produces ‘Report’ on Russian Artillery/Rocket Strikes on Ukrainian Army in 2014, But Like the MSM Refuses to Investigate Kiev’s Thousands of Hidden KIA

Soviet dictator Josef Stalin allegedly said, “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic”. Had Stalin lived to see the strange proxy war played out in Ukraine between Washington and Moscow since 2014, he’d probably say an addendum, which is that several Russian servicemen’s disavowed combat deaths in the Donbass are big news. Whereas the thousands of ‘missing’ (actually dead) Ukrainian soldiers and volunteer battalion members are irrelevant to advancing the US/NATO Narrative, and therefore remain (hidden) statistics…which the media outlets promoting Bellingcat’s latest ‘report’ on Russian rocket and artillery fire at Ukrainian Army units back in 2014 have refused to properly investigate. But as we enter 2017, the great Ukrainian combat deaths cover up is about to catch up with the mainstream media and the U.S.-propped up regime in Kiev, because the incoming Trump Administration is not going to be inclined to do the likes of Sens. McCain and Graham the favor of sustaining the cover up inherited from the Obama Administration…

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Cold Turkey: How War on the Rocks’ Contributors Clint Watts and Andrew Weisburd Lied By Omission About the Incirlik Power Cutoff (But Trust Them, Russia Hacked the Election for Trump)

Back in mid-July after the failed putsch against Turkish president turned dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Team RogueMoney and other alt-media gave extensive coverage to what was going on at the Incirlik Air Base, where many of the alleged coup plotters in Turkey’s military served alongside U.S. counterparts before being arrested for treason. One of the oddities we noticed at the time was how some military oriented media such as Stars and Stripes were forced into covering the cutoff of electricity to the base, a key installation for the hosting of American B61 tactical nuclear bombs in Europe, due to the legitimate concerns of family and friends about the U.S. servicemen sweating in the summer heat without air conditioning at the facility.

However, to read articles published by Clinton Watts or Andrew Weisburd written for War on the Rocks (WoTR) and The Daily Beast, you’d think any doubts expressed on Facebook or Twitter about the security of Incirlik, its large tactical nuclear arsenal and the American servicemen and women there were all fabricated by sophisticated Russian propaganda trolls. In the aftermath of a Turkish policeman’s assassination of a Russian Ambassador raising the question of Islamist if not ISIS infiltration of Turkey’s security forces, and the prospect of the next attack (one that won’t be sickeningly welcomed by a columnist for the NY Daily News) being against a U.S. diplomat or facility like Incirlik, Watts’ and Weisburd’s poo-pooing of last July’s power cutoff merits another look. So too, does the faux Atlanticist, globalist agenda the two men are pushing — which comes perilously close to advocating a fulltime, U.S. government run propaganda machine to attack the alt-media in real time for allegedly repeating Russian government-produced agitprop.

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If…If’s & But’s Were Candy & Nuts We Would All Have A…?

Maybe a new saying should be put into place, as we should just forget “no pain no gain,” and rewrite the cliche, ”no pain just gain” for the new US mantra.   After all, making America great again couldn’t involve it having already gone dramatically backwards.  Naw, no way, and to really cloud the picture, wait till you see the 3rd world discussion below in the “Final Thoughts” segment.

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Ukrainian Army’s Failed Offensive Near Debaltseve Leaves At Least 5 UAF KIA, 26 WIA as Donbass Forces Counterattack

The Ukrainian Army has launched a series of probing attacks near the Donbass forces-held town of Debaltseve (also spelled in English, Debaltsevo), a key road junction between the breakaway republics capitals of Donetsk and Lugansk. The Russia Analyst would consider the latest Ukrainian armed forces (UAF) attack more of a reconnaissance by fire than a ‘massive offensive’ that other alt-media are claiming.

Nonetheless, the question of why the UAF decided to launch more attacks on the same day a Russian Ambassador was assassinated in Turkey — to the delight of Kiev’s gutter press and Twitter trolls — is a fair one. Is someone or some group pushing escalation on all fronts against Russia and its proxies from eastern Ukraine all the way to Syria? And if so, what can the dirty deep state dead enders hope to accomplish in terms of mayhem and placing further roadblocks in the way of U.S.-Russia detente before January 20, 2017?

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Russian Ambassador to Turkey Murdered on Camera by Turkish ‘Ex’ Cop, Putin Ally Suspects NATO Security Service Connection to Assassination

This is an open thread to discuss the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov on Monday December 19 by a reported (ex?) Turkish police officer, Mevlut Mert Altintas, in Ankara.

The Russia Analyst was saddened but not surprised by the news that the infamous Turkish Deep State and its not so hidden backers, humiliated by the defeat of their jihadi proxies in Aleppo, would create a provocation to sabotage the negotiations between the Kremlin and the turd in the hummus bowl, aka Anatolian dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. However, we were expecting an incident similar to the shoot down of the SU-24 bomber by allegedly rogue, Gulenist-inspired elements of the Turkish military last November, not the assassination of a Russian chief of diplomatic mission on camera. The brazenness of the attack and the killer’s rant about Aleppo as well as making the single finger salute of ISIS and other assorted jihadist terrorists in Syria before he was (conveniently) shot dead by police have already fueled speculation in Moscow as to who or what forces are ultimately behind the perp…

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Electoral College Putsch Fails Miserably, More Electors Go Rogue Against Hillary than vs. DJT

As the Russia Analyst, V and the team of contributors predicted here at RogueMoney, the push by Big Hollywood B and C list actors, George Soros (G)NGOs and the Democrats’ presstitute propaganda machine failed miserably. These once mighty and now collapsing legacy media forces could not persuade all but a tiny majority of Electoral College delegates to change their vote. In the end on December 19th only two Republican delegates from Texas, one of them (Chris Suprun) an accused 9/11 stolen valor case and general sleazebag, followed through on threats not to back Trump.

On the Democratic side, the efforts by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine Pelosi to make electors switch their votes or demand an intelligence briefing on Russia’s alleged hacking of the election before following through backfired. In yet another sign of just how many millions of Democrats couldn’t stand the entitled ‘it’s my turn’ Hillary, four Washington State delegates wrote in Colin Powell and Faith Spotted Eagle of the Yankton Sioux Nation. One Dem delegate from Hawaii backed Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist that Hillary blames Russian hackers and Wikileaks for exposing how she cheated out of the Democratic nomination. Another Democrat from Maine tried to back Bernie only to be told he could not do so by law in his state.

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While the U.S. wastes time blaming Russia for hacking, Moscow looks to pluck Japan away from the West

It has not been a very good year for the U.S. establishment, which saw their power take a severe blow with the election of Donald Trump as the next President.  And when you couple this with the failures of the shadow government’s gambit in Syria, perhaps it is not surprising that the once great nation known as America is little more than a paper tiger who is now relegated to blaming scapegoats for just about every one of their failures.

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Peter Schiff on RogueMoney Radio 12/09/2016

On December 9, 2016 V the Guerrilla Economist interviewed author, financial commentator and CEO of EuroPacific Capital Inc. and Schiff Gold, Peter Schiff, to discuss solutions for investors and ordinary savers in the coming global fiat crash. Within the first ten minutes of the show, Mr. Schiff discusses the ease of transacting via Mastercard debit and international transfers using one of those solutions, – JWS

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Team Rogue Money Radio with Producer CJ, Deb “Bankster Slayer” Caruthers and Ken Schortgen Jr.

RogueMoney radio is joined by Team RM’s Ken @FinanceExaminer Schortgen Jr., Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers and Producer CJ for an hour discussing the massive November Treasury bond dump, China’s accelerating yuan-ization, the weakening euro and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). Deb Caruthers discusses Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan and the prospect of a permanent peace treaty formally ending WWII between Moscow and Tokyo with economic development deals for the Kuriles/Sakhalin Islands.

The Guerrilla discusses the collapse of no toilet paper ‘Bolivarian socialism’ in Caracas, Venezuela, as well as pining for the Hawaii golf courses lame duck Barry Obama’s pathetic declaration of cyber war with Russia in retaliation for alleged hacking of the Democrats. Deb Caruthers also addresses potential secession for the people’s republic of northern Mexico formerly known as California, and its huge mild climate camping homeless population.

If you could take away one idea from this show, it’s use the strong dollar to travel in Europe, Latin America and Asia or to buy what you want and need while you can, before monetary hypoxia kicks in! — JWS

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Trump Mocks MSM and Gamma Male Ex-CIA Troll Evan (Egg McMuffin) McMullin

Before anyone gets too excited about the snowball’s chance in hell of a successful electoral college putsch against Donald John Trump on Monday, it’s worth looking back at other #FakeNews courtesy of the dying legacy media. Such as…independent (neo)conservative candidate’ Evan McMullin was TIED with Trump in the Beehive State of Utah. Does anyone remember that anymore, or did it get buried under all those ‘Trump has no chance/Hillary is unbeatable’ pronouncements on CNN and (P)MSNBC?

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Seven Days in December: Obama and MSM’s Failing CIA Soft Coup Against Trump

On Monday, December 19 U.S. electoral college electors will convene at their respective state capitols across the country to cast their votes for president. There is almost zero evidence, despite massive and overwhelmingly favorable legacy media coverage of those electors demanding a briefing from the CIA on alleged Russian hacking support for Trump, that 37 Republicans of the 306 electoral votes pledged to the Trump-Pence ticket will abstain or support someone else, sending the contest to the GOP-led U.S. House of Representatives. In theory, if the election were sent to the U.S. House, GOP Representatives could support someone besides Mr. Trump — but they probably couldn’t do it without facing the justified wrath of the voters who sent them to Washington.

So the question remains what’s the game afoot here? Mr. Trump’s spokesmen and women such as Kellyanne Conway have already provided the answer: to de-legitimize president elect Trump as ‘Putin’s puppet’. Yet Hillary Clinton already made that argument and lost in humiliating fashion.

What Trump’s official spokesmen won’t say on the cable networks is what his unofficial ally Roger J. Stone will tell Infowars listeners: part of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have decided they can dictate policy to the president elect…if not to what Hillary Clinton called the ‘deplorables’ who put him into office. But the spooks who think they can override team Trump and through their super hawk buddies in Congress, block any significant shift in American foreign policy from the dead end of the last three administrations had better remember this: the U.S. is not Ukraine, whose weak government they easily overthrew in February 2014. Unlike the Berkut riot police whose commanders were suborned through bribery with the remainder swept away by violent activists spearheading a larger protest movement, the USA’s got plenty of people in and outside of government ready to fight back against a coup…

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Lame Ducks Sabotaging Detente: Obama and the CIA Trying to Screw Up Washington, U.S.-Russia Relations As Much as Possible Before Trump Takes Office

Twas the Wednesday before the electoral college convened on December 19th, and all through the White House, not a creature was stirring, except for the click of a mouse. Still stinging from the humiliation of his former Secretary of State and legacy being rejected by an electoral majority on November 8th, Barack Hussein Obama decided the least he and his CIA handlers could do is try to screw up Donald Trump’s promised detente with Russia. Whether they will succeed in this effort, or like so many things Obama’s anti-Midas touch has applied to, it’ll turn to crap is the question on the mind of the Russia Analyst.

While the legacy media express howls of outrage that the president elect of the United States would dare express open skepticism if not contempt for Langley’s assessment that the Russian Federation hacked the election in favor of Trump, it’s fair to ask what would happen if The Donald accepted the unnamed CIA analysts’ assessment. What president elect in his right mind would accept the argument that he was only taking office due to the intervention of a foreign power, particularly when the impact of the alleged rather than conclusively proven hacking by this foreign government is admitted by Trump’s fiercest critics like former CIA agent Evan McMullin to be un-quantifiable?

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The Russia Analyst is On Gab — Find Us and Subscribe!

NEW YORK (RM) — The Russia Analyst is on Gab — a 300 character per post, free speech microblogging platform that’s gaining thousands of users every day, as people get fed up with the Social Justice (Cold) Warrior and Democrat/Legacy Media/Big Silicon Valley driven #FakeNews censorship at Twitter. If you’re on Twitter and wish to sign up for the Gab wait list, just go to @JoinGab

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Announcement — RogueMoney Radio with V and CJ Five Days a Week Mon-Fri 8 a.m. EST

NEW YORK (RM) — After a few years of V the Guerrilla Economist doing the weekly radio show at 8 p.m. Eastern time Friday nights, longtime RogueMoney listeners and readers may notice that Team RM is now offering a plethora of audio podcast/YouTube and text content from our contributors.

Mornings with V — aka The AMs with V and CJ — is now a weekdaily webcast Mondays through Fridays 8 a.m. EST. Ken Schortgen Jr. and Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers also have their own YouTube channels, with Ken’s Daily Economist show posting once or twice a week. Check the RM main page with the RM TV ‘Live‘ link at the top of our site for interviews with newsmakers and financial survival/geopolitical analysis interviewees such as Syria Girl (@PartisanGirl) Mimi al-Laham and Peter Schiff.

If you like what we’re doing, show your love and support for us by subscribing to these YouTube channels, following us @TheRogueMoney @FinanceExaminer @BanksterSlayer @ProducerCJ1 on Twitter (and soon, the James Winston Smith the Russia Analyst on Gab — watch this space), as well as liking us on Facebook. Please also consider purchasing the Rogue Report “2017 The Year Ahead” available at the ‘RogueReport’ link – for $24.99. As V hinted on Tuesday’s podcast, Team RM is also planning on offering soon some special ‘swag’ items as a way of showing your support for us and spreading the word. — JWS

For Questions/Media & Interview Booking Inquiries Contact:

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The Guerrilla and CJ Producer on CIA Clintonistas and the Desperate Establishment vs. Trump

The Russia Analyst collates the latest legacy media BS about the Russians hacking the election to tilt it towards Trump — despite The Donald winning 62.8 million voters and 306 electoral votes — and #NeverTrump fanatics pushing an Electoral College coup. V and Producer CJ take it all apart in Monday December 12th’s Mornings With V. — JWS

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Videos on the Great ‘Russians Hacked the Election’ Hysteria of 2016: You Say Putin Controls Trump, Does the Kremlin Control the FBI Too?

Tinfoil hat for me #NeverTrump er and Clinton News Network hack, but not for thee pro-Trump peasant. Aided by anonymous CIA leaks that can’t be backed up on the record, the dying legacy media goes bonkers trying to undermine Trump and any U.S.-Russia detente without presenting any actual evidence to the American people. – JWS

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Battle of Syraq SITREP 10: SAA Victory in Aleppo, Debacle at Palmyra

The Empire — or its Saudi Arabia-n and Qatari foreign legion with some wink and nod help from the dirty deep state in ‘the (post)West’ — has struck back. After whining for weeks about the Syrian Arab Army grinding down Washington and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)’s special snowflake jihadists and vastly exaggerating the number of east Aleppans held hostage by the same, the lame duck Obama Administration has admitted the proxy battle for Aleppo is lost. Yet hundreds of kilometers to the south, in the desert oasis city of Palmyra, ISIS has struck back without a single documented U.S. led coalition air strike to check its advance. Just like when ISIL conquered the city in 2015, executing its archaeologist in residence while pillaging priceless civilizational heritage, and Obama didn’t permit a damned thing to be bombed near the Daeshbags.

