Questions Surrounding US-led Coalition Airstrike On Assad’s Forces in Syria

This is a guest post from our good friend Sophie Mangal from Inside Syria Media Center

On May 18, the moving convoy of the Syrian pro-government forces consisted of militias was hit by a massive airstrike of the U.S.-led international coalition. The accident occurred at the Syrian-Jordanian border near the settlement of At-Tanfa.

As reported by the official representative of the U.S. Central command Josh Jakes, the Pentagon did not have any information about the number of casualties as a result of the airstrike.

It is worth noting that the U.S. has previously hit the pro-government forces in Syria.  For example, during Obama’s presidency the Syrian army positions in Deir ez-Zor were attacked by ISIS terrorists right after the United States had launched their own airstrike. According to the US officials that attack was a mistake caused by “the human factor”.

In April the U.S. Navy has already bombed Syria’s Shayrat Air Base, in response allegedly to the Khan Shaykhun chemical attack.

So, what’s the true reason of such aggressive actions of the US-led international coalition this time? A number of Syrian military analysts believe that the U.S. Air Force main task was to hamper Syrian pro-government forces and to slow down their further advance towards Deir ez-Zor rather than to ‘protect’ U.S. ‘partners’.

Their actions are motivated by the fact that the Syrian military command is ready for a large-scale military operation to liberate the city from ISIS. Damascus sees the complete liberation of Deir ez-Zor province from the blockade as the restoration of the control over the largest oil fields. This may significantly improve the economic situation in the country.

This Syrian city is also a tasty little deal for the coalition forces. The overwhelming desire of the West to plunge the country into a state of constant chaos is the main reason for the planned seizure of oil rigs.

The Syrian city was samely a kind of dainty bit for the US-led coalition. The irresistible impulse of the West to drive the country into the permanent chaos is the primary reason for the oil derricks seizure.

Furthermore, the air strike was performed amid the ongoing Syrian talks in Geneva. A show of power like that may have targeted at making the talks even more difficult and troublesome as they are.

Apparently, the US-led coalition’s regular strikes on the pro-government troops in Syria testify that Washington intends to continue its double-standard policy towards the Syrian conflict. We remember how they supported the establishing “de-escalation” zones but now their actions indicate the opposite. It is sheer cynicism to strike against those who really fight ISIS terrorists. But this doesn’t come as a surprise either in Syria or in the world.


  1. The main reason for this attack, is to stop the pro syrian government forces, reaching and opening up the border with iraq, and the pro shia, pro syrian, pro iranian forces there. The ussa is desperate to prevent these 2 allies from reaching each other. And to keep their goal of a sunning salfiast territory being established between the two groups. Thus cutting the “shia Cresent” in two. There was a widely under reported attack by the American airforce against pro shia pmu forces on the iraqi side of the border that happened at the same time yesterday, as this attack in syria happened. They bombed both sides of the pro government forces. This is an absolute betrayal of “anti daesh” operations, and once again clearly illustrates america’s true intentions. Another vastly unreported story from the area happened 3 days ago, when 2 daesh commanders / war lords from this desert area switched sides , joining the American backed fsa units there. How many fighters under these commanders joined with them? Clearly once again showing that the ussa fully supports, and just rebrands the isis/daesh/alqueda groups here all along. It is for this reason that the Syrian high Council has made this military operation such a high priority. They see the Americans plans as clear as day, and are moving out of necessity to prevent a terrorist enclave forming between them and their iraqi allies, as well as to prevent them from stealing all of Syrians oil and gas resources in the future. I truly do not understand why the Russians aren’t setting a red line in the sand with this issue, and insert some buk2 and pansitir anti aircraft units in with the Syrian forces here to prevent any future losses caused by American imperialism. If the russian, iranian, syrian, iraqi alliance fails or hesitates on this front, and does not move swiftly, all of eastern syria will be lost. And the entire war will pretty much come out as a win for the empire. These are very interesting times to say the least.

    1. I saw on RT that Russian special forces and paratroopers went into face the US forces. We’ll wait for the real story. But the US has lost this one. Russia knows how to deal with US treachery. They are waiting out the dollar’s demise. Then the credit stops. There’ll be a new currency all right, just not globalist one.

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