Playing in the Sandbox

In a new series on Rogue Money, we bring you our latest articles narrated by “V” the Guerrilla Economist himself.

After careful analysis and conversations with Saudi and U.A.E intelligence agency sources it is clear that major changes in the Trump administration have taken place in regards to policy and policymakers, aka a coupe by those in the “Deep State” has transpired.

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Lügenkriegsakademie, Part 2: Tom Nichols, Syria Gas Attacks and the Derp of Expertise

When does expertise no longer count? When the holder of said expertise goes against the U.S. government and its allies’ Narrative in Syria, that Bashir al Assad and only Assad (and not Assad’s adversaries funded/directly armed by U.S. Sunni Muslim allies with major intervention-baiting incentives to do so) use chemical weapons against civilians.

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