Robert Ford, the terrorist empowering former American Ambassador to Syria, and neocon Daeshbag propaganda specialist Michael D. Weiss of The Daily Beast can scarcely contain their glee. Of course, since taking Palmyra seems to be easier than holding it in a valley surrounded by open deserts, the end result is likely to be hundreds of barbecued ISIS terrorists once the Russians, who had pulled out of the city two days before it fell, return with a couple of TOS-1 Buratino air bursting rocket flamethrowers.

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Trump to Nominate XOM CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State

Trump the honey badger has done it again. After turning down a host of neocon and failed presidential candidate retread Republicans like Rudy Guliani and Mitt Romney for the job of Secretary of State, The Donald is set to nominate probably one of the most internationally experienced executives in the U.S. for the role of America’s top diplomat.

Whatever else you can say about Mr. Tillerson as an embodiment of ‘Big Oil’, he knows more about what’s going on economically within countries as diverse as Nigeria, Angola or Russia than just about everyone at the U.S. State Department. Tillerson as Secretary of State would also represent what Team RogueMoney member @BanksterSlayer calls the ‘new management team’ which sees the New Silk Road/One Belt One Road across Eurasia as a job and wealth creation opportunity for Americans, not a horror to be sabotaged at any cost.

Considering that, after signing a 2012 megadeal for joint Arctic exploration and asset swaps with state-owned OAO Rosneft, Mr. Tillerson received the Order of Friendship from Vladimir Putin, Trump’s message to the Washington Establishment is unmistakeable: there will be U.S.-Russia detente. Deal with it!

(Photo above is taken from a 2012 post at showing Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin, Putin and Tillerson on the right)

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The Guerrilla Interviews Mimi al Laham aka Syrian Girl (@PartisanGirl)

V the Guerrilla Economist interviews Mimi al Laham aka Syrian Girl from Australia on her views of the proxy war that has ravaged her homeland over the last six years. Al-Laham is a Muslim who defends a secular, multiconfessional Syrian state, whose family was persecuted by the father of the current President Bashir al-Assad, Hafez al-Assad.

For the last few years through her Twitter feed and Youtube channel, Syrian Girl has exposed the U.S/UK government funded propaganda supporting Washington’s Saudi/Qatari backed jihadist takfiris posing as moderate rebels fighting Assad. She also worked with MIT professor/arms control expert Dr. Ted Postol to expose the August 2013 East Ghouta sarin attack as a false flag operation blamed on the Syrian Arab Army. Mimi has appeared on numerous media platforms including Infowars, Russia Today and Iran’s Press TV. – JWS

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Despite the dollar on the precipice of 14 year highs, China still chugging away in attracting nations to the Yuan

Thanks to Mario Draghi’s big yawn announcement earlier this week where he jawboned that little would change with the European Central Bank’s monetary policy now, and in 2017, the dollar rebounded from its recent decline below 100 to soar back to just below 102 on the index.  And with this level the dollar remains above its 13 year highs achieved days after Donald Trump was elected President, and hovers just below a 14 year high point in overall strength against major currencies.

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On Seeking Forgiveness and Reconciliation — Wesley Clark Jr. and the Lakota Nation

Although is an economics focused site, what sets us apart from many other sites in this field is that we don’t lose sight of the spiritual dimensions to geoeconomic conflicts. One of the things that will be necessary to build a new world from the ashes of the failing fiat-fueled bonfire is forgiveness, followed by reconciliation.

One example of that occurred this past week, when a group of Army veterans, including four year veteran Wesley Clark Junior, joined weeks-long protests that helped to convince the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to deny an easement for part of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Clark Jr., who has worked as a screenwriter in Los Angeles, spoke on camera, asking the Lakota Nation for forgiveness on behalf of the U.S. Army, which historically forced the tribe onto their present Standing Rock reservation straddling the North-South Dakota state line.

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Vox Day/Stefan Molyneux and the Guerrilla’s Thoughts on Free Markets, Timing and Success in Content Entrepreneurship

Thoughts from V the Guerrilla Economist on the collapse of old media and the rise of alt/new media, including the milestone that 3 million viewing minutes have been spent on RM’s YouTube channels in the last 28 days. Related thoughts to Vox Day and Stefan Molyneux’s presentation on alt-tech sites such as Gab (which has a backlog of nearly a million people waiting in a virtual line to join) challenging the censorship of Twitter can be found here and here.

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‘There Are Troops Jack’ (Murphy) — US Servicemen Reportedly Filmed in ‘ATO’ Combat Zone of E Ukraine/Donbass

During the Cold War 2.0 standoff between Russia and the U.S. in Ukraine, NATO and Washington insisted on the following Narrative: the Russians have sent combat troops to support their proxies in the Donbass, and lied about it when some of them came home in coffins. But no NATO army, much less the Americans, has sent troops or even recently discharged from active duty veterans or private military contractors (PMCs) aka mercenaries to fight alongside the Ukrainian Army. It’s assumed that no NATO combatants have bled or died alongside Kiev’s soldiers, or even been placed in harms’ way within range of enemy artillery fire.

However, longtime Vineyard of the Saker editor and contributor ‘Scott’, who tweets at @ScottsHumor, tweeted out a video this week purporting to show American soldiers training their Ukrainian counterparts in the so-called ‘ATO’ zone of the Donbass, much closer to the front lines than the Pentagon has ever shown or admitted. If the footage can be independently authenticated, it would

A) prove that the U.S. Dept. of Defense and NATO have been lying about the extent of their involvement in the 2 1/2 year old Donbass War

B) potentially represent another escalation designed to provoke the Russians ahead of President elect Donald Trump being able to implement his campaign promise of detente with Moscow.

The latter point is what most interests the Russia Analyst, seeking answers to the question of ‘why are we seeing this now?’

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As the System Crumbles, It’s Church Pews are Still Filled with Parishioners

But meanwhile, those who worship the paper markets within the paper pews, those very markets that actually don’t exist anymore, are about to tell me, “But WG, we had equities rising in Europe and in the US.  All right after the anti-establishment vote from Italy, and to top that off WG, oil skyrocketed in the face of announced production increases to boot, so you are the one that doesn’t have a clue, WG!”  And as you put your ear muffs on, I will say once again, “The paper markets are fraudulent, so their paper indicators are meaningless except to those still assembling in the pews of paper system worship.  Singing the praises of their quarterly statements.

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Sue the Bastards: @PropOrNot Promoters at WaPost Are Facing Potential Litigation for Libel from Naked Capitalism

Getcha popcorn ready alt-media — Yves Smith of and her team of contributors have had enough, and have sent The Washington (Jeff Bezos) Post a retract or face litigation letter. At issue is the (Com)Post’s Thanksgiving weekend special story on @PropOrNot, an ‘organization’ which claims to have up to 40 anonymous members but which behaves like a gaggle of Ukro-trolls sponsored by MediaMatters (why all the hate for the supposedly ‘pro-Russian’ DrudgeReport otherwise?) on Twitter. And which naturally, has been endorsed by ex-Army special forces psyops warrior turned pro-Kiev regime scumbag troll Joel Harding

Fortunately, the idiots at the Post appear to be doubling down on the ‘defense’ against the malicious intent at the heart of proving libel. The Post‘s public statement claims that since their story actually didn’t name the 200 websites @PropOrNot smeared as ‘Russian propaganda’, they didn’t actually agree with PropOrNot’s so-called ‘List’, only report it. But we seriously doubt that ‘we’re not libelers with intent, just idiots with crappy anonymous sources’ argument is going to fly with a jury in the post-Hulk Hogan crushing Gawker era. Perhaps if Naked Capitalism crowdfunds their legal costs they’ll receive a nice large anonymous donation from Donald J. Trump supporter Peter Thiel?

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FPO’s Hofer Concedes in Austria

In a surprise the Freedom Party of Austria (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ) has conceded defeat in Sunday’s presidential elections in the Austrian Republic, after successfully petitioning the country’s judiciary to overturn the previous runoff vote of May 22 over serious voting irregularities.

While overshadowed by the defeat of Hillary Clinton-supporting Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in an EU-shaking national referendum, the Austria vote appears to — for now — retain a critical brick in the crumbling Atlantic[ist] Wall of EU sanctions against Russia. The same sanctions Hofer told RT on the eve of the vote must be ended. But the Austrian businesses particularly the agro-lobbies that have pushed Alexander Van Der Bellen‘s predecessor to ease the sanctions against Russia aren’t going away. [For background on the geopolitical and energy position of Austria as the ‘rational (read: non-NATO/Washington dominated) Germans’ from the Russians’ perspective, read these articles from April 2016, “Austrian Military Chief of Staff: No One Will Prevent Us From Cooperating With Russia, Austria’s President Says Anti-Russian Sanctions ‘Disastrous‘” and Sept. 2016, “Make Austro-Hungary Great Again“.]

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Turning the Nazi Tide: Forgotten Lessons from the Battle of Moscow 75 Years Later

75 years ago, soldiers of Hitler’s Wehrmacht were close enough to the Kremlin to see its church domes through their scopes. But the spearheads of a ‘Europe united against Bolshevism’, who had led the largest invasion in history numbering some 3.5 million men a few months before, would advance no further. Today an anti-tank barrier stands along the highway through the northwest side suburb of Khimki, marking the spot of the closest German approach to the Russian capitol.

Aided by the superb intelligence of deep cover agent Richard Sorge in Japan, the Soviets knew the Imperial Japanese would not attack in the Far East on behalf of their Axis allies. That enabled Stalin and his top commander Georgy Zhukov to transfer “15 infantry divisions, 3 cavalry divisions, 1,700 tanks, and 1,500 aircraft from the Far East to the European front in November 1941” and to turn the tables on a Wehrmacht that for two years had dominated Europe and known only victory.

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The fate of the Euro, the EU, and the Western banking system could change tomorrow

In just a few hours the Italian people will wake up and go out to vote on what could be a national referendum even greater than the Brexit vote taken back in June.  This is because the outcome of the vote, whether Yea or Nay, could very well determine the futures of not only Italy’s place in the European Union, but also the solvency of Euro currency and of many Western banks.

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Battle of Syraq SITREP 9: The Sultan Backs Down, Aleppo Jihadists Seeking Negotiated Surrender

Surprise! After blustering that Turkish armed forces entered Syria to topple ‘the tyrant Assad’, the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has backed off under pressure from Russia. As reports

“The aim of the Euphrates Shield Operation [in northern Syria] is not any country or person, but only terrorist organizations,”Erdogan said Thursday, as quoted by the Hurryiet Daily News.

“No one should doubt this issue that we have uttered over and over, and no one should comment on it in another fashion or try to derail it,” he added.

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Alt-Media Sites ‘Listed’ as Kremlin Agitprop by Faceless Ukro-Trolls of @PropOrNot Threaten to Sue for Libel

U.S. News and World Report says several news outlets and aggregators smeared as conduits for ‘Russian propaganda’ to reach at least 15 million Americans are preparing legal action against the people behind @PropOrNot. It isn’t clear from the US News article if these individuals are also weighing a libel lawsuit against the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI), the neoconservative-dominated, Cold War 2.0 promoting think tank based in Philadelphia and Washington that pushed @PropOrNot’s ‘methodology’ to Washington Post reporter Craig Timberg. Turning the tables when it comes to the use of anonymity, a private citizen who wishes to remain anonymous is offering a $10,000 reward, payable in bitcoin, for verified exposure of the identities behind @PropOrNot...

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Erdogan: Turkey Invaded Syria to ‘End’ Assad Government — Calling the Turkish Bluff

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President turned neo-Ottoman dictator of Turkey, is unmasking himself as an Islamist fanatic who cannot accept the crushing defeat of his proxies in Aleppo, by announcing ‘we entered [Syria] to end the rule of the tyrant Assad’. Or is he just bluffing with a weak hand, judging by Moscow, Damascus and Tehran’s calm reactions to the latest Turkish threats?

Nothing is quite as  it seems in Syria. Jihadists who vowed to fight to the bitter end in east Aleppo crumbled in the span of 48 hours this past weekend. ISIS, which fought tooth and nail to hold Palmyra against the Syrian Arab Army and Russian advisers, after melting away before the Turkish invasion into the Syrian border town of Jarablus, is suddenly fighting the Turkish Army again. The Daesh-bags allegedly captured two Turkish soldiers embedded with Ankara’s ‘moderate rebel’ allies. Or did they? Given the increasingly Islamist bent of the post July coup Turkish military, perhaps the Turkish infantrymen actually defected to Daesh?

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Battle of Syraq SITREP 8: SAA Victories in Aleppo-grad as Jihadist Lines and MSM Narratives Collapse

At long last, the end game for Aleppo if not the Syria war is in sight. After over five years of fighting and fourteen months of a Russian air campaign, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its Lebanese Hezbollah, Palestinian, Iraqi Shi’a militia and Iranian allies have achieved a decisive victory in Aleppo. For the Syrian government, victory in Aleppo’s bloody urban battle is their Stalingrad — and for the jihadists sponsors in Riyadh, Doha, Ankara as well as London, Paris and Washington — a stinging defeat.

Over the weekend jihadist lines collapsed in northern Aleppo, resulting in the loss of 40% of the territory the takfiris controlled in the eastern part of the city. With a Trump presidency eliminating hope of any Hillary Clinton imposed no fly zone and the failure of multiple counteroffensives intended to break the SAA’s siege, the ‘rebranded’ Al-Qaeda/Jabhat Fateh al-Sham-led coalition in the eastern part of city has been bled of fighters, ammo and above all, morale.

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The Washington Post Beclowns Itself with @PropOrNot ‘Russian Propaganda Sites’ Enemies ‘List’ (The Soros/Pinchuk/Clintons Connection)

So The Washington Post thoroughly embarrassed itself this weekend, with a ridiculous ‘scoop’ citing the neoconservative Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) think tank and some anonymous pro-Ukrainian government trolls claim that ‘Russian propaganda’ MAY have swung the election from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. And that Russian hackers, trolls and bots together with Kremlin funded media outlets like RT or Sputnik effectively acted as a ‘super PAC’ for the Trump campaign.

To the Russia Analyst’s surprise, the response has been so vociferous to this low rate 21st century McCarthyism that many of the ‘respectable’ Russophobes supported by the Establishment, such as Michael ‘Daeshbag’ Weiss of The Daily Beast and the Atlantic Council/Soros/foreign government funded British OSINT shyster Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat have quickly disavowed any connection to the shady @PropOrNot organization. So too, has Andrew Aaron Weisburd, a former semi-professional troll for the Internet Haganah website which harassed pro-Palestinian activists, despite @PropOrNot using his material.

But is there more to this story than meets the eye? Of course there is — and the Russia Analyst suggests investigative journalists who don’t like getting smeared by @PropOrNot focus on the nexus between increasingly desperate Kiev oligarchs, Soros/Media Matters for America, and possibly even Clinton cronies at the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).

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EU(SSR) Parliament Passes Resolution Against ‘Russian Propaganda’, @EUvsDisinfo Smears Radio Host @RealAlexJones as a Kremlin Mouthpiece

As the European Union (EU) continues to crack up with Brexit potentially being followed by the first steps toward Italexit and Austria-exit this winter, the European Parliament attacked what it called Russian propaganda this week in an emotionally debated resolution.

Like most activities of the chamber in Strasbourg, France, however the resolution which passed despite more abstentions and opposition than votes in favor, is meaningless — except to demonstrate to Moscow and the world that a significant bloc of MEPs, mostly hailing from the former Soviet bloc states bordering Russia, can shamelessly conflate ‘Russian propaganda’ against the EU with the beheadings, tortures and bloodthirsty calls to jihadist violence of the Islamic State (see the text for yourself here).

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Eight Trump Cards in 2017

Few magazine covers titillate the Alt-Media Webiverse more than The Economist’s supra-symbolic vision of the year ahead. The Rothschilds never fail to disappoint us. However, we must smirk at the fact that the 2016 cover failed to display even a hint of one Donald J. Trump, an omission that the magazine itself now admits. The editors have now made up for that omission, in spades, by presenting not just one “Trump” but EIGHT of them.

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YIELD…! Funeral Ahead…!

One thing is for sure, the biggest bubble in world history is starting to get “thin in the skin,” as in ready to pop.  Which bubble, you ask?  The western debt markets.   Putting that aside for the moment, the good news of late is that nationalism is on the rise in the USA with a Trump victory, but it ain’t the only thing on the rise.  “Yields” are as well folks.  It would appear a debt funeral is “dead” ahead, along with an associated paper wake.  

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President Elect Meets Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard at Trump Tower

Neocons like The Washington Post‘s Josh Rogin were furious on Monday when they found out that President-elect Donald J. Trump was hosting Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, an outspoken critic of U.S. meddling in Syria. After the meeting, Mrs. Gabbard, a Hawaii Army National Guard veteran, indicated her support for cooperating with the new Administration on issues where they can cooperate, such as opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP – aka the Toilet Paper Protocols) which Trump declared will be killed off by his executive order upon assuming office.

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Flashback: A KGB Officer’s Recollection of Nervous Wreck Lee Harvey Oswald at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City

It’s been 53 years since the bloody coup d’etat of November 22, 1963. Never forget. – JWS

On May 7, 2016 several weeks after the story broke with photographic evidence that Texas Senator Ted Cruz Cuban exile father Rafael Cruz participated in Lee Harvey Oswald’s CIA sponsored ‘Fair Play for Cuba Committee’ group in New Orleans, the Russia Analyst published a RM story, “Will Putin’s Promised Declassification of KGB Files With Some ‘Very Interesting Names’ Include Lee Harvey Oswald?“. 

In memory of President Kennedy and as a lesson regarding the dangers of the dirty Deep State teaming with corrupt politicians to eliminate a chief executive who crossed them too many times, we are presenting the recollections of KGB officer Nikolai Sergeyevich Leonov, regarding the nervous wreck Lee Harvey Oswald that he met at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, weeks prior to the supposed JFK assassin firing the fatal bullets from the Texas Schoolbook Depository.

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Bond markets and dollar strength screaming for a savior to usher in a currency reset

It is a fascinating thing where the propaganda media has achieved a two-fold deception on the American people over the course of the past 15 years.  The first deception involved the spinning of political beliefs and their being able to program whatever they desired in framing who were the good guys, and who were the bad in the annals of Washington.  And that was accomplished very well in 2008 and 2016 when they facilitated a black man with no experience or job record at all to move into the White House.

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Trump-san: Shinzo Abe Meets President Elect, Newly Named Natl Security Advisor Gen. Flynn at Trump Tower

For all the Establishment carping about how Donald Trump would be a human wrecking ball to Washington’s traditional alliances, he received a warm handshake from the Prime Minister of Japan on Thursday in his first meeting with a representative of the same.

Like the other defeated belligerent in World War II Germany has been the linchpin of the U.S. position in Europe, Japan has been the anchor of American dominance of the Pacific for over 70 years. But as V the Guerrilla Economist said back when we first started listening to him on Internet talk radio in 2012, “Watch Japan”. The 11/17/16 90 minute meeting between the President elect who stunned the world and the Prime Minister representing the central bankers’ monetary ‘Mischief Engine’ aka the Bank of Japan foretells tectonic shifts coming to global trade in 2017-18.

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Trump and (Elections Have) Consequences

Elections have consequences, at least that’s what we heard when President-elect Barack Hussein Obama said ‘I won’ after his victories in 2008 and 2012. But apparently for Trump loyalists to say the same thing to a #NeverTrump er who smeared them as incompetent loons for months should elicit pearl-clutching. After losing the online meme wars to a bunch of guys supposedly living in their mothers’ basements tweeting out frogs, after their candidates for the GOP nomination and their drugged/drunken war/glue horse of a Democratic nominee were all rejected, these people STILL don’t get it?

I’m referring of course, to Project for a New American Century (PNAC) (what’s a neocon?) Eliot A. Cohen’s piece in the billionaire/Kaplan SAT prep subsidized and rapidly declining Establishment mouthpiece known as The Washington Post. In which the Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies professor advised his conservative students not to take his prior advice to serve in a Trump Administration because — get this — special snowflake Cohen got his feels hurt in an email exchange. How very much like the safe space seeking campus social justice warriors these fake conservatives love to mock. As we warned U.S. Naval (Twitter) War College Prof. Tom Nichols, who eagerly re-tweeted Prof. Cohen’s rant about ‘Trumpkins’ informing he and his fellow neocons that they lost the election…when you mock the priorities of ordinary Americans, some of them mock your sacred cows (perpetual Cold War 2 against Russia if not hot war in Syria on behalf of ‘moderate jihadists’) right back.

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The Trumpening of Europe: Moldova and Bulgaria Vote for Detente with Russia

On Sunday candidates considered more friendly toward Russia defeated their Washington and Brussels promoted rivals in the Bulgarian and Moldovan elections. Both elections in the former Warsaw Pact/Soviet space represented stinging defeats to the forces behind Cold War 2.0 who are still reeling from the victory of President elect Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s congratulations to him earlier in the week (speaking of which, Trump and Putin had their first contact via phone call on Monday).

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Harley Schlanger LaRouche PAC Global Update

I think it is a clear statement about the present strategic conjuncture, and needs to get out as widely as possible.  Now is the time to pull together the anti-Wall Street majority in this nation, to get Glass Steagall implemented (before the globalists pull the plug on key institutions, provoking a banking collapse to “contain” Trump), and bring the U.S. into cooperation with the New Silk Road, rather than being the main threat to its success.

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Why Most of the U.S. Deep State Dumped Hillary: A Saker Interview with the Solari Report’s Catherine Austin Fitts

Back in May 2016 when Team RogueMoney’s @BanksterSlayer posted an article based on the musings of The Saker’s editor ‘Scott’ titled “Sunset Over NATO“, many of ‘Scott’s’ projections at that time regarding a ‘Yalta 2.0’ seemed far fetched to us, if not outlandish to the Establishment. Nonetheless, to see the teeth gnashing of the leading Atlanticists including NATO’s perma- representative to nominally neutral Sweden since the 1980s Carl Bildt this week, one would think Americans had just voted to send Vladimir Putin rather than Donald J. Trump to the White House on January 20, 2017.

So perhaps the rollback of the Atlanticist Pact that calls itself the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or more likely its younger crone sister the European Union, could happen in months. As Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report says, a significant portion of the U.S. ‘Deep State’ appears to have determined it’s time to save the homeland at the expense of unwinding the post-WWII Anglo-American Empire, after the defeat of the Deep State ‘dead enders’-backed Hillary Clinton, who wanted to save the Empire at the expense of the USA (up to and including risking thermonuclear strikes by Russia, which certainly would’ve put a damper on military industrial complex profits and cushy retirements).

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Earthquakes in One Place After Another…in the Same Day?

Christchurch, New Zealand was thrown out of their collective beds nearly on the stroke of midnight this morning by a 7.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami hitting the eastern coast. The depth of the tremor was quite shallow, only 10 km. But the dot that few have yet connected is that the globe has suddenly experienced at least FIVE major magnitude quakes at that SAME depth within days or only hours of each other.

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Ken Schortgen Jr., Debra Caruthers and @Evo_Consultants on What to Expect from a Trump Presidency

“The Professor” Ken Schortgen Jr. @FinanceExaminer talks the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) intervention in the markets on Election Day and what a Trump presidency means for the near economic future, in terms of infrastructure spending, repatriation of dollars held by U.S. corporations overseas, renegotiating globalist trade agreements and tax cuts stimulus.

In a separate segment, Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers and @Evo_Consultants talk on November 10th about the global economic paradigm shift. – JWS 

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Trump Wins (Трамп выиграл)!

As of 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time Wednesday, November 9, 2016 it appears Donald John Trump will be the next President of the United States. The Mexican billionaire oligarch-owned New York Times, which worked so hard to defeat The Donald, now acknowledges he will win the White House with over 300 electoral votes, with Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin capping a stunning run of victories turning the map Republican ‘red’ from Florida to North Carolina to Pennsylvania (with at least one electoral vote from Maine and New Hampshire close due to the Trumpening of New England).

Needless to say to regular RM readers, the Guerrilla’s forecast that Trump would win and win big has been vindicated — as has the reporting of this RogueMoney contributor that Hillary’s Syria warmongering and the Democrat-dominated mainstream media’s attempts to ‘link’ Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin would not appeal to the vast American ‘flyover country’ and previously silent U.S. majority. The American people have spoken in their tens of millions, and the Beltway foreign policy elites, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) crowd, the #NeverTrump cuckservatives, and the neocons and the regimes they prop up in Kiev and Riyadh stand humiliated before the world.

In response, as with the Brexit, the Guerrilla tweets that stock markets and currencies (particularly the Mexican peso) began to tank as soon as the news spread worldwide. – JWS

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Election Night Open Thread and RM Radio Coverage

This is an open thread to discuss Election Night results and voting shenanigans as they come in. The Guerrilla is planning a live audio cast tonight, so watch the RogueMoney YouTube channel link below and RM’s Twitter feed for updates.

UPDATE 11:45 PM Eastern Tuesday, November 8, 2016 You can listen to the discussion of a Trump victory between V, Producer CJ, Bankster Slayer, Ken Schortgen Jr. and W the Intelligence Insider below and at the video embedded on the main page above. – JWS

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Will @Crowdstrike #BlameRussia n Hackers If their Client @HillaryClinton Loses?

The headline screamed, “U.S. Govt Hackers Ready to Hit Back If Russia Tries to Disrupt Election”. The premise that the Russians might try to do such a thing despite the risks of severe retaliation in the cyber realm are seemingly accepted without question by NBC News, long identified by Sibel Edmonds and others as a ‘sock puppet’ for the Pentagon and CIA — most recently in NBC’s false (psyops) reporting that Turkish president turned dictator Recep Tayip Erdogan had fled Turkey and sought political asylum in Germany during the mid-July 2016 coup. But trust NBC News this time, everything they’re reporting about cyber weapons ready to go to turn off the lights in Moscow if the Rooskies even think about any funny business surrounding our American elections is on the up and up…

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Huma Abedin to Cut Immunity Deal with Manhattan Prosecutor

     Huma Abedin is Vice Chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. But as Roger J. Stone has said on more than one occasion, Huma is more, much more than that. Her background and career history is as complex and intriguing as the Middle East itself.

     How Abedin became the person closest to the most powerful woman in American politics and quite possibly the next President, Hillary Clinton, like the rest of the details of this sordid tale, reads like true-life pulp fiction.

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Can the Fall of Babylon Be Far Behind?

“Where are they LEARNING this stuff?” was the $64 trillion dollar question asked aloud by a journalist upon reading the Wikileaks emails that indicate that Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta may have engaged in Satanic rituals meant to mimic child sacrifice. And all of that followed Weiner revelations that Huma Abedin kept an “insurance” file on her computer with disgusting sexual images of Hillary Clinton in a lesbian encounter with an underage girl. Exactly how far will this go before the American public cries “ENOUGH!”

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A Russia Analyst Announcement

Dear TeamRogueMoney members, worldwide readers, fans, talk program producers, travelers, consultants and even haters — the Russia Analyst has a new public email address:

Do you have a comment you’d rather not leave on the public RM page? Did you have a question about Russia or Eurasia you’ve been meaning to ask a former expat who lived there but hadn’t found the time to send? Email us. We plan to gather some of the best questions after a period of time and put together, like our friend The Saker, a Q&A post here at RM. – JWS

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PolitRussia’s Ruslan Ostashko on America’s Russophrenia Outbreak As the MSM/Clinton Propaganda Machine Melts Down

Russophrenia — the belief that Russia is a weak, hopelessly backward country with an economy in tatters smaller than Italy’s, but is simultaneously on the brink of taking over the world (or at least defeating NATO and ‘the West’). (The Russia Analyst cannot claim to have invented the word, it comes from RT columnist and Irishman Bryan MacDonald, himself the victim of smears and harassment by the fanatical Russophrenics of the Interpreter Mag who now ‘work’ for RFE/RL at this and other American taxpayers’ expense).

To this definition the Russia Analyst can add an addendum, which is that Russian agents or at least ‘useful idiots’ are everywhere in the (post)West, especially in the FBI as it drops truth bomb after truth bomb from at least five investigations into the extended Clinton crime family, whose apologists have been accusing Bureau director James Comey and the Republicans of being either in cahoots with the Russians or at least playing into their hands…

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The Winds of Change are Howling & The Reckoning Approaches a Crescendo!

Key points were that the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution” will likely get dusted off (with a Trump victory that is) and restored;  the US will default on it’s debt leading to the largest redistribution of assets in world history; and the US will potentially be divided, at the right point in time, into various regions (been discussed in the past) or countries if you will.  That last point makes it the right time to revisit the Wolf Gray theory on “sovereignty.”  In this case, a “ghost sovereignty” for someone who farms out more than 50% of their debt.  Many other points were discussed but I only feel comfortable outlining the above issues. 

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Claims Comey Withholding Data on Russians and Trump, Provides No Evidence

Democrats and their allies in the dirty Deep State and mainstream media continue to flail against the implosion of the Clinton campaign and the associated globalist-directed crime syndicate.

As the Russia Analyst expected, in the face of overwhelming evidence of the Clintons’ pay to play schemes for foreign cash and felonious perjury to cover up their corruption, screaming ‘Russians!’ has become the preferred pop gun weapon of mass distraction — that is when they aren’t attacking FBI Director James Comey. This is the same Comey The Washington Post and MSM previously praised for not recommending Mrs. Clinton’s prosecution this summer.

Turning on Comey demonstrates the total hypocrisy for Hillary of media talking heads who were happy to praise Comey in the face of Republican complaints when he wasn’t pressing the corrupted Justice Department and Attorney General Loretta Lynch following her infamous airport tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton this summer. We now know that Comey’s no. 2 Andrew McCabe took a payoff through his wife’s Virginia State Senate campaign from the Clinton machine while attempting to tamp down a revolt of FBI agents disgusted by Comey’s decision to let the Attorney General punt on prosecuting Hillary.

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DOJ caves and issues warrant for FBI to access Clinton emails on Weiner’s computer

When all is said and done, James Comey may one day be labeled as a man who tried to do right in a bureaucracy of corruption and extortion.  And by this, one simply has to look at his press conference back in July where although he didn’t file an indictment on Hillary Clinton, he made sure the public understood that she had committed crimes under the Espionage Act.

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After FBI Director Announces Re-Opened Investigation of Hillary’s Classified Emails, Democrats Accuse FBI of Siding With…Who Else? Vladimir Putin

By now nearly all RogueMoney readers have heard about the FBI Director James Comey’s bombshell announcement on Friday that the Bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s placement of classified data on her personal server and email accounts and those of aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills has reopened. The case was reopened thanks to the FBI discovering Abedin emails containing information from Mrs. Clinton during an investigation of the alleged sexting to underage girls antics of Abedin’s estranged husband, the aptly named former New York 9th Congressional district Represenative Anthony Weiner.

This development naturally led to a host of weiner and other  puns on Twitter regarding the sex-crazed ex-Congressman’s tendencies perhaps saving the world from a Hillary election, and hence World War 3 with Russia and China. But many of Hillary’s die-hard supporters, seeing the sudden ‘adjustment’ of laughably skewed ABC News polls that had Clinton up by 12 points to a mere two point lead this weekend, are freaking out. These Dems are now accusing the FBI Director, whom they previously praised as a sober lawman when he declined to recommend Clinton’s prosecution, of siding with…who else? the ultimate bogeyman of Vladimir Putin, against Hillary…

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#Malheur Acquittal Jurors’ Middle Finger to Feds/BLM, Social Justice Cold Warrior @CJCMichel Hardest Hit

The Russia Analyst is far from an expert on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge civil disobedience and subsquent federal trial resulting in the acquittal of the participants on federal conspiracy charges. But we do note with satisfaction the jury noticed how many of those seeking to instigate further tensions between the Bundys and the federal authorities turned out to be FBI informants, and that the verdict represents a giant raised middle digit to the overreach and bullying of the Bureau of Land Management against ranchers on phoney environmental pretexts. 

For more details on the case from someone who has spoken to those close to the family, tune in to Caravan to Midnight the John B. Wells program where Team RogueMoney’s very own W the Intelligence Insider will soon be addressing the verdict and the ongoing case against the Bundys in Nevada.

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U.S./Russian Jets Have Another Close Call Over E. Syria, #DraftOurDaughters for Hillary’s WW3 with Russia Meme Goes Viral

Even though there’s yet to be an ‘October Surprise’ incident of actual combat or collision between U.S. and Russian air forces over Syria, that won’t stop the pro-Hillary Deep State from pushing the next best thing: close encounters in the skies over the war torn country. Where, let the Russia Analyst remind you, the Russians operate at the invitation of the internationally recognized government in Damascus, whereas the U.S. has no mandate under international law to be present.

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Putin Says Russian Meddling in U.S. Election ‘Absolute Nonsense’, Denies Threatening NATO ‘Russia is Not Going to Attack Anybody’

Vladimir Putin has had enough of being blamed for every hacker under the sun and for being depicted in the hysterical Anglo-American media as a Bond villain hellbent on electing Donald Trump through leaks and propaganda. Speaking at the 2016 Valdai conference of academics, journalists and Kremlin figures, the Russian President asked rhetorically, “Is the U.S. a banana republic?” that is so easily influenced by outside powers.

The question was both typical of Putin’s sarcasm, and a pointed ‘grow up’ message to the Democrats and the U.S. mainstream media desperate to elect Hillary Clinton by invoking the Russian boogeyman with the Kremlin’s alleged Siberian/Manchurian candidate Trump.

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Ignore the Media Noise & Follow the Honest Business Monetary Trail to Safety

From WG’s cigar smoke filled office I maintain that this is how a business competitor or partner handles questions or negotiations when they are clearly in a position of strength.  And that is the key.  They are in a position of strength.  The level of confidence seen here can only come from knowing what a well planned future likely holds, a future that is about to reap recognized dividends that the competition will wish they had.  But if your eyes are open, this evidentiary trail to proper business and constructs of safety are already crystal clear.   In fact it is in broad daylight, only to be obscured by an ineffective US media and a deluded Sixpack public that is in denial of the realities.

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Trump Warns Hillary Could Start WW3 in Syria, Clinton Operatives (Ret) Gen. John R. Allen and @RobertCaruso Demand War

The Donald, with the help of Matt Drudge, is calling out Hillary Clinton’s plans for a Syria ‘no fly zone’ for what they are — a trigger for World War III. As the presidential contenders enter the home stretch and Trump gains confidence from early voting returns and huuuuuuge rallies in the state of Florida, while Hillary’s camp can barely fill community college lecture halls or high school gymnasiums in the Sunshine State.The Donald is positioning himself to pick up disaffected Bernie Sanders voters that HRC’s campaign effectively disenfranchised by calling her the war candidate. This strategy may be enough to persuade many self-proclaimed progressives or liberals who would never vote for Trump to either stay home on Election Day, or support the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein, who has also spoken out against Hillary’s push for war with Russia over Syria.

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Hillary Clinton’s Odd ‘Four Minutes’ Nuke Launch Time Disclosure — and Spell Invoking Shout Out to Her ’17 Agencies’ Deep State Helpers

The Russia Analyst didn’t watch the third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump, but we did catch Mrs. Clinton’s odd three-peat reference to the number ’17’, regarding the supposed number of intelligence agencies that concluded Russian government-directed hackers hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The fact that Mrs. Clinton repeated the number 17 three times (three to invoke a spell in witchcraft), a number of high significance to the occult and the year of her expected coronation (inauguration), did not escape the attention of Team RogueMoney’s @BanksterSlayer or resident Intelligence Insider ‘W’. 

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Philippine, Saudi, and Turkish pivots signalling the end of the American century

Of the many themes that will go down in history for the year 2016, perhaps one of the most significant will be the pivot of nations away from the U.S. sphere of influence, and their move over to America’s perceived adversaries.  Yet even this is just a microcosm of the great frequency change taking place that seems to even go beyond the ‘Shmitah’ phenomenon, and is similar in scope to changes incurred globally during the second decade of century 100, 200, and even 1600 years before.

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Saudi Arabia signed fifteen preliminary agreements with China on Tuesday, September 6, 2016. The agreements were on a variety of different areas, ranging from the energy sector, to housing and even military partnership. The trip was headed by Saudi Minister of Defense/Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the heir apparent to his father, King Salman of Saudi Arabia (despite Crowned Prince Mohamed bin Nayef being publicly deemed next in line for the Saudi throne).

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Cosmic War v.2

The Elite Masters may now have shown their true agenda. They don’t intend to battle Vladimir Putin. No, by Jove, they intend to battle Zeus! On October 13th, Obama pulled yet another Executive Order out of his hat. This one orders the nation to prep for attacks from our own solar system. Never let a good cosmic war go to waste.

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More Escalation in Donbass: DPR/DNR Commander ‘Motorola’ Assassinated by Suspected Kiev Regime Bomb

Arseniy Pavlov, better known by his nom de guerre Motorola, the famed commander of the Sparta battalion, has been assassinated by a bomb planted in the elevator of his apartment building in Donetsk. The perps would have had to track his movements and set the bomb for the right time of arrival, meaning it took some surveillance and skill to pull off this hit. The explosives are said by pro-Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Twitter sources to have been over 1.5 kilos of TNT equivalent (possibly C4).

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Short Battle of Syraq SITREP 7: Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Receiving Pantsir Air Defense Systems

While the Obama Administration appears to be flailing about for some action to look tough on ISIS or the Russians ahead of the November 8th U.S. elections, in Syria the pro-government forces continue to advance in Hama province and reduce the jihadist stronghold of east Aleppo.

The announcement by the Assad government that various rebel factions are in negotiations to leave behind the Al-Qaeda loyal Nusra die hards as well as reports that a high level Turkish delegation is headed to Damascus for talks are indicative of the tide turning decisively against U.S./GCC proxies. It would appear that any neocon hopes for a radical revision of facts on the ground will have to await the arrival in the White House of their war queen Hillary Clinton. With the Turks abandoning their Nusra proxies in Aleppo, only direct American intervention that risks all out war with Russia can save Washington’s decade-long project to topple Assad.

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Yemen: USS Maddox, Er, USS Mason — Did Yemenis Really Fire Missiles at the US Navy? Plus Diego Garcia Rumors

While President Barack Hussein Obama convened a ‘war cabinet’ to discuss the fading prospect of the lame duck Commander in Chief ordering strikes against Russian-defended Assad government troops on Friday, Vice President Joe Biden (father to the ‘ex’ cocaine addict Burisma Holdings in Ukraine executive Hunter Biden) and the CIA declared a cyberwar against Russia in the press. The U.S. Department of Defense meanwhile, launched Tomahawk cruise missiles with Obama’s authorization at alleged Yemeni radar sites that were used in missile attacks against a UAE military transport and the guided missile destroyer, the USS Mason.

The only problem with the stated rationale for now direct U.S. intervention in Yemen? The Saleh loyalist Yemenis and the Houthis insist the attempted missile strikes on the USS Mason never happened, and the Americans made the incident up to justify intervening on behalf of their failing Saudi allies. Was the incident in which the Navy says at least two anti-ship missiles fell into the sea real, or was it a false flag/faked attack like the infamous ‘North Vietnamese gun boat assaults on the USS Maddox’ that led to 1964’s Gulf of Tonkin resolution?

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Escalation in Donbass: More Foreign Mercs Spotted on Ukrainian Lines, UAF Moving Equipment to Contact Line

The Russia Analyst has not spent much time writing about the situation in the Donbass war zone over the last few months between the U.S.-backed Ukrainian Army and the Russian proxies of the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. As the fighting was largely of a static, trench warfare nature we generally focused on the wars in Syria and Yemen in our SITREPS, as well as the 2016 elections (in which the mantra of ‘Russian aggression’ and Trump as ‘Putin’s candidate’ must be maintained, even at U.S. taxpayer expense via the in-the-tank-for-Hillary eternal Cold Warriors at RFE/RL).

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The Bubble Explodes, Bring on the “ESF”…Essential Survival Fundamentals

Picking winners with your excess funds ain’t too easy, unless you are rigging the system, Bankster style.  In fact, it is nearly impossible to even pick investment winners 50% of the time.  The pros that don’t benefit from inside financial rigging try to get just a few winners, (hardly a 50/50 ratio of winners to losers) ride them hard, and cut all the losers loose as quickly as possible.  Folks, we are staring at one of the easiest winning trades in world history right now!  The exchange of legal tender fiat currency units for GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).   In all my years I have never seen an easier trade, and to boot it all, it basically costs you nothing.  Just the premium on the physical bullion or coins.

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You Can’t Stump the Trump Volume XXIX — and the Guerrilla/Producer CJ’s Post Debate Analysis

V the Guerrilla Economist and Producer CJ sat down late in the evening on October 9th, 2016 for some post debate analysis, as The Donald took the gloves off with the quip of the night, “You should be in jail”. The mainstream media in the tank for Hillary was left sputtering and resuming the drumbeat of ‘Trump = the Rooskies candidate’ stories.

Meanwhile, the former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks reveal that Hillary knew Saudi Arabia and Qatar funded ISIS but took their money for the Clinton Foundation and STILL advocates their interests via a ‘no fly zone’ over Syria to protect Riyadh and Doha’s jihadist proxies from Russian bombs (this is the issue we predict, Trump will use to destroy HRC in the third and final presidential debate).  Hillary also secretly met with Putin on at least one occasion — though you wouldn’t know it from the bazillion ‘bromance’ and ‘Kremlin Siberian candidate’ stories in the MSM about DJT. Trump has never personally met VVP, but simply received a nice note from the Russian President during the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. No one has asked Mrs. Clinton yet what she discussed during that meeting with the man she later described as the ‘godfather’ of the global #AltRight...

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Battle of Syraq SITREP 6: U.S. Backing Down in Syria or Setting Up a #BlameRussia October Surprise False Flag?

After a heated war of words this week over Syria, signs this weekend are that Moscow’s warning that any more bombings ‘accidental’ or deliberate of combined Syrian/Russian forces would result in the shoot down of American-led coalition aircraft has cooled off Washington’s war hawks somewhat. Or more accurately, having exploited the Russian card with a politicized report from the intelligence community officially blaming Moscow for the ‘hack’ (insider leak, cough cough) of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Friday, it isn’t clear whether the Obama Administration intends or needs a direct clash of arms in Syria before Election Day. However, the dark side or ‘dirty Deep State’ as with the Maidan snipers killings, the Odessa massacre in Ukraine or the false flag shoot down of MH17 in the Donbass may have other ideas…and could be preparing a nasty October Surprise.

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While the focus is still on Deutsche Bank, don’t forget about Italy

Over the past two weeks the primary focus by the world’s financial caretakers has been on Deutsche Bank, and its potential to collapse several other institutions through the counter-party risk of its $40-70 trillion derivatives book.  But as the markets have appeared since last Friday to shrug off the German bank’s imminent insolvency problems, little has been mentioned about the other economy in Europe that are an even greater risk of bringing about the next ‘Lehman Moment’.

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Golden Week 2016

When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will Play. As China and her financial sector enjoy a week off while celebrating the founding of the People’s Republic, those seedy smashers of precious metals jumped at the chance to liquidate another chunk of their unwieldly paper gold contracts.

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Battle of Syraq SITREP 5: No More ‘Accidents’ Like Deir Ez Zor — Russia Warns U.S. It Will Shoot Down Any ‘Unidentified’ Aircraft Attacking Syrian or Russian Forces

The Russians have had enough of Washington’s threats to attack Syrian Arab Army units — while claiming they will avoid deliberately striking Russian forces stationed in the country. The Russian Ministry of Defense sent out Major General Igor Konashenkov on Thursday, October 6, 2016 to warn the ‘hotheads’ of the CIA and Pentagon, who have previously been accused by Moscow’s Foreign Ministry of undermining peace talks between Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry, of several facts…

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Business “Truthers” in an Angry Search for Critical Mass

A business’s very success or failure can reside within the confines of a good marketing program.  But if no one is seeing or hearing the message, then you haven’t a prayer of selling any products or solutions.  Recently I had the privilege of communicating with a pretty high level thinker from the UK.  One idea became crystal clear, the messages of financial truth aren’t remotely close to reaching an important level of critical marketing mass. 

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Rumors of War with Russia, Part 11: Nuclear Deterrence — Russians Conduct Nationwide Civil Defense Drills Involving Millions

The Russia Analyst checked in with our contacts in the capital — and they aren’t seeing any signs on the streets of the drills RT and many other outlets are reporting as taking place across the Russian Federation that reportedly involve up to 40 million people. Nor have there been, as depicted in the trailer for the computer game Metro 2033, simulated crowds of people rushing to the Moscow Metro entrances in a rehearsal of getting underground before American nukes strike the city

The number of participants as well as the scale of the civil defense exercises would seem greatly exaggerated — but in the same way a bear getting on its hind legs and showing its claws and teeth is exaggerating its stature when it feels threatened. Russian state media and the Ministry of Defense continue repeating the ’40 million people’ number either as participants or nearby residents whose evacuation would be simulated on extensively replayed newscasts. The fact is Russia is continuing very real preparations to deter an American nuclear first strike as well as any attack on its forces in Syria.

The ‘nothing to see here folks, move on’ response of say is weak considering the insane ‘U.S. can impose a no fly zone and destroy Russian S300/400 air defense systems and Moscow won’t dare retaliate in Syria or elsewhere’ rhetoric coming out of The Washington (Com)Post and neocon think tankers. As my friend The Saker writes this week, Moscow is more than capable of making the costs of U.S. military action against the legitimate Syrian government as well as Russian forces stationed in the country at Damascus request painfully high — if not thermonuclear. Recall that Putin warned Bilderberg club member and Bloomberg editor in chief John Micklethwait several weeks back that Washington/NATO were risking a second Cuban Missile Crisis. That may be an implied threat that Moscow could send tactical nukes to its Kheimmim base in Syria just like it did to defend its outmanned and outgunned troops dispatched to Cuba in October 1962.

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Putin’s Grey Cardinal KGB/SVR Lt. Gen. (Ret) Leonid Reshetnikov: CIA Plotting Removal of Russian President — Including Via Assassination

On Friday, September 2, 2016, a Mercedes Benz sedan crashed head on at high speed into a BMW driven by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s chauffeur, killing him instantly and putting the Mercedes driver into a coma. The crash occurred around mid-day along Kutuzovsky Prospekt, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Moscow, while neither Putin nor anyone else was in the black Russian Federation Council BMW.

In the Russia Analyst’s September 11, 2016 post about the wreck and widespread reporting of ‘conspiracy theories’ that the Mercedes Benz was hacked and hijacked by unknown parties to careen into Putin’s driver, we mentioned retired KGB/SVR Lt. Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov. In our article, we speculated that this was more of a message than an actual attempt on Putin’s life, and we also cited Reshetnikov’s widely translated interview of April 2015 with Argumenty y Fakti discussing assassinating world leaders as a standard tool in the CIA’s black bag. Thanks to the translations of the Moscow-based expats at Russia Insider, we have English subtitles of the retired KGB/SVR analyst strongly hinting in a broadcast on the Tsargrad TV channel last month that the September 2nd wreck was indeed, a warning regarding the life of (his think tank the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies‘ (RISS) principal patron) Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

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Magyarország! 98% of Hungarians Who Voted Rejected Merkel/EU’s Migrant Quotas Sunday

Mutti Merkel and the EUSSR’s bluff has been called with a resounding “Nem!” from a huge number of Hungarians. While the Atlanticist media like CNN report turnout did not reach the 50% required to be legally binding, the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban nonetheless has a mandate from Sunday’s 98% of 42% of the voting age population saying, “no” to advance against Brussels’ diktats on Mideast migrants, including threats of fines or further sanctions against the Hungarians and allied anti-immivasion governments. The vote will strengthen the hand of Orban together with the three other Visegrad bloc countries leaders’ — the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland — as well as the next government of Austria which will almost certainly be formed by the anti-Muslim mass migration Freedom Party (FPÖ).

Incidentally, in a sign of how well #GlueHorseHillary knows to pick a winner, Mrs. Clinton recently declared Angela Merkel to be the world leader she most admires.

Make Austro-Hungary great again! – JWS

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RMB enters the SDR, but according to Beijing this is only the beginning

Late on Friday in the U.S., which was October 1 for many parts of the world, the Chinese RMB currency was officially placed into the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket.  And despite the fact that China has been internationalizing the Yuan at an ever accelerating rate since 2013, this move into the SDR will be just the first step into much greater changes according to Beijing.

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Battle of Syraq SITREP Addendum: Russians Accuse U.S. of Having ‘Covert Operatives Directing Terrorist Operations’ in Syria

As the calendar shifts from Black Moon September to October Surprise season, and while Team RogueMoney has been keeping you up to date with the latest on the Deutsche Bank death watch, the Russia Analyst has been closely observing ‘death race Damascus’. While our initial instinct is that Washington is mostly bluffing and putting out hot air about military action against Syrian and by extension Russian forces in response to Damascus’ offensive against jihadist held east Aleppo, we remain concerned that the stage is being set via massive propaganda for some sort of provocateur-ed confrontation between American and Russian jets or surface to air missiles over Syria.

Certainly, the threats issued by the U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby declaring Wednesday that Russians will suffer more of their servicemen coming home in ‘body bags’ and terrorist attacks on their cities and interests (read: Russian embassies and oil workers in Iraq or elsewhere in the Mideast) have been splashed all over Russian television. So too have top Russian commanders and diplomats’ response that they take threats to the lives of their citizens very seriously and that the State Department’s language is hysterical and completely inappropriate to those who call themselves diplomats. Meanwhile, The New York Times the old Grey Whore ‘paper of record’ for the country which has backed every U.S. war since Desert Storm if not Vietnam is now demanding in lockstep with the Manhattan-based Council on Foreign Relations what CJCS Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford admitted would start a war with Russia — military action to stop Syrian and Russian operations.

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Battle for Syraq SITREP 4: AlCIAeda Treason Exposed — U.S. State Dept. Denies Arming Syrian Al-Qaeda Affiliate, Threatens Russians with ‘Body Bags’, Terror Attacks

On Tuesday the U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby denied under reporters’ questioning that Washington has been covertly arming the Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. The awkward questions came after German journalist Jörg Todenhöfer, who has spent more time interviewing the jihadists both ISIS and ‘non’ ISIS over the last five years of conflict than perhaps any (post)Western reporter, published the boasts of an alleged Al-Nusra commander about receiving hands on technical support as well as TOW missiles from Americans, Israelis and their Sunni Persian Gulf state allies inside Syria.

Naturally, the response of the mainstream media has been to ignore the interview. Neocon trolls and ‘Free Syrian Army’ (FSA) fanboys, many of them paid Washington think tank shills for Saudi Arabia or Qatar, have insisted ‘the Assad regime’ faked the Todenhöfer interview using an actor playing the terrorist. But Damascus has been adamant that not only is the CIA directly arming al-Nusra, bypassing the ‘moderate’ FSA middlemen, but that the Syrians have recorded audio of U.S. military members engaged in direct radio contact with ISIS before the Deir Ez Zor strike of September 17 killed over 62 Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers. That audio has yet to be released by the Syrians, but Todenhöfer isn’t backing down against critics attacking him or the authenticity of the interview.

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Deutsche Bank, Japan Bonds, SDR China, Saudi USTs, One Heck of a Weekend: Open Thread

Who says there will just be ONE domino to knock it all down? Suddenly, a perfect storm appears to be moving into place. OPEN THREAD means that YOU can post alerts in the Reader Comments pertinent to whatever cataclysm catches your fancy as we pass through September 30, 2016. Think: Deutsche Bank $DB, Japan JGBs, Saudi USTs, China SDRs, or a dozen other potential events.

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What’s that I See In Your Wallet? A True “Store” of Value!

It ain’t just a store of value.  GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) literally are, and they can serve as your “Store.”  They can procure anything you “need” with efficiency in a near perfect continuity of purchasing power.  An ounce of gold or silver will come close to buying as much of any needs based product today as it did 100 years ago, if not MORE!  While what’s most likely in your wallet will get you about 1/99 of what it could buy 100 years ago.  GSBC’s are a store of value, and literally a “Store” in and of themselves.  An item that people will be wanting for themselves in quantity if at all possible.  So “What’s in your store, and what’s in your wallet?”  

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Rumors of War with Russia, Part 10: Russian Retaliation After Deir Ez Zor? Moscow is Calling Washington’s Bluff in Syria

One week after the ‘inadvertent’ U.S. air strike on the Syrian Arab Army’s positions besieged by the Islamic State in Deir Ez Zor prompted Russia to convene the United Nations Security Council, Washington called an emergency meeting of the UNSC on Sunday to demand Moscow stop its Syrian, Hezbollah and Iranian allies’ offensive in Aleppo. The pretext for this extraordinary meeting including the excoriation of the Russian Air Force for ‘barbarism’ in allegedly targeting civilians was the destruction of an aid convoy rolling through rebel jihadist held territory, documented by the British intelligence-linked (G)NGO the White Helmets.

As with the MH17 false flag operation, Washington is blaming the Russians on the basis of dubious ‘eyewitnesses’ and ‘social media evidence’ presented by the fraudsters at Bellingcat (aka #Bellingcrap), while not releasing a single shred of radar data or other credible intelligence to support its claims of Russian guilt.

Unlike the previous ceasefires though, there are no indications that the Russian Federation or its Syrian or Iranian allies can be bluffed into halting their offensive operations this time. The die is cast, and now the neocon desperados of Exceptionalistan must decide what to do amidst the spectre of a Donald J. Trumpening on November 8. If they don’t do something, whether a false flag atrocity or shoot down of an American jet blamed on the Russians or some other move to justify direct, overt American attacks on Syrian forces, Washington and Saudi/Qatari proxies in east Aleppo face a crushing defeat by the end of winter.

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Obama goes to the U.N. and tries to entice world government one last time

With the media having a field day covering Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ’round the clock, the American people have had little time seeing what their current President has been doing in his final months in office.  And when Barack Obama went ‘downtown’ to the United Nations to give his last speech to the ‘world’, perhaps the mainstream realized that they better keep it under wraps because the President issued his last and most enduring call to bring about a one world government.

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W the Intelligence Insider and @BanksterSlayer on Biblical Creation and the Esoterica Behind the Headlines

W the Intelligence Insider and Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers had a meeting of the minds on Friday night’s Team RogueMoney radio broadcast co-hosted by V the Guerrilla Economist and Producer CJ. In their discussion they talk esoteric and Biblical numerology, the lunar or Islamic calendar, and the ‘tells’ of the occultist global elites, ranging from politics and markets to architecture and entertainment.

The Guerrilla also speaks around the 31:00-32:00 minute mark about how his Mornings with V podcast of Sept. 20, 2016 was messed with when he spoke about the occultists constructing a replica of the (destroyed by ISIS at Palmyra) Temple of Baal arch in New York City.- JWS

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Does Hillary Have Parkinsons? Russia Insider’s Interview with Dr. Ted Noel

As a follow up to Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers Thursday, September 22, 2016 article regarding the rumors of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s demise — whether physical or ritualistic — reported by ABC News/Disney’s affiliate in New York City without anyone getting fired, the Russia Analyst presents this interview between our acquaintance Charles Bausman of Russia Insider with Dr. Ted Noel of – JWS

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Campaigning Trump Had No Time for Ukraine’s Alcoholic Oligarch President in New York

Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign continues to gain support pulling even or surpassing Hillary Clinton in polling of swing states headed into the October home stretch. But the busy schedule of campaigning that’s sending Trump from Pennsylvania to Ohio to the Carolinas where urban unrest has dominated headlines in Charlotte leaves no time for The Donald to meet with a certain alcoholic ex-Soviet republic president: Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine. And that has the mainstream media tisking tisking and again pushing the card of ‘Trump is Putin’s horse in the race’…even as neocons like Newt Gingrich, Michael Ledeen or James Woolsey go for the globalists plan B, and attempt to infiltrate the Trump camp.

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35th Anniversary of ‘Vympel’ Spetsnaz

Tuesday September 20 marked the 35th anniversary of the Soviet/Russian spetsnaz unit Vympel. This excelling force was created on the orders of then KGB Chairman Yury Andropov and at the initiative of legendary Soviet spymaster Yury Drozhdov, one of the key men responsible for the real life ‘The Americans aka the KGB’s deep cover illegals infiltrated into Western nations over years, sometimes decades.

Vympel saw extensive action during the Soviet war in Afghanistan and also served as advisers in Nicaragua, Mozambique, Laos and Vietnam. Today ‘Vympel’ are the elite commandos of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation, and their role is more of a domestic/FSU ‘near abroad’ missions counterpart to that of America’s counter-terrorist unit Delta Force rather than the advise and train function of Special Forces ‘Green Berets’

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Dugin: ‘Our Guys’ Bombed in U.S. Deir Ez Zor Provocation, Syria Strike Shows Globalists Prefer War to Losing Control

Alexandr Dugin may not be ‘Putin’s brain’ as some have called him, but he remains an influential figure in Moscow. Dugin’s Katehon think tank and Tsargrad TV‘s patron, ‘God’s oligarch’ Konstantin Malofeev, is quite connected in what we would call Orthodox Christian-patriotic ‘Kremlin circles’.

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Katehon/RT/The Duran Contributor Andrew Korybko on Hybrid Wars and Faux Revolutions

While Team Rogue Money is breaking down the next moves and countermoves in the Greater Middle East as we enter ‘October Surprise’ season, we highly recommend this interview by Jay Dyer of with Andrew Korybko. Andrei is a member of the expert council for the Institute of Strategic Studies and Predictions at the People’s Friendship University of Russia (whose English language motto is “creating the world elite”). Andrew’s work on colored revolutions and the tactics of Washington’s hybrid warfare waged to support the decaying petrodollar is highly respected in Moscow, including at Alexandr Dugin’s Katehon think tank where he is a contributor. – JWS

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Escalation: Washington Claims Strike That Killed Scores of Syrian Soldiers Was a Mistake, Russian MFA Calls UNSC Closed Session, Asks If U.S. Deliberately Aiding ISIS

The Russia Analyst had intended to write a short Syraq SITREP regarding whether the fragile ceasefire deal struck between Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov would hold. As with Friday’s news that CIA, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari-backed ‘moderate’ ‘Free Syrian Army’ jihadists cursed and threatened American special forces as infidel pig-dog occupiers, our analyses keep getting overtaken by events on the ground. As one astute commenter to our post from late Friday night/early Saturday morning observed, the evidence supporting Dr. Jim Willie’s assertion that the CIA’s jihadists are at war with the Pentagon’s Kurdish proxies (while not killing U.S. soldiers…just yet) keeps piling up.

While New Yorkers in the Guerrilla’s home town were talking about the (conveniently timed) IED blasts that injured at least 29 people in Manhattan Saturday night, across town the United Nations Security Council was convening in a closed door session. According to Russian AND (post)Western media, Moscow’s envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin stopped just short of accusing the U.S. of deliberately killing Syrian soldiers in support of ISIS. But he also questioned exactly WHO is in charge in Washington, the civilian leadership at the White House, or the Pentagon and CIA?

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Charlie Foxtrot: U.S. Special Forces Cursed as ‘Infidels’ and ‘Pigs’, Threatened by ‘Moderate’ FSA Jihadists Washington/Langley Spent Billions to Arm and Train

The filmed stream of curses for American special forces soldiers happened this week in the Syrian-Turkish border town of Al-Rai, occupied by U.S. and Turkey-backed ‘moderate’ ‘Free Syrian Army’ jihadis

Sens. John McCain, Mrs. John McCain Lindsey Graham, Rep. Adam KinzingerThe Daily Beast‘s Michael D. Weiss, Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins, Charles ‘Doha/Ahrar-al-Sham’ Lister, Hillary ‘muh No Fly Zone to protect these bastards from getting bombed by Russia’ Clinton and many other advocates for the ‘moderates’ of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ could apparently not be reached for comment on this. Perhaps they’ll just memory hole the whole thing and pretend it never happened with a lot of help from the press — but that didn’t exactly work in covering up #HillarysHealth due to that whole viral YouTube videos thing. Another example of what the Guerrilla calls the Obso-elites stupidity and incompetence.

As Italy-based American expat writer Theodore Robert Beale aka Vox Day says, “There is clearly some brilliant stategery taking place in the Pentagon these days. These gentlemen are clearly ready to fight WWIII against a Sino-Russian alliance.”

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How Russian TV is Covering #SickHillary’s Health Meltdown

Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers have taken a hit and trust in the mainstream media continues to plumb all time lows as The Washington (Com)Post and other MSM (plus certain #NeverTrump U.S. Naval War College professors) belatedly acknowledge that questions about Hillary’s seriously deteriorating health were not ‘conspiracy theories’ after all. 

Meanwhile, the Post aka (Langley’s) Pravda on the Potomac is pushing dangerous notions that the November election might need to be postponed or modified in some way to account for evil Russians hacking the voter rolls and machines to either elect Trump or, even worse, to make it look like Hillary may have won through massive fraud. We couldn’t make this #FullTinFoil hat paranoia on the part of the Post up if we tried…

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Central banks: Turning economies from capitalist to socialist with the click of a button

Central banks have pretty much reached the end of their tether, with the world having very few bonds left for them to buy to keep their stimulus and quantitative easing schemes afloat.  In fact, last week the European Central Bank head, Mario Draghi, stated that by the end of October he will have run out of bonds to buy, which include sovereign, bank, and even corporate debt instruments.

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The Chain of Custody in Western Indoctrination, a Full 360 Degree Circle…!

So when QE, and other forms of easy government monies flow to these dudes, are they really paying for the BLM, NGO crap out of their original portfolio balances?   I suspect they don’t even pay for a lot of their “needs” as well.  Without the easy money they confiscate from unconstitutional “give-away” programs, they wouldn’t be available for the check writing.  Once they know their end is covered by someone else, then they are ready to “rock & roll” checkbook in hand.

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День Танкисты: On 70th Anniversary of Tankists Day Russia Releases Video of First Production Batch Armata Combat Tests

Let the enemy, hidden in ambush, remember
We watch for him, we are on guard.
We desire not a foot of foreign land,
But we won’t give up an inch of our own land.


But if the enemy attacks us,
We will beat him everywhere,
Tank drivers will start engines
And drive by forests, mountains and even on water!

– lyrics from “The March of Soviet Tankists“, 1939

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Chinese-Russian Joint Naval Exercise Underway in South China Sea

In July RogueMoney was one of the few English language alternative media outlets to cover Russia’s hosting of Chinese People’s Liberation Army marines for joint war games in its westernmost exclave of Kaliningrad facing several NATO member states.

Today the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has announced the start of “Joint Sea 2016” alongside a Russian flotilla in the South China Sea. This follows Moscow’s large scale military exercises on Russian territory that outnumber and out-gun the drills NATO has carried out in countries near Russia’s borders. The recently concluded Kavkaz-2016 featured live firing in and around Crimea in the Black Sea. – JWS

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Ukraine – Synaxis of the Saints of the Kiev Caves

Isn’t it interesting dear RogueMoney readers how you didn’t hear much in (post)Western media about the 80 to 100,000 people who gathered for peace in Kiev and an end to the fratricidal war in the Donbass in July? How Orthodox Christians faced threats and insults this summer from ultra-nationalists and Right Sector thugs to walk in peaceful processions hundreds of miles from the western and eastern borders of Ukraine to the Mother of Rus cities and its spiritual heart, the Kiev Pechersk Lavra?

Saturday marked the Synaxis of the Saints of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra whose relics repose in the Far Cave of Venerable Theodosius. Sunday is a day for commemorating Orthodox Christian soldiers who have honorably fallen in battle, whether Ukrainian, Novorossiyan, or Russian, and their grandfathers who fought in the same Soviet Red Army for the liberation of the Ukraine, the Rus lands, and Europe from Nazism. If President Abraham Lincoln could speak of Northerners and Southerners who prayed to the same God and read the same Bible being reconciled after nearly a million deaths from 1861 to 1865, then why not those who say the same Orthodox Christian prayers and kiss the same icons in the Ukraine? – JWS

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Was Putin’s Chauffeur Murdered By a Hacked Mercedes? Global(ist) Context and Implications

Normally when the Russia Analyst doesn’t have much to add to what you can already read at the UK Daily Mail or Zerohedge, we steer clear of commenting publically on such events. However, given questions about the timing and delayed coverage of the crash on Kutuzovsky Prospekt that killed one of Vladimir Putin’s favorite drivers, a forty year veteran of driving Soviet/Russian VIPs (including this one: when the crash occurred on Friday September 2 why did the US/UK media take until late Monday/early Tuesday UK/US time to report it? Skeletal weekend staff at the Mail or The Sun?)…we decided to dive deeper into the events leading up to this suspected ‘warning’ to Putin.

To the RogueMoney team especially Deb — my apologies for the delay of several days in getting this article out, but it was important to review closely what the Russian media said, and perhaps just as importantly, what they weren’t saying while downplaying the threat to Putin angle. This, in contrast to the sensational and Millenium Report ‘conspiracy theorist’ spotlighting coverage from the British tabloids, is itself quite revealing.

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Going Dutch in Panama

“Denmark has become the first country in the world to apparently buy data from the Panama Papers leak.” You can’t be serious. Dear Denmark: you might need a refresher course in Super Villainy 101. You don’t PAY for information; you just go in, guns a-blazin’, and TAKE IT. Ever thought of arresting some bankers and issuing subpoenas? Methinks something else is afoot.

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Final screws being put to the petro-dollar system

Ever since the year 2000, the United States has used a combination of overt and covert wars to eliminate any leader or country that sought to function outside the U.S. controlled petro-dollar system.  And with the revelations that there were no ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq when former President George W. Bush used that lie to invade and assassinate Saddam Hussein, the real reasons that he sent in the military to eradicate the government once and for all were due to the fact that Hussein was in the process of selling his oil in currencies other than the dollar.

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Hillary Clinton Confirms She’s the War with Russia Candidate

While we don’t like to be an echo of other alt-media outlets, this video by Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson is spot on. Hillary Clinton is the war with Russia candidate.

Just how ludicrous is it that we hear from #NeverTrump #cuckservatives like the U.S. Naval (Twitter) War College Prof. Tom Nichols about how Trump may start a nuclear war out of craziness and spite, while his preferred candidate Hillary is the one who threatens nuclear-armed-to-the-teeth Russia with war over unsubstantiated hacks? Hacking that even Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has pushed back against attributing to Moscow, much less describing as acts of war (as opposed to the sort of aggressive cyber-espionage Clapper knows very well the NSA leads the world in)?

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Make Austro-Hungary Great Again: Orban Unofficially Endorses Trump, Austrians Reject TTIP Ahead of October 2nd Elections

“Today it is written in the book of fate, that hidden, faceless world powers will eliminate everything that is unique, autonomous, age-old, and national. They will blend cultures, religions, and populations, until our many-faceted and proud Europe will finally become bloodless and docile. If we resign ourselves to this outcome, our fate will be sealed and we will be swallowed up in the enormous belly of the United States of Europe.”

“We must therefore drag the ancient virtue of courage out from under the silt of oblivion.”

“First of all, we must put steel in our spines, and we must answer clearly, with a voice loud enough to be heard far and wide, the single most important question determining out fate. The question upon Europe stands of falls is this:”

“Shall we be slaves – or men set free?” 

– Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary

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Bee in Eden — Team RogueMoney’s Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers YouTube Channel

You’ve heard her contributions on the Guerrilla Economist Radio Show, The Other Side of Midnight with Richard C. Hoagland and other talk radio programs. You’ve read her articles here at RogueMoney. Now you can subscribe to Debra Caruthers aka @BanksterSlayer’s own YouTube channel. You can also read show transcripts at the Sedona Deb Blog.

In this first episode of her YT channel, Deb takes on one of her favorite topics — the ancient esoteric origins of monetary alchemy and the cult of currency creation. This show was recorded on August 26, 2016 and posted on Friday, September 2, 2016. 

– James “Winston” Smith the Russia Analyst

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Ship Wrecks, 1910 Corralling vs. 2008 Corralling, and The What Movement..? Just Look Up..!

Just how far from literal is it when they restrict access to your funds?   Be it reports of SAR’s limits being lowered to $3,000 or warnings from a presidential candidate (Trump) about the frailty and security of your pension and 401K’s?  Or be it pieces of shit like the “Dodd Frank Gang,” the modern day version of the James Younger Gang after the Civil War?  James & Younger had more honor.   I suspect the “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform And Consumer Protection Act” would have been beneath James & Younger. 

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France and Germany’s Rejection of a Lame Duck TTIP from Moscow’s Perspective

If there’s a theme to posts this week (or for that matter, most weeks’) here at RogueMoney by Ken Shortgen Jr. and Deb “BanksterSlayer” Caruthers, it is the unraveling of the Washington dominated New World Order (NWO) and the accelerating emergence of a new Eurasian-led foundation for global trade. The decadence of the American Empire has reached the point that even globalist stalwarts like The Grand Chessboard author himself, Zbigniew Brzezinski, are saying the U.S. must adopt more conciliatory tactics towards Russia and China.

While Asia is expected to dominate global economic growth for the next several decades, no where is the deterioration in Washington’s ability to get what it wants from its nominal allies if not vassals more visible than in Europe. Nowhere, not even in the U.S. with rise of Trump, is the gulf between (post)Western elites and the governed more visible than inside the unraveling European (Dis)Union.

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Turkish Invasion: Turks Attack U.S.-Backed Syrian Kurds, Support ‘Moderate’ Jihadists as ISIS Melts Away

The 19th century British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston infamously quipped that “Britain has no permanent allies, only permanent interests”. This quote is often forgotten by advocates of the eternal U.S.-UK Special Relationship which partially soured over Tony Blair’s subservience to George W. Bush and President Obama’s meddling in the June Brexit vote of the British people, which backfired. The equivalent expression in Russian to Lord Palmerston’s quip is equally terse, “Russia has no allies but Her Army and Navy”

It is a fact that nations historically sharing Orthodox Christianity and liberated through great Russian sacrifices, such as Bulgaria or Montenegro, have elites hostile toward Moscow, notwithstanding the latent to strong Russophilia of their populations. But at the same time, Mother Russia has also at times failed to stand with certain allies such as the early 19th or 21st century Greeks, or as Moscow’s geostrategists would put it, the Kremlin opted for realpolitik and conserving important economic or military resources to avoid overextending itself. 

Last week’s decision by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his reluctant junior partner Syrian President Bashir al-Assad to essentially green light Turkey’s post-coup President Erdogan attacking U.S.-backed Kurds in northern Syria apparently represents another triumph of realpolitik over idealism. However, there are ample arguments on the other side of that coin, including legitimate questions as to just how ‘faithful’ an ally a newborn Kurdistan stretching from near the Latakia hills overlooking the Mediterranean to Iran would have proven for Russia — as opposed to the Kurds’ longtime patrons in Washington and Tel Aviv. There are also signs that Moscow is warning the Turks not to push too far into Syria as part of their long-discussed ‘buffer zone’ along the border.

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#TinFoilHillary’s Vast Right Wing Kremlin Conspiracy Theory of Putin as the ‘Grand Godfather’ of Nationalist Thoughtcrime Worldwide

The most common epithets one tends to hear as a member of the alternative media or someone who’s followed it for many years are “tin foil hat” and “conspiracy theorist”. Therefore it’s grimly amusing when the roles are reversed, and it’s the Establishment Candidate and her “lamestream media” who are the ones promoting the ridiculous conspiracy theories.

As we’ll discuss in this and an upcoming article, we believe much of the material for Clinton’s speech was cribbed if not plagiarized from Soros-network influenced Central Asia ‘scholar’ Sarah Kendzior and ‘investigative journalist’ turned obsessive over Texas separatists Casey “Michelle”. However, other players in the extended Atlantic Council/Soros networks — such as former NATO spokesman Ben Nimmo, who blamed Russian media for the Brexit — also seemed to have been uncredited by Hillary’s speechwriters.

Since hardly anyone personifies an increasingly despised Washington Establishment more than Hilary Rodham Clinton, the most detested woman in America, the response of the pro-Donald Trump “AltRight” and has been the ‘maintaining frame’ through still greater trolling and amused mastery. Others have invoked a quote often attributed to Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Make no mistake, if the #AltRight ‘trolls’ and anti-globalists who share their loathing of Mrs. Clinton weren’t alarming her handlers with hashtags Twitter keeps having to shadowban like #HillaryCoverageIsCrap, #HillarysHealth, #SickHillary, #HillarysStools, #HillarysHuma and the like, Clinton wouldn’t have given the speech.

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Here we go: The pension collapse is now underway

A few months ago, the largest public and private pension funds announced that they were so underfunded that they would have to begin cutting benefits, or in the case of Central State Pension Fund, even cut payments to retirees altogether.  But this now appears to be just the start of a worldwide pension collapse thanks mostly to the actions of global central banks in their decisions to pick a few winners to the detriment of everyone else.

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Southfront: D.C. Establishment/Dirty Deep State Trying to Escalate Ukraine Conflict to Demonize Russia and Help Hillary

This outstanding nearly eight minute video from Southfront summarizes the increasing tensions in the Donbass as well as between Ukraine and Russia. In the wake of a botched Ukrainian infiltration operation in Crimea earlier this month that left two Russian servicemen dead, Moscow is carrying out large scale summer exercises and moving powerful equipment closer to Ukraine’s borders on its own territory.

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In Memoriam of Barry Chamish

Barry Chamish was one of the world’s foremost whistleblowers of Labor Zionism treachery and the despicable atrocities committed by former Israeli president Shimon Peres against thousands of Sephardi and Yemenite children. He was also my friend who taught me facts about Hitler and “the Jews” that are nearly unimaginable.

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Now with Brexit over with, will the European Union reboot, or hit delete?

Immediately following the Brexit vote that passed muster back on June 24, legislators and politicians from up to eight other countries called for their own referendum to decide whether to stay or leave the European Union.  And while none of these nations have to date followed through with setting up a public vote on the matter, the UK’s example is having an affect on political situations all over the continent.

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Another Report of U.S. Nukes Being Moved Out of Incirlik, and Cohabitation at the Base with the Russians? Awkward

UPDATE: This post has been updated as of Monday, August 22, 2016 6:30 Eastern time with news out of Iran that Russian Aerospace forces have been (temporarily) withdrawn from the Hamadan (also spelled #Hamedan) air base. – JWS

Earlier this month, the White Russian Floridian blogger known as The Saker reported the ‘RUMINT’ that U.S. tactical nuclear bombs were being airlifted out of the Incirlik Air Base to U.S. base(s) in Bulgaria. After the failed coup d’etat against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Incirlik was also the site of a week long standoff in which Turkish authorities cut off the external power to the facility — a fact the Daily Beast in its zeal to push the CIA/State Dept. line of ‘nothing to see there folks, move on’, laughably omitted from a story about alleged ‘Russian Twitter propaganda’ fueling unwarranted concerns about scores of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons stored at the facility.

However, despite the best efforts of the Daily Beast‘s ace Carbondale, Illinois attic office-based Twitter reporter Andrew Weisburd, the story of Incirlik — and the bone of contention it’s become since the mid-July putsch in U.S.-Turkish relations — won’t die. Nor have questions gone away about the dispensation of the B61 tactical nuclear bombs that had been stored underground at the base. As the old saw goes, don’t believe anything until it’s been officially denied by a government. In this case, the USA’s NATO ally Romania denying that it has received the nukes Euractiv reported were transported out of Incirlik.

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Transfiguration of Christ and the Falling Asleep (Успение) or Dormition of the Theotokos

This week Russian Orthodox Christians celebrated Friday’s feast of the Transfiguration of Christ and are preparing to commemorate Uspenie, the falling asleep or Dormition of the Mother of God next weekend. To explain what the Dormition fast and feast day means for the Orthodox Church to non-Orthodox or Roman Catholics, we decided to put up this post featuring a Long Island based Greek Orthodox priest. – JWS

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Not 1914, But an 1848 Springtime of Nationalism Against Globalist Empire? Thoughts from British Libertarian Sean Gabb

Continuing our series of intriguing videos from the Russian think tank Katehon republished here at RogueMoney, today we present a clip of British libertarian historian Sean Gabb. Speaking to Katehon, Gabb offers a hopeful take on the direction of global politics, saying he does not see the nationalism rising in Europe today as like that of 1914 when nations were prodded by the bankers and royal elites into a global conflagration that consumed multiple empires — the British, French, German Kaiserreich, Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg, Ottoman Turkish and Tsarist Russian commonwealths. Instead Gabb believes the situation is more akin to 1848-49, the so-called age of revolutions when rising literacy (read: the ‘red pilled’ Internet today) and nationalism threatened to upset the established imperial order.

Today’s preeminent and declining empires being, respectively, the twin poles of the post-WWII Atlanticist ‘world order’ the United States and that failed experiment in creating a United States of Europe known as the European Union. For whose looming (E)USSR-style crackup the media is increasingly blaming — who else? — Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

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Battle for Syraq SITREP 3: Russia Bombing ISIS from Iran, China Sending Military Aid to Syria UPDATED

NOTE: This post was updated at 01:30 Eastern time Sunday, August 21, 2016 to better reflect the broader context of Russia, China and Iran’s closely coordinated military moves in the Mideast.

The Eurasian axis continued to broaden the cooperation among its members this week as Russia began operating out of an Iranian air base to bomb ISIS and other jihadist targets in Syria. The deployment of the Tu-22M-3s “Backfire” bombers to Nojeh Air Base outside Hamadan, Iran significantly reduces fuel costs and flight time for the crews and increases the bomb loads they can carry. It also increases the tempo of ‘carpet bombing’ strikes the Russian Air Force can carry out whenever ISIS masses to attack supply lines to Palmyra or Aleppo.

Most importantly for the Middle East and global geopolitics, Moscow and Tehran are again affirming to Washington, Riyadh and Tel Aviv that their alliance is real and enduring in Syria, as well as in other flashpoints like Yemen.

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It’s Time to Take Inventory, Just What is it You are Nurturing?

Things in the western world couldn’t be worse from a current business perspective, and the signs of a tenuous USSA landscape couldn’t be more obvious.  Thus, if your feet are on western soil (especially US soil) it couldn’t be a better time to take stock of where you stand in your personalized goals.  Personalized goals defined by family safety, family health, and family viability for a new monetary environment. 

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Houthis Advancing on Najran, Saudi Arabia; U.S. Sending More Abrams Tanks to Replace Armor Destroyed by Yemenis

Defense One is a publication which is about as Establishment friendly as it gets in Washington. Relying as it does on advertisers from what the late President Dwight Eisenhower referred to as “the military industrial complex” it’s rare to see this magazine publish anything that would rock the boat too much or force a reevaluation of business as usual at the Pentagon. One exception has been its admission published several months ago that Russian electronic warfare now has the U.S. military’s capabilities outclassed (even if one doesn’t accept Russia’s version of what happened to the USS Donald Cook or the existence of what the Russia Analyst calls Moscow’s ‘battlefield off switch’). 

Another small nugget revealing much about what isn’t discussed in polite D.C. foreign policy wonk company was published on August 9, under the surprisingly frank headline “Saudi Losses in Yemen War Exposed by U.S. Tank Deal”

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World Bank approves China to issue SDR’s as the RMB continues to grow in global use

A few weeks ago, the IMF entered into an agreement with China to allow the Asian power to begin financializing M SDR bonds once an audit was completed regarding their reserves and banking system.  And on Aug. 12, the World Bank publicly gave their approval as well to China, which in the coming months will be the sole authority in issuing M SDR denominated bonds for use in international settlement.

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Who Will Rescue Venezuela?

Horror stories from Venezuela abound. Zoo animals being taken as food. Parents forced to show baby’s birth certificate before being allowed a box of diapers. Citizens cross the border into Colombia to buy food that was produced -where?- in their own country. Russia and China are closely watching developments in South America’s largest oil producing country.

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Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers on with Richard C. Hoagland

Team RogueMoney’s Debra @BanksterSlayer Caruthers will be on with the Other Side of Midnight host Richard C. Hoagland (a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory) at midnight Pacific time Friday August 12. @BanksterSlayer will be discussing the bizarre occult rituals accompanying this summer’s opening of the Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland and other topics.

The show can be heard on KCAA 1050 AM radio in Loma Linda, California streamed over the Internet:

OSOM web site for the archived show once it’s posted:

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RUMINT: U.S. Nukes Are Being Evacuated from Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base to Bulgaria

The Russia Analyst’s Floridian White Russian friend The Saker, a former military analyst in Switzerland, has posted some interesting RUMINT regarding the status of Incirlik Air Force base’s scores of nuclear gravity bombs. According to the Saker’s source, the B61 ‘dial a yield’ tactical nukes with yields up to 170 kilotons (more than ten times as powerful as the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan 71 years ago this month) were flown on U.S. transport planes to Bulgaria, with some of the weapons possibly being diverted to Kosovo, the Muslim majority NATO protectorate carved out of Serbia in 1999. 


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To See the Light at the End, You Must First Find the Tunnel

I will still pound the drums of the current, and past failures that have led to this “WSLF” (western standard of living failure), if only for the purposes of chronicling it’s movements, and the hope of another “reader wake up call”.  As the headline of this installment indicates, I firmly believe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, the problem will be finding the tunnel and successfully traversing through it.

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Battle for Syraq SITREP 2: Will Turkey Cut the Cord to Jihadists in Syria?

As Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Tuesday in St. Petersburg, the Turkish press is putting out warm rhetoric towards the Russian leader and his country. After banning the state funded media agency Sputnik from Turkey after the Turkish Air Force shoot down of the SU-24, post-coup Ankara reinstated the organization’s press credentials as a goodwill gesture toward Russia.

However, U.S. and Sunni Persian Gulf aligned media and pundits are poo pooing any potential strategic pivot emerging from Tuesday’s Putin-Erdogan meeting that would be averse to Washington’s agenda. And it’s no accident that as the two leaders meet to try and find some compromise on the issue of Syria where they’ve been on opposite sides, the Financial Times newspaper is emphasizing the sheer amount of arms and equipment the Jabhat al-Nusra (the ‘ex’ Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria) jihadists received via Turkey and their Saudi and Qatari paymasters.

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Using the past to find the future in economic policies: Clinton’s 90’s vs. Trump’s 80’s

On Aug. 8 Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for President, gave a speech to the Detroit Economic Club to discuss his general platform for what he would do in economic terms should he win in November.  And over the course of 60 minutes, the New York businessman and political outsider stressed how electing him to the White House would be a step towards the future, while electing Hillary Clinton would be a return to the past.

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#HillaryCoverageisCrap: Mainstream Media Shamed Over Silence Regarding Hillary’s Seizures and Signs of Serious Mental Health Problems

While geopolitical developments accelerate in the Middle East and across Eurasia with China’s efforts to create alternatives to the dollar for trade, back home in the U.S. the flagging Hillary Clinton campaign finds itself under attack on multiple fronts.

While alternative media outlets hint at potentially explosive footage of Ms. Clinton filmed by her longtime ‘body woman’ Huma Abedin about to be released, the Clinton camp is also panicking over the potential release of what Wikileaks leader Julian Assange calls hacked emails that could put her in prison. But even before this evidence of criminal wrongdoing if not treasonous Saudi or other foreign influence buying is released, Clinton loyalists and the mainstream media are under fire for their ongoing cover-up of a more basic fact: regardless of where you stand on Ms. Clinton’s policies and her ethics or lack thereof, she is medically unfit for the Presidency. And her mental health and frequency of seizures appears to be getting worse, not better with the stress of the campaign.

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Why 15 Years After 9/11 US Media and D.C. Think Tanks Cheer for Saudi Sponsored, Al-Qaeda Allied Jihadists in Aleppo

In case any RogueMoney readers were wondering how we reached the point nearly fifteen years after 9/11 that CNN is running PR pieces designed to ‘distance’ Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra from the international terrorist organization that reportedly attacked the U.S. on September 11th, and pundits like Charles ListerMichael D. Weiss or Robert Caruso are rooting for the CIA armed and Saudi funded terrorists in Aleppo, please watch the following video from the excellent YouTube channel BlackPigeonSpeaks…

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Turkey: More Details Emerge Of Who Was Behind the Coup Opposing Ankara’s Geopolitical Pivot

On Tuesday, August 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s President turned Sultan in all but name Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will meet in Russia’s ‘second capital’ of St. Petersburg. The two leaders are speaking in person for the first time since the November 2015 shoot down of a Russian SU-24 jet by Turkish Air Force members now accused of participating in the failed plot to overthrow Erdogan in mid-July.

The meeting comes as the battle between Russia’s proxies the Syrian Arab Army and Turkish backed ‘moderate rebel’ jihadists rages for Syria’s second largest city of Aleppo, and Moscow is seeking to have Ankara cut off the flow of arms and money to those groups. It also comes at a time when many Turks including Erdogan’s loyalists and a prominent attorney are accusing United States Central Command and intelligence community leaders of supporting July’s failed coup at the highest levels.

IMPORTANT UPDATE August 8, 2016 12:15 a.m. Eastern time: Greek media and the Alexandr Dugin run Moscow-based think tank Katehon have published photographs of U.S. Ambassador to Turkey John Basse meeting with a former adviser to President Erdogan and a suspected coup plotter, Col. Ali Yazıcı, one day before the failed putsch. This has prompted an angry denial from Amb. Basse, already accused of meddling in internal Turkish politics by the Mayor of Ankara and other Erdogan loyalists, that he had anything to do with the coup. The US Embassy has told the pro-government Daily Sabah newspaper that the photo of Amb. Basse walking with Yazici is a hoax and the meeting never happened.

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The Masks Are Off: The Economist Says Globalism Requires a Hillary Victory and Trump Defeat

“We will no longer surrender this country, or its people to the false song of globalism. The nation-state remains — the true foundation of peace and harmony. ” – Donald J. Trump

Christian nationalist writer and sci-fi publisher Vox Day (aka Theodore Robert Beale) noticed in the last fortnight that The Economist has published not one but two articles describing the divide in (post)Western politics as nationalism versus globalism. This is remarkable, because despite demonizing Donald J. Trump, “the world’s sleaziest magazine” as it was aptly dubbed by eXile writer Mark Ames doesn’t reject this basic premise of Trump’s American civic nationalist message.

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Why the Globalists Fear They Can’t ‘Calibrate’ Polls/Voting Machines for a Trumpslide

If you’re like most RogueMoney readers, you probably don’t watch cable news. Judging by the ratings, neither do most Americans. Lately our esteemed colleagues at our workplace have kept CNN on all night while we work. And we have noticed, even if with the sound mercifully muted, that the Clinton News Network has shifted into 24/7 “Attack Trump!” mode. CNN is putting on everyone ranging from #NeverTrump neocon cuckservative pundit guests like The Daily Caller‘s Jamie Weinstein or Liz Mair hurling four letter words at The Donald, to host Fareed Zakaria calling Trump a “BS artist”. In short, despite all the claims that Trump is losing by ten bazillion points in the latest poll to wildly over-sample or inflate turnout among the Democratic part of the U.S. electorate, what the Russia Analyst and the Guerrilla detect is the distinct smell of bipartisan Establishment panic. Why?

This is the conundrum the Russia Analyst has been pondering for several weeks. Despite Trump’s allegedly self-evident status as Vladimir Putin’s henchman and a reality TV buffoon, he still somehow poses the gravest threat to the ‘free world’ since well, ever. How could the cartoon character version of Trump that the mainstream media presents accomplish that, while drawing thousands to his rallies daily as the supposedly untouchable in the polls Hillary can’t muster 150 people (half of whom are probably staffers or otherwise paid to be there) at a black church in Ohio?

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Joaquin Flores Connects the Dots Between Manufactured EU Refugee Crisis, NATO and the Empire’s Strategy of Chaos

You won’t see a more concise, nine and a half minute summary that connects the dots between the Soros funded (G)NGO promoted immivasion Europe, the delayed timing of Russia’s military intervention in Syria until late September 2015 to avoid the inevitable NATO strategy of blaming Russian bombing for accelerating the Syrian refugee crisis, and Moscow’s attempt to position itself as the peacemaker in the Middle East while Exceptionalistan plays the spoiler there and on the European Continent. In doing so, Flores makes comprehensible the otherwise inexplicable, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s politically suicidal doubling down on her mass refugee acceptance policies.

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Dugin: Soros and Globalists Supporting Massive Muslim Migration/Jihad and Neo-Nazi Dialectic to Wreck Europe

Alexandr Dugin, the always provocative and controversial Eurasianist ideologue, has produced a new episode of Dugin’s Guidelines.

After detailing his meetings with senior Turkish officials including the Mayor of Ankara on the eve of the failed mid-July coup in Anatolia, Dugin is returning to the themes that other contributors to his Katehon think tank, led by Americans Joaquin Flores and Jay Dyer, have outlined: the manipulation of mass migration into Europe for the purpose of destabilizing the EU and making European nations even more dependent on Washington, as well as leaving the U.S. dollar as the last ‘safe haven’ fiat reserve currency standing before the dollar too succumbs to the ZIRP/NIRP disease destroying the yen and soon, the euro

Call it a strategy of scorched earth — if Uncle Sam cannot maintain full spectrum dominance over Europe, then the Eurasian powers will see their investments on the Continent destabilized before European elites and the masses can psychologically and above all economically pivot to the East. Just as the globalist bankers of the late 1920s/30s exploited the fascist/Nazi and Soviet Communist dialectic (as detailed by the late historian Anthony Sutton), today Dugin concurs with the Russia Analyst’s warning that globalists are attempting to infiltrate ‘Gladio’ neo-Nazis into legitimate nationalist or right wing parties to keep them ‘under control’ and perhaps, create more Anders Breiviks

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Tired of the Bullshit? Good, It’s Time to Get Dirty & Take the Trash Out…!

We need to wake up, clean up the house, rebuild our house (not frickin’ flip it), and earn our place in the world’s key trade outlets.  Sounds hard, right?  Wrong.  That’s what real Americans do, or at least did, per the Wolfpack.  It should be easy with some hard work and favorable trade winds at our backs.  Especially when you have some of the most natural resource rich lands on God’s green earth under your feet.  You just got to get back to frickin’ work!  And for you pansies out there, it can actually be fun, so let’s get back to work!  Don’t like that theory?  Go the hell somewhere else, you are boring me to tears.

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Trump the MSM: The Donald Says Crimea Wanted to Be With Russia, Talks Relationship (Or Lack Thereof) With Putin and RF Government

Trump has done it again: he has deliberately provoked the neolibcon Establishment, seeing to it that he stays in the headlines while his opponent crooked Hillary Clinton continues to duck any live news conference, even with a mainstream media that’s 99% in the tank for her campaign.

While denying any ‘relationship’ formed with Russian President Vladimir Putin since Putin sent him a note during the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow Trump organized, the maverick billionaire has acknowledged reality: that the vast majority of Crimea’s population wanted and wants to be a part of the Russian Federation. This has enraged Ukrainian politicians and D.C.’s eternal Cold Warriors alike.

While acknowledging ‘selling a lot of condos’ to Russians, Trump denied owing debts to any Russian entity or having investments in the country. He also repeated his statements that he will get along with Putin and that an improvement in U.S.-Russia relations would be a good thing, allowing the two great powers to cooperate in destroying ISIS.

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Europe’s banking system out of options as access to unlimited credit pretty much done

Last week, Reuters issued a report which shows that quantitative easing has never stopped for the four major central banks, and that they are printing over $1 trillion every six months in new liquidity to support their markets.  And incredibly, what began as programs to purchase non-performing toxic debt from financial institutions has morphed into both direct equity buying, and now with the ECB, the purchasing of corporate debt.

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NYU Prof. Stephen Cohen Tells CNN Donald Trump Is Trying to Stop the New Cold War

Like millions of other Americans the Russia Analyst has largely tuned out cable news, especially CNN – whose nickname of the ‘Clinton News Network’ is well deserved, as the #DNCLeaks once again revealed collusion between the Democrats and the incredibly shrinking channel that once dominated ratings in its early 1990s Soviet Union collapse and First Gulf War heyday.

However this five minute clip of New York University Prof. Stephen Cohen dismantling host Michael Smerconish’s ‘arguments’ that Donald Trump is Putin’s ‘Siberian candidate’ because The Donald wants to actually negotiate in good faith with the Russians like past presidents Kennedy, Nixon, Ford and Reagan did was far too important to ignore.

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The Turks Pivoting to Russia Removes Turkey and Incirlik Air Base as a Front for a President Hillary! Attack on Assad

While the U.S. media was discussing the post Democratic National Convention ‘bounce’ for Hillary Clinton in the polls and the start of NFL training camps this weekend, another ‘incident’ took place at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey Saturday night, July 30th-31st. According to international and Turkish news sources up to 7,000 riot police were deployed outside the base in the nearby city of Adana as part of a “safety inspection”, until the cops dispersed less than three hours later without any impact on base operations.

As during the power shutoff to the base by the Turkish authorities for a week, the media have followed the Obama White House line of ‘nothing to see here folks, move on’. We keep hearing that the NATO and the U.S.-Turkish alliances are as rock solid as ever and ‘Russia’s aggression’ has united what we like to call nowadays the Atlanticist Pact. So long as you ignore the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ruthlessly purging the U.S. military and CIA’s best contacts in the second largest armed forces in NATO, while accusing Washington of being behind the mid-July coup that tried to oust him…

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Another Message to the US/NATO: Chinese and Iranian Troops Drill in Russia’s Western Baltic Exclave of Kaliningrad

Another remarkable development in a week of interesting geopolitical developments almost totally ignored by the U.S. mainstream media: for the first time ever this past weekend, Chinese and Iranian troops visited not only Russia but the westernmost Russian exclave of Kaliningrad along the Baltic Sea, strategically located in between NATO countries for military exercises. While the contingents are very small, the message is the same as in the South China Sea: the Russia-China-Iran Eurasian alliance is real and rapidly developing into a formidable opponent of U.S. imperial hegemony.

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As Russian Navy Engages in Joint Exercises with Beijing’s Fleet in the South China Sea, Chinese State Media Uses Term “Alliance”

For every action by a weakening hegemon trying to hang on to the illusion of ‘full spectrum dominance’, there is an equal and opposite set of reactions. Jeff J. Brown, a Francophone American expat living in Shenzhen from Oklahoma, has taken note of the upgrading in Chinese state media from describing Beijing’s relationship with Moscow as a “close partnership” to “semi-alliance”.

As the Russian and Chinese navies perform joint exercises in the South China Sea, where a U.S-backed Dutch court has ruled China has no legitimate claims to the rocks and reefs Beijing sees as strategic to its defense and historically Chinese dating to the 5th century B.C., this shift in China’s stance takes on a new meaning. Those in Washington who believe that all they need to do to restore the unipolarity of a U.S.-led globalist empire is elect Hillary Clinton president had better think again.

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Hillary Clinton: The War with Russia (and China?) Candidate

The Russia Analyst watched Hillary Clinton’s nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Committee, or at least tried to, before leaving the room in disgust around the time Ms. Clinton vowed to in an applause line (targeting Donald Trump’s criticism of the Atlanticist Pact) to defend America’s NATO allies from an aggressive Russia. As IF the Russians have nothing better to do than risk thermonuclear annihilation to lord over a few million pissed off Balts or Poles! 

My disgust over Clinton, a warmonger who pushed for illegal and aggressive wars against the peoples of Serbia, Iraq and Libya portraying herself as the candidate of international stability and peace is only exceeded by my loathing of fellow members of the fourth estate who relentlessly kiss her wrinkly rear end on the same topic, while portraying Trump as some sort of lunatic who will nuke or bomb a country over a tweet as opposed to falsified pretenses like ‘ethnic cleansing’, ‘imminent genocide’ or ‘WMDs’.

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Arson Attack: Turkish Authorities Say Huge Fire Near U.S./NATO Base at Izmir Intentionally Set

Firefighters were battling a very large blaze in western Turkey overnight Monday that authorities say was intentionally set near a U.S./NATO base at Izmir. This installation is not the same one as Incirlik Air Base, hundreds of miles to the east. That’s where the power was recently turned back on after a week-long ‘siege’ following Turkish military personnel using the base in the failed coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and several alleged plotters being arrested on base. However, the fact that Turkish authorities are saying the fire was intentionally set and that this arson may have been an act motivated by hatred of the U.S. military presence in the country says a great deal about the state of relations between Ankara and Washington.

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Dugin: U.S. Hegemony is Wounded, Neocons and Democrats Are Using My Words Against Trump

Alexander Dugin, the controversial Eurasianist ideologue, has lately shown a knack for being in important places at ‘coincidentally’ interesting times. According to his Dugin’s Guideline YouTube video published by the Katehon think tank he leads, Dugin was speaking live to Tsargrad TV from Ankara on Friday July 15, just hours before the coup d’etat began against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Dugin also mentioned in his video published five days ago that he met with Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek, a friend and political ally of Erdogan’s, just hours before coup plotters moved against the presidential palace and parliament.

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July 23 (10th) — The Placing of the Precious Robe of the Lord in Moscow

On July 23 [N.S.] the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the Deposition of the Precious Robe of our Lord Jesus Christ in Moscow, in memory of the acquisition of this sacred object in 1625. Before coming to Russia, this honored relic changed hands more than once. According to the Gospel account, one of the soldiers acquired His chiton [inner tunic] – the Lord’s Robe – by lot:They said therefore among themselves, Let us not rend it, but cast lots for it, whose it shall be: that the scripture might be fulfilled, which saith, They parted My raiment among them, and for my vesture they did cast lots (John 19:24).

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Theresa May: The banker’s Prime Minister

With the resignation of David Cameron earlier this month, the world gushed at the thought of a new woman in charge of the United Kingdom.  And while pundits have already tried to label her the Steel Lady after the first British PM Margaret Thatcher, the reality may be just a bit different as Theresa May is more likely to be a Prime Minister who serves the bankers far more than she serves the people.

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After Turkey’s Failed Putsch, Is Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed the Next in Line to Get Coup’d Over the Disastrous War in Yemen?

Even if we set aside Washington’s ongoing pants-ing at the hands of the despotic neo-Ottoman Sultan who accuses the Americans of being behind Friday’s coup, or ignore the fact that D.C.’s ‘moderate rebel’ proxies are being crushed in east Aleppo, there’s another turd in the Mideast hummus bowl as the Guerrilla Economist would say: Yemen. Namely, Saudi Arabia’s losing war against Saleh loyalist and Houthi tribesmen that has gone beyond a mere debacle to become a potentially existential threat to the continued reign if not survival of certain haughty princes, led by the 31-year-old Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud.

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Five Days and Counting: Incirlik AFB External Power Still Cut Off, U.S.-Turkish Relations Near All Time Low

Nearly five days have passed since the Turkish government cut off exterior power to the U.S./NATO operated Incirlik Air Base in southeastern Turkey. After numerous complaints on Twitter about a mainstream media blackout to give the Obama Administration political cover for tense negotiations with the Turks, CNN and other outlets have started reporting about the quasi-standoff. Flight operations against ISIS continue from the base including strikes against Daesh targets around the northern Syrian city of Manbij which reportedly killed scores of civilians.

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The Incirlik Agenda — What’s Really Going On Behind Closed Doors Between the U.S. and Turkey?

It’s the Monday morning following a failed coup d’etat in Turkey, and apparently the less the mainstream media reports about what’s really going on at Incirlik Air Force Base, which hosts more B61 tactical nuclear bombs than any other single American installation in Europe, the better. This story about lax security surrounding U.S./NATO nuclear weapons in Belgium and historically at Incirlik AFB from The New Yorker published on Sunday, is the exception to the media blackout that proves the rule. Nobody’s talking and few servicemen want to talk on their Facebook or Twitter feeds about what’s been happening the last few days at the strategic NATO air base.

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The Erdogan Purge Begins

This morning, Turkish authorities who survived yesterday’s coup have shut down, and cut off power to, NATO’s Incirlik Air Base. But never fear! says USgov. It’s all under control. And just ignore the fact that ministers in Turkey have officially blamed the USgov for leading the failed coup. Repeat — it’s all under control. Unless it isn’t. 

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Putin Adviser Sergey Karaganov Warns Germany’s Der Spiegel NATO Will Get ‘Punished’ if It Picks a Fight with Russia

Sergei Karaganov is the honorary chairman of the influential Council on Foreign and Defence Policy which advises the President of the Russian Federation. Therefore when he speaks, at least someone in the (post)Western media in the form of Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine takes notice.

Although Der Spiegel may exaggerate with what a Reddit translator calls a ‘clickbait headline’ in declaring that Karaganov ‘threatens NATO openly’, the reality as acknowledged by many on both sides is that the ‘tripwire force’ of four battalions the Alliance is deploying to the Baltic states is sufficient to anger Moscow and provide scary footage for the Russian television narrative of (post)Western aggression. ‘Kremlin TV’ can now honestly tell the Russian people that the same American soldiers who invaded Iraq and a few left around who occupied the Russians’ Serbian Orthodox ‘brothers’ in Kosovo are at Mother Russia’s doorstep. Paradoxically, four battalions consisting of barely more than 4,000 men remains far too small a contingent to avoid getting crushed quickly in an actual war with Russia — and U.S. generals and the RAND Corporation admit it.

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The #Dallas Attack and America’s #SummerofChaos Seen Through Russian Eyes

While the Russia Analyst doesn’t put much stock in the ‘martial law’ or ‘Obama third term’ rumors that were also circulating before the 2012 election (including on a certain Pennsylvania-based father and son Internet radio show) we’d like to present some Russian perspectives on the deliberately stoked racial and class tensions in the USA, in hopes of giving RogueMoney readers a broader perspective than what the domestic U.S. alt-media offers. – JWS

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V the Guerrilla Economist on #Dallas Attack and Open Thread

By now nearly all RogueMoney readers are aware that the authorities in North Texas have dropped the Dallas police chief’s initial claim that multiple snipers triangulating together from rooftops shot DPD and DART officers Thursday night, killing five officers. This change in the official story and in the number of detained suspects raised eyebrows in the mainstream media and in the alternative media, fueling claims of a cover-up or a black ops provocation by snipers who, as after the Maidan killings in February 2014 Kiev, all conveniently got away.

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Flynn Effect: Trump Adviser Gives Speech in Moscow, Lt. Gen. and Former DIA Chief Being Vetted for Trump’s VP Slot

While the U.S. media focused on the tragic police killings in Dallas and the European press the Euro2016 matches and NATO’s summit in Warsaw, some subtle unofficial diplomacy was underway last week in Moscow.

Carter Page, an adviser to the Donald J. Trump presidential campaign and a former manager in the Moscow offices of Merrill Lynch, gave a speech at the New Economic School in the Russian capital. To the consternation of The Washington Post, Page called for dialogue and mutual respect rather than continued Cold War 2.0 confrontation with Russia

